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Saturn transit to Makara (Capricorn) – Chart # 5 Analysis


Here is the Chart No 5 of a female born 1-2-1981 at 10- 40 Hrs in Bangalore, India

Lagna Meena 26-07, Rahu (17-16) in 5 th Karkataka Saturn (R) ( 16-01) and Jupiter(R) (16-42) in 7 th Kanya, Moon(3-32) in 10 th Dhanus, Venus ( 2-36), Ketu ( 17-16) Sun ( 18-40) all in 11 th Makara, Mercury(6-57) Mars(1-52) 12 th Kumbha.

In Bhava Kundali situation will change because Lagna is at the end of Meena and Mars, Mercury, Venus and Moon are deposited in the very beginning of the sign. Mars and Mercury get shifted to 11 th Bhava, Venus to 10 th and Moon to 9 th.

Now Saturn transits 2 nd from moon and 11 th from Lagna. Ashtakavarga Bindu is 6 in Makara for Saturn which is a very rare phenomenon as I know. Except Moon and Venus all the five planets have contributed their Bindus in addition one Bindu from Lagna also. This itself will take away the bad effects if any of Saturn Transiting 2 nd House from Moon , that is the last part of Sade Sathi. In sarvastakavarga also 26 Bindus in Makara further fortifies it.

Jupiter transiting on Natal moon and 10th from Lagna since November 2019 is not contributing to any good results and in turn as per classical texts Jupiter transiting Natal Moon, normally gives mental worries. Adding fuel to fire, Moon Dasa Ketu Bhukti is operating from 23-6-2019 to 22-1-2020. Instead of blaming the Jupiter, Moon and Ketu for that, the Native should find ways and means to get away from such worries. They may resort to Dhyana, Japa, Counselling etc.,

On the day of beginning of Moon Dasa ( 23-3-2012) Moon was transiting in Meena,t he Ascendant and hence now February 2018 to December 2019, Moon has given the result pertaining to 8 th house indication. Now from January 2020 moon start giving results pertaining to 9 th house indications for about 10 months and at that time Moon Dasa Venus Bhukti operates and Venus is placed in 11 th from Lagna. Jupiter Transit in Makara from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020 also gives a sigh of relief.

The next parameter is Saturn transit on Natal Sun, Ketu and Venus. Sun is the 6 th Bhava Lord. Venus is 3 rd and 8 th Bhava Lord. Of course, Ketu does not own any bhava.
Effect of this transit is that sluggishness and adamant nature will invite failures. Ancestor’s property may come. Effort and hard work will give good results. Will be in solitude and feel much lonely. Relatives will come forward to help. Lose faith in religion, orthodoxy and rituals. Have the feeling of inferiority in everything. There will be failures and dissatisfaction. Saturn transit over Ketu is a malefic transit.

Solution: One Should adopt patience and care. Near relative may pass away. Do not begin any new project or plan.

During this transit of Saturn Jupiter is also joining her from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020 & 20-11-2020 to 6-4-2021 & 14-9-2021 to 21-11-2021 is also helpful. This is the silver line.
Moon will be in transiting 2 nd from Natal moon at the time of Saturn Transit and hence Saturn a Natural malefic becomes Rajata Murthy and thus his beneficial results during Saturn transit in Makara is 100%. This is another silver line.

Saturn during his stay in Makara aspects the Lagna, 5 th and 8 th Bhava of the Native. All these aspects are not conducive and indicating loss, law suits and false allegations, bad health conditions.

Lagna is aspected by its lord Jupiter along with 11 th & 12 th Lord ensures the grace and blessings of Guru and ancestors. A powerful Gajakesari Yoga gives the native the strength to face any challenges.

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