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GANAPATI ATHARVASHEEERSHA: Part 4 English explanation

Tvameva kevalam Dhartaasi: You are verily the unswering upholder.-He is the Righteousness and upholds and sustains it. He is from whom all the beings are born, live and also depart back to him. Between the birth and depart they seek…

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GANAPATI ATHARVASHEEERSHA: Part 3 English explanation

SRI GURUBHYO NAMAH Tvameva = you only; Kevalam = only;Kartaasi= are the doer;tvameva = you only;Kevalam = only;dhartaasi = are the bearer or support;tvamEva = you are;Kevalam = only;Hartasi= are the usurper;TvamEva = you only;sarvam = all, entire;Khalu = indeed;idam…

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