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Lalitopakhyana: Varahi, Shyamala & Lalita Namavali

Shri GurubhyO namah Shri ParamaGurubhyO namah  Shri ParamEsHtHi GurubhyO namah On the request of sage Agastya, Sri Hayagreeva discloses the Dwadasha ( 12) Names of Sri Varahi, Shodhasha (16) Names of Sri Shaymala and Panchavimshati ( 25) Names of Sri…

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Marriage time- Marriage Muhurtha

The great Astronomer & Astrologer of 6th Century CE Sri Varahamihira described the effect of the planets at the time of marriage in just 12 stanzas in 103 rd chapter of his work Brihat Samhita.  In the 13th stanza he …

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