Saturn transit to Makara (Capricorn) – Chart # 7 Analysis


Chart No 7

Male born 18-12-1972 at 11 05 Hrs in Mangalore, India.

Lagna Kumbha (7-22) Moon ( 2-13), Saturn (22-51) Vrushabha, 4 th house, Ketu (24-29) Mithuna, 5 th house, Mars( 28-05) Tula, Venus(5-50) Mercury (12-12) Vrushchika, Sun(2-55), Jupiter (21-09) Rahu ( 24-29) Dhanus,

In Bhava Chart Mars goes to 10 th Bhava. Other planets there is no change.

Now Saturn transits 9 th house from Moon , that is the birth Rasi. Let us see what this trasnsit signify according to our ancient texts on Astrology, without taking any other factors of the chart.

According to Sanskrit Astrological texts, Saturn in 9th gives bad results. Money will be spent on unwanted, useless purposes. Good acts and constructive work will not earn him name. This will be Marak period for father or an elderly relative equivalent to him. If the judged life span coincides with Maraka Dasa at this time the native may have to perform post funeral rites of those elderly persons. (PlTHRU SAMAR NITHYA DUKHAM Phala Deepika) The native will be plunging in some grief or other daily. Many diseases will be afflicting the native. Accidents may happen. The sources of income will get dried. His Poorva Punya will not come to help. All good opportunities will be missed. Fortune will be blocked. Mind will indulge always in wicked and sinful acts. fear of legal implications, separation from family etc. The native loses faith in God and religion. He will not follow daily religious rituals.Troubles from enemies, diseases, aimless journey, enmity, loss of money, fruitless attempts, sorrow and unhappiness.

But according to ancient Tamil texts during 9 th transit from Moon sign ( Rasi) the native enjoys the life of Aristocrat with all pomp and show, comforts and luxuries and status (Raja Yoga). All the efforts of the native succeed. He will have high class vehicles and commanding position. He will have timely delicious food. Money will come from many sources. He will get attendants, servants etc.

I have made clear while taking up study on the effect of Saturn transit to Makara that I have all reverence to our ancient texts and what they have mentioned about the transits of planets through different signs from Moon sign ( Rasi) is true and absolutely correct. My concern is about the predictions confined to transit of one planet from the Moon sign, how much ever the planet is extremely natural malefic or natural benefic without considering the disposition of planets in birth chart. Such predictions are disturbing the common people very badly.

A large corporate office in which 9 Directors, 12 General Managers in charge of 12 departments and 27 Senior Managers to oversee the function of the Company, the fate of the company does not depend on the bad or good function of one or two Directors, though it is true that their functioning is either bad or good.
The same principle also applies to the functioning of a Government, so also the transit of one or two planets with reference to Moon sign (Rasi).
This is also true that a Corporate which is financially week and revenues depleting, sure to become worse even if any one key personnel fails to perform well or perform against the interest of the company.

I reiterate, that my effort is to drive the message to common people that not to get worried on the predictions based only on the transit of a major planets without examining n depth the birth chart.
Another important thing is that the nature, if we call it “GOD” “ALMIGHTY” is always kind towards its creation. There is always a silver line in the dark cloud. As DVG puts it, “PADAKUSIYE NELAVIHUDU MANKU TIMMA”

Let us get back to study the above chart. We have seen that the Sanskrit texts say that 9 th transit for Saturn is bad and tamil texts say it is good. Let us accept both and see as to how the other factors in the birth chart contribute to good or bad to the transit of Saturn in 9 th.
It is important to observe that both the texts have stated the result of 9 th house transit of Saturn but not mentioned the sign of transit that is Makara, Capricorn. Will these results apply to transit of Saturn in any of the 12 signs which is 9 th from Moon Sign ( Rasi). Surely not.

In this birth chart Ashtakavarga Bindu is 1 contributed by Sun, the 7 th Lord. Sarvashataka varga also known as Samudaya Ashtakavarga Bindus in Makara is 23. Both are not contributing to nullify the bad effect of Transit of Saturn in 9 th.

Jupiter transiting 8 th from Moon sign since November 2019 is also not good till he moves to Makara on 30-3-2020.

The next parameter is Dasa. Jupiter Dasa is operating since 18-6-2011 and ends on 18-6-2027. At the time of beginning of Jupiter, that is on 18-6-2011, Jupiter was transiting Mesha which is 3 rd bhava for the birth chart and hence Jupiter is from 18-11-2019 is giving the results pertaining to the 9 th Bhava upto March 2021 and then result of 10 th Bhava upto July 2022, result of 11 th Bhava from July 2022 to November 2023. It is interesting to note that Jupiter transiting 8 th from Moon sign ( Rasi) since November thought not good, he is giving the result of 9 th Bhava as Dasa Lord who is also 11 th and 2 nd Bhava Lord in the birth chart.
Another point to note is, throughout the transit of Saturn in Makara the 9 th from Moon sign upto January 2023, Jupiter, the dasa lord will be giving the result of 9 th 10 th and 11 th Bhava Results. We know that 9 th is Bhagya / Dharma, 10 th is Karma / Profession and 11 th is Labha / Positive result.

This chart is a good example as to how a powerful Dasa can change the bad effects of transiting planets. We shall discuss this in detail in the later part of this article.

Now let us see the aspect of Saturn during his transit in Makara. Saturn aspects 2 nd Bhava, 6 th Bhava as well 9 th Bhava. Aspecting 2 nd indicates loss of money and conflict in the family. Aspecting 6 th indicates destruction of enemies and gain of money, Aspecting 9 th Indicates deterioration of health of the father. We will see as to how the bad effect of 2 nd bhava aspect is nullified by the 6 th bhava aspect.

