Saturn transit to Makara (Capricorn) – Chart # 8 Analysis


Chart No 8

Male born 20-10-1965 at 02 07 Hrs in Kumbhakonam, Tamilnadu, India.

Lagna Leo (3-36) Moon ( 0-36), Sun Libra (2-52), Mercury( 17-24) Vrishchika Ketu( 13-08) Mars ( 17-46) Venus( 18-05) , Kumbha, Saturn(17-39) Vrishabha Rahu( 13-08) Mithuna, Jupiter (7-56)

No change in Bhava Chart.

Now Saturn transits 6 th house from Moon( Rasi) as well from Lagna ( Ascendant) Let us see what this trasnsit signify according to our ancient texts on Astrology, without taking any other factors of the chart.
Victory over enemies, good health, married happiness, gain of wealth and all-round prosperity. The native gets gold jewels, money. He will get help from his family members and relatives. He will enjoy all comforts, will subdue his enemies and succeed in building new home for himself.Everything will happen in favour of him. His status will improve. He may get new position and may be promoted in his job. He will get timely and delicious good food. He may eat like a glutton but will digest it with no strain on the system. He will get money in abundance. He will get high standard vehicles, cars etc. All his sickness will disappear and body becomes sound and fit. All comforts and luxuries will pour on him.
Tamil Texts reads that to keep check on expenses, try to bring discipline in daily routine, work, health. Keep a goal to achieve.
Yes, these indications are very well accepted without any dispute that 6 th House transit of Saturn from Moon is always good, but without considering other inherent factors in the birth chart. That is the subject of this study.
Now Let us see Ashtakavarga Bindus for Saturn in Makara-It is 4 contributed by Mars, Sun, Moon and Lagna. This chart gives scope for study on Ashtakavarga Bindus ,beyond its numbers.
a) 4 bindus in Makara is really good and the good effects of 6 th house transit of Saturn is not reduced.
b) It is a general understanding, which I discussed in the previous charts that Saturn may not give full beneficial results even if transiting 3, 6, 11 for Simha Karkataka, Mesha and VriShchika Rasi/ Lagna, because these signs are owned by Saturns’ natural enemies, Mars, Sun and Moon.
c) In the present chart due to the planetary dispositions, Sun and Moon turns out be bitter enemies and Mars, a natural enemy becomes Neutral.
d) What is interesting is these two bitter enemies and the neutral Mars are contributing 3 bindus to Ashtakavarga. Sun is lord of Lagna, Moon is Lord of 12 and Mars is Lord of 4 th 9 th.
e) Based on the above data my humble conclusion is that Saturn in this particular case will not reduce the beneficial results because of native is Leo born, both Rasi and lagna. Saturn as a good teacher, will make the native to work more hard because Sun owns Lagna and Rasi. Moon as 12 th Lord confirms that he should keep check on wasteful expenses. Mars being 4 th & 9 th Lord and as Yogakaraka for simha will give the native dynamism & comfort including change to a good residence and buying a vehicle.
Samudaya Ashtakavarga Bindus in Makara is 27 which is not a bad number, Samudaya Ashtakavarga in Makara in D 10 Chart for the indication of profession / career is also 31, Makara is 10 th bhava from Karma Sthana. In rasi chart also samudaya ashtakavarga in 10 th house is 30, indicating progress in the career/ Profession. Advice to the native is to put an extra effort and this is the time to prosper in professional front.

Jupiter transiting 5 th from Moon sign since November 2019 is also good till, he moves to Makara on 30-3-2020. I am not discussing the Jupiter transit but will be discussing the transit of Rahu, the present dasa Lord.
a) Rahu being a north node owns the house occupied by him and hence he owns 10 th Bhava and also aspected by 10 th Lord, a benefic Venus along with Yogakaraka to Simha Lagna, the Mars. Unfortunately, Venus and Mars are inimical to each other and hence their aspect to Rahu and 10 th Bhava is getting neutralized.
b) Rahu was transiting 2 nd Bhava at the time of beginning of Rahu Dasa in August 2015. Up to February 2020 he is giving the result of 4 th bhava and then up to August 2021 he will give the result of 5 th Bhava.
c) From May 2018 up to October 2020 Rahu Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti operating. This chart is a classic example as to how Retrograde Jupiter deposited in Enemy’s sign (For this chart it is biitter enemy’s sign) giving adverse effect. This is associated with Dasa Lord giving result of 4 th Bhava from August 2019 to Feb 2020 indicates lack of comfort, change of residence, Loss of vehicles beginning from May 2018 till February 2020. Situation may slightly improve from now onwards after the transit of Saturn to Makara on 24 Jan 2020.
d) From October 2020, Rahu dasa Saturn Bhukti begins and continue up to August 2023. Saturn placed in own sign as well in kendra from Lagna. Rahu the dasa lord also is placed in kendra in birth chart. This is time to put forth all efforts to achieve whatever one wants to both in materialistic front as well spiritual front. Rahu transit to his Natal sign in September 2020 further improves the situation and prosperity and progress is assured. Advised to set up discipline to worship the aradhya Daiva on a regular basis. Durga sapta shati Parayana atleast once a month will make Rahu give his best during his dasa. During Rahu Dasa Saturn Bhukti for this chart indicates involvement in divine activities.

