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JSD Pani by profession was into Pharma Industry and started on his own in the year        1990. At his very early age of 8, he was showing interest in Astrology and his mother    became his first Guru in Astrology. After some time the basics of Astrology was taught by one Sri Ramachar from the Village Haragadde. In fact it is Sri Ramachar,who made JSD to continue the interest in Astrology. After wards, it is the grace of Guru that, many stalwarts in the field like Dr Ranabeer Taranath ( Son of a legendary Dr Pandit Taranath and brother of another legendary, sarot mastero Dr Rajeev Taranath), Sri Gunjuru Ramachandra Shastry ( Pushya) & Dr B.V Raman, another legendary in Astrology have become masters.  JSD cannot forget those days and nights that were spent with Dr Ranbeer Taranath,discussing on astrology during 1977 and 1980.

His uncle Sri J V Doddaveerappa the founder Chairman of First Insurance Company in Old Mysore State, called THE MYSORE INSURANCE COMPANY , later merged into Life Insurance Corporation was a great Sri Vidyopasaka having initiated into my then Sri Govardhana Peetha Jagadguru Sankaracarya SrI SrI SrI Anantashri Bharatikridhna Teertha mahaswami. Later he was guided on the path by SrI SrI Shilpi Siddaliga Swamigalu , Mysore who was the Sri Vidya Guru of His Highness SrI Jayachamaraja Wodeyar.

JSD Pani at his age of 7 years was fortunate for having blessed by Sri Shilpi Siddalinga Swamigalu at the residence of his Uncle. The photo of the occasion is preserved.

SHODASHI MAHA PUJA KALPA, published in 1948, likely the fist book in Kannada on SrI Chakra Puja composed by Asthana Vidwan Sri H P Venkataramana Sharma mentions the Sri Vidya Guru of Sri Jayachamaraja Wodeyar as SrI Shilpi Siddalinga Swamigalu who is also instrumental in constructing Kamaeshwara Kameshwari temple in Mysore.

JSD Pani is blessed by Sri Paranandanathar, a legendary in Sri Vidya Upasana with poornabhisheka and Deeksha patta ” Atmanandanatha” on the Ashvayuja Pounima in Tarana nama Samvatsara, Wednesday, 27-10-2004, the day coinciding with the day Sri Chidanandanathar  restoring Sri Chakra Navavarana Puja at Sri Kanchi kamakshi temple.

Sri Krishnanandanatha (Sri Krishnamurhty) from the same Guhananda parampara is the one who has first put JSD into Sri Vidya in 1990.

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  1. I listened to panchama Anuvaka of Rudra prasna by Sri Atmanandanata swamiji.

    It was highly appreciated.


  2. I am blessed to come across this article and will continue to browse here and see if i can contribute something from my skillset Jai Mahakaal , Jai Shree Ram


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