On the day of Transit of Saturn to Makara, Moon was also transiting Makara which is 9 th from Moon sign (Rasi) and thus Saturn becomes Rajata Murthy. Saturn a natural benefic being Rajata Moorthy assures 100% good results.

Among the 7 charts so far studied for the effect of Saturn transit to Makara, this is the only chart having Saturn as Rajata Moorthy.

During the transit of Saturn in Makara, Jupiter is joining Saturn from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020 & 20-11-2020 to 6-4-2021 & 14-9-2021 to 21-11-2021. Discussion on this transit is not the part of this study but it has necessitated to discuss because the Subject is presently ruled by Jupiter as dasa Lord. Makara is 9 th house from the Moon sign(Rasi) which is a good transit. Jupiter Ashtatakavarga in Makara is 4, contributed by one bindu each by Jupiter lord of 2 nd and 11 th bhava, Mars 3 rd and 10 th Lord Sun, 7 th Lord, Moon, the 6 th Lord. 4 Ashtakavarga bindus is below average but the benefic result of Jupiter transiting 9 th may not be affected adversely because Jupiter himself has one bindu as Lord of 2 nd and 11 th. This Jupiter transit will help the father / fatherly figures to recover the health if suffering from bad health.

9 th Transit of Jupiter as Dasa lord as well the present dasa period is giving the result of 9 th and 10 th Bhavas (Bhagya and Karma Bhavas) indicates acquiring wealth, prosperity and progress in career/ Business. This indication is supported by the inherent strength of the birth chart having Dharmakarmadhipathi Yoga, which is one of the rajayogas. (Parivartana of 9 th and 10 th Lord in rasi – Conjuction of 9 th and 1o th Lords in 10 th Bhava in bhava Chart- both meets the condition for Dharmakarmadhipathi yoga) This is further strengthened by the Lord of Lagna joining 9 th and 10 th Lords.

For this chart, I shall include one more parameter that is Stellar transit (Transit in Star). Saturn was placed in Rohini star in birth chart. During Saturn transit in Makara, Jupiter will not be transiting Swathi the 12 th from Rohini and thus Jupiter will not affect of the good results given by Saturn. Sun when transiting Uttara Phalguni Star, the 9 th from, for those days the good results of Saturn will be reduced. This occurs for about 13-14 days once in a year. Similarly, Jupiter was placed in Poorvashadha Star in the birth chart. Rahu when transits Rohini Star, 12 th from Poorvashadha, that is from 27-1-2021 to 6-10-2021 will be affecting the results of Jupiter. In these 8 months plus, Jupiter good result is from 27-1-2021 to 6-4-2011 and 14-9-2011 to 21-11-2011, which will be reduced. Similarly the adverse results of Jupiter from 6-4-2011 to 14-9-2011 is under check.

Saturn during transit in Makara, will be transiting Uttarashadha Star, 19 the Star from Birth star from 24-1-2020 for almost one year. This Star transit neither add to good nor to bad results. From Jan 2021 to Februray 2022 Shravana star is transited by Saturn which is 20 th Star from birth star which will contribute to good results of Saturn.

While studying this chart one cannot forget that the Lord of Lagna is Saturn and Saturn Transit is in his own sign. I always remember what Dr B V Raman, the legendary personality in Astrology that Saturn adverse effects will not be on Vrushbha, Tula, Kumbha and Makara borns and more so his bad effects on any rasi or Lagna is minimised during his transit in Tula, Makara and Kumbha. Similarly, he will not give positive results during his transit in Mesha, Karkataka and Simha though they become 3, 6, 11 from Moon.

Before concluding this article, I should say that the Native is in his best of time since the year 2011. He should do every thing possible to achieve his life goals before June 2027. What are the impediments to achieve the goals?

1. The conjunction of Moon and Saturn in birth chart – Result- Indecision-oscillation- losing opportunities/ Confidence. This bad effect is countered to some extent because Moon exalted and having good shadbala, Saturn being lord of Lagna, aspect of Mercury gives wisdom but by the time the damage would have been already caused. Remedy- Get into any kind of meditation on regular basis. Prayers to Siva in a temple on Mondays. Offer Tulsi garland to Hanuman on Thursday Give in charity Rice and white cloth to the needy atleast once in three months, On marriage day, birth day.

2. Rahu and Jupiter Conjunction in 11 th bhava, the sign of Jupiter. This surely indicate the rebellion nature of the native. Mars being Atmakaraka further adds to this attitude. This need to be put under control. On the other hand, he should take the advantage of Jupiter, Sun Conjunction which is extremely good. More so Sun takes exaltation sign in Navamsha. December 2021 to October 2022 is a turning point for profession / Career/ Business. By that time the rebellion attitude should bring into control.

Remedy: Remember and seek the blessings of grand parents mentally every day as a regular feature. Show reverence to old people among relatives and friends from the bottom of heart. Visit Kalahasti and offer Rahu shanti pooja and Abhisheka to kalahasteshwara and Jnanaprasoonamba. Take the Dasrhan of Serpent on the Kati bandha of Devi ( Golden belt)

3. The wisdom lies in using to its best the planetary transits to one’s advantage. That is the purpose of consulting an Astrologer. Astrologer cannot change the planets but he/ she has to play the role of a counsellor advising the native on using the planetary disposition to one’s advantage.

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