Now let us see the aspect of Saturn during his transit in Makara. Saturn aspects 8 th Bhava, 12 th Bhava as well 3 rd Bhava. Those who are interested in Astrology will please note that for Simha Lagna born, Saturn will aspect 3, 8, 12 during his transit in Makara irrespective of the house number from Moon sign ( Rasi). In the present case it is 6 th from Moon sign (Rasi). Saturn aspect to 8 th bhava indicates disputes. Aspect to 3 rd gives courage and help from / to brothers or brotherlike persons in one’s life. Aspect to 12 th indicates unnecessary expenses. The native is cautioned not to get into any kind of litigations and have strict control in handling money.
On the day of Transit of Saturn to Makara, Moon was also transiting Makara which is 6 th from Moon sign (Rasi) and thus Saturn becomes Swarna Murthy. Saturn a natural benefic being swarna Moorthy and hence his good results are reduced to 25%. This is a real bottle neck. Remedy is to worship Kali and / or chant Rudra/ Mahanyasa, which ever is convenient. If one cannot chant they may chose the well rendered Rudra/ Mahanyasa by vedic scholars and listen to it with all devotion. This will improve the good results of shani which is affected by being Swarna Murthy.
Looking at the Stellar transit (Transit in Star), Saturn was placed in Shatabhisha star in birth chart. During Saturn transit in Makara, Jupiter will not be transiting Pushya the 12 th from Shatabhisha and thus Jupiter will not affect of the good results given by Saturn. Sun when transiting Mrugasheersha Star, the 9 th from Shatabhisha for those days the good results of Saturn will be reduced. This occurs for about 13-14 days once in a year.
We shall also consider the Rasi Vedhe by other planets transiting specific signs from Saturn which will reduce the good effects of Saturn transit during a specific period. I will consider only Major planets Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu because their transit in a sign is for a longer period. In the present chart Saturn transiting 6 th giving favourable results. The planet if transits 9 th from Moon sign (rasi) that will obstruct the favourable results. In the instant chart, it is the Dasa Lord Rahu transits 9 th from Moon sign from April 2022 till Saturn moves to Kumbha in the January 2023.
Saturn during transit in Makara, will be transiting Uttarashadha Star, 12 the Star from Birth star from 24-1-2020 for almost one year. This Star transit neither add to good nor to bad results. From Jan 2021 to February 2022 Shravana star is transited by Saturn which is 13 th Star from birth star which will contribute to good results of Saturn.
We cannot forget that Saturn Transit is in his own sign who is also placed in own sign in the birth chart and aspecting lagna as 6 th 7 th Lord. Such a placement has given disturbance in the marriage during the Dasa of Moon the 12 th Lord (Saturn aspecting Moon also) which is sorted out in the Yogakaraka Dasa which has started in August 2008. The Native should have had a comfortable going for 7 years upto August 2015.
Nothing to worry about. The good days are ahead with the transit of Saturn to Makara combined with Rahu Dasa, Saturn Bhukti.

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  8. Maananiya Pani ji,

    Although it may come seem like a question out of curiosity, i could need your guidance in my life path, given your prowess in Vedic Astrology and your knowledge of Sri Vidya.

    It would be so nice if you could also do a full series of all the names in Sri Lalitha Sahasranamam.

    Vasudha k

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    • Yes. I have now taken up a set of Mantras from Soundarya Lahari which I need to complete and then meanings of Sri Pamchadashi Mantra also pending. Instead of all namas in Sri Lalita Sahasranama, a few may be selected and explained. Another important thing is Sri Lalita Trishati Bhashya by Sri Shankara Bhagavatpada, for whatsoever reasons is not that popular as that of Sri Bhaskara Makhin’s Sri Lalita Sahasranama Bhashya. Even this need to be more popularized. Thanks for your suggestion


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