Saturn transit to Makara (Capricorn) – Chart # 9 Analysis – London born


Chart No 9

Female born 2-5-1986 at 23 30 Hrs in Swansea, Wales, United Kingdom.

Lagna Scorpio (20-35 )Saturn ( R) (14-30 ), Sagittarius, Mars (22-07), Aquarius, Moon (10-40), Jupiter (22-02) Pisces Mercury (28-19) Aries, Rahu (0-42), Sun (18-32) Taurus Venus (13-48),

This is a chart where the planetary placements will change in Bhava kundali, which is as under: –
Ascendant- Scorpio with Saturn ( R)
Mars 2 nd Bhava Sagittarius ( No change wrt to Rasi Chart)
Moon & Jupiter 3 rd bhava ( In rasi both are in 4 th sign)
Mercury 4 th Bhava ( in Rasi it is 5 th sign)
Rahu & Sun 5 th Bhava ( In Rasi both are in 6 th sign)
Venus 7 th Bhava ( No change wrt to Rasi Chart)
Ketu in 11 th Bhava ( In Rasi chart it is 12 th sign)

Bhava Chart is drawn on Sripathi system, a widely accepted and endorsed system for calculation of Bhava chart. There is a system called Placidus for drawing Bhava Chart and many more systems in western Astrology. Placidus system in India is followed by Krishnamurty paddhati, popularly known as KP System also known as KP Stellar Astrology. Jyotisha Marthanda, Sri K S Krishnamurthy ( 1908-1972) propounded this system giving importance to transit of planets on the stars than the transit in zodiac signs.

In my humble experience, I found the Stellar System works very well in Horary Astrology. Vedic Astrology also has given importance to transit of  planets on the stars which is nothing but drawing Shodhasha Vargas. This is only my opinion.

Now Saturn transits 12 th sign from Moon which is said to be the beginning of Sade Sathi. Let us see what this transit signify according to our ancient texts on Astrology, without taking any other factors of the chart.

Series of calamities, loss of wealth, ill health, death of relatives, grief, travels, litigation’s,
quarrels in family, displeasure from elders, separation from family, difficulties in the family, over expenditure and forcibly going to mountainous regions. Family members behaving as enemies, mental agony, undertakes travel to west direction, walk long distances and gets some happiness and comforts, general debility.

Yes, these indications are very well accepted without any dispute, that 12 th House transit of Saturn from Moon is always bad, but without considering other inherent factors in the birth chart. That is the subject of this study.

Now Let us see Ashtakavarga Bindus for Saturn in Makara- It is 5 contributed by Saturn himself, Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and Lagna. This chart gives scope for study on Ashtakavarga Bindus ,beyond its numbers.

a) 5 bindus in Makara is really good and the bad effects of 12 th house transit of Saturn is reduced. Contribution of Bindu from Saturn, Jupiter and Lagna is extremely good which helps reduce the bad effect of Saturn.
b) Samudaaya Ashtakavarga Bindus in Makara is 35 is extremely very good number which turns Saturn 12 th transit to giving good results.
c) This is another example as to how Ashtatakavarga Numbers turns the table of bad transition of Saturn.
d) It may also be noted that Astakavarga Bindus are derived from taking reference of Ascendant and the placement of Transiting planet in birth chart, including Moon. Ashtatakavarga Bindus defines better the transit of a planet in a sign.

Saturn was transiting Ascendant at the time of beginning of Saturn Dasa in December 2014.
From Feb 2018 to September 2019 Saturn has given the results of 3 rd house. This is the same time associated with Saturn Dasa and Mercury Bhukti. In fact 3 rd sign is not occupied by any planet and 3 rd Bhava is occupied by Jupiter and Moon giving rise to Gajakesari Yoga, a yoga which gives the strength to face all the challenges in life. Aquarius is not an inimical sign for Jupiter & Moon for this chart and hence the Gajakesari Yoga is having all its strength. All these factors are examined here because this chart is referred to me to know what made the native to go into deep depression, going into extremities and abstaining from work for about 10 months. Examining 6 th Bhava has no clue. Sixth sign is occupied by Rahu & exalted Sun, 6 th Bhava is empty.
The data pertaining to 3 rd house, the house of courage, 6 th Bhava the house of disease is also not giving clue to such a condition. Looking at Natal Moon, the planet ruling mind, also is not giving any clue. The only clue available is debilitated Mercury in Pisces but placed in 4 th, the bhava for the comfort and bhukti of Mercury was operating as lord of 8 th which could have driven the native to the extremes. Even that cannot be taken as a cause because the debilitated Mercury is aspected by the Lord of Ascendant, Mars. In the process of finding the cause we may explore the position of Mercury in other vargas. He continues to maintain debilitation in Navamsa and saptamsa Another clue is debilitated Mercury is in Scorpio in Drekkana, Trimshamsha, Khavedamsha and Shashtyamsha. I don’t think we go to these details while predicting the future unless fairly a clue is available in basic chart, Navamsha and Dasa Bhukti indicating a possible event.

Because I have info on the condition of the native, I am trying to find the clue. That is postmortem of the event that has already occurred, which is not the purpose of study of Astrology as I believe.

This chart gives me an opportunity to think out of the box. This may look very immature but I must say what my conscious say.

“Vedic Astrology principles may not be applicable to western part of the globe. They may go on Sayana position of Planets and Bhava chart drawn using placidus system or other systems that are used in western Astrology”

If so, the next question arises that as to how some of our Stalwarts in Astrology took up the study of the charts of the many western celebrities. The answer is simple. With all my reverence to our Astrological scholars of today and yester years, with all my humbleness I submit that these case studies were the post-mortem of the event with reference to the birth charts of those celebrities.

I conclude stating that the native need not worry on the transit of Saturn in 12 th from her Moon sign according to vedic astrology. Saturn Shadbala also is excellent and highest among all the planets.

Advised to continue guided meditation which surely give strength to face everything in life with all the courage. We are all born to the live our lives till such time the life leaves the body naturally.

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