Saturn transit Makara-Hon’ble Prime Minister Chart along with Independence Chart


Chart No 6

Sri Narendra Modiji, Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, born 17-9-1950 at 11 00 Hrs in Vadodara, India.

Lagna Vrishchika (8-48) Mars ( 0-55) Moon ( 8-48), Jupiter ( 6-35) Kumbha 4 th Bhava, Rahu (5-13) Meena, 5 th Bhava, Venus( 15-41) Saturn (29-39) in Simha 10 th Bhava. Sun (0-35) Mercury (0-47) ketu ( 5-13) in Kanya the 11 th.

In Bhava Chart Saturn also comes to 11 th Bhava

Now Saturn transits 3 rd from moon as well from Lagna- Ashtakavarga Bindu is 6 in Makara a rare phenomenon. These bindus are contributed by Saturn, 3 rd and 4 th lord, Jupiter 2 nd and 5 th Lord, Mars Lagna & 6 th Lord, Venus, 7 th & 12 th Lord, Moon 9 th Lord and from Lagna. Sarvashataka varga also known as Samudaya Ashtakavarga Bindus in Makara is again the highest 32.

Jupiter transiting 2 nd as well from Lagna since November 2019 is equally good.

3 rd Transit for Saturn is extremely good, Ashtakavarga also the highest, Samudaya Asdhtakavarga also good. More so, Saturn transiting his own house. These factors are sufficient to conclude that Saturn Transit to Makara will give its best to our PM, but I want to evaluate this chart also on the same parameters used for other 5 charts.

Moon dasa is operating having started on 28-11-2011 which comes to an end on 28-11-2021. Moon was transiting Dhanus the 2 nd Bhava and hence Moon is giving the result of 11 th Bhava from 28-5-2019 to 28-3-2020. Then 12 th house results upto 28-1-2021 and result of 1 st house till the end of Moon Dasa.

What is interesting is, for the Independence Chart also Moon dasa is operating beginning from 10-9-2015 but giving the results of 8 th Bhava from 10-11-2019 to 10-9-2020. This is the cause for unrest, Damage to property, protests etc., Solar eclipse also contributed its share. It is between 28-3-2020 and 10-9-2020, say months, the nation will be made to spend lot of money on its Military forces and it is worth spending.

There are no planets in the independence chart or in the Chart of the PM, Saturn transiting over the Natal planets does not arise. However, Saturn aspects Natal Saturn, Mercury, Moon, Venus and Sun in the natal Independence Chart by his 7 th aspect is a very great phenomenon. Saturn is 9 th & 10 th Lord as well yogakaraka for the independence chart, Mercury is 2 nd and 5 th Lord, Venus is Lagna Lord and 6 th Lord, Sun is 4 th Lord to Independence chart. This is a clear indication that PM will muster the support of at least 5 nations for his cause to develop the Nation and to contain all sorts of terrorist activities.

The Conjunction of Venus, the Lord of lagna with 3 rd Lord is the cause for the problem with our neighboring country since independence.

Venus, Lagna Lord’s dignity in the natal independence chart is great enemy and youth avastha, whereas Moon the lord of third bhava indicating neighbor is placed in own house but dead Avastha.

Saturn by his 10 th aspect also aspects Natal Jupiter in the independence chart who is placed in 6 th Bhava. This is one good indication that the problem with the neighbor will be sorted out at once.

Now let us see the aspect of Saturn during his transit in Makara. Saturn aspects 5 th Bhava, 9 th Bhava as well 12 th Bhava. All these aspects are not good indicating heavy expenses, quite likely towards strengthening our Military forces.

Same parameter when applied to our independence chart, Saturn from Makara aspects, 11 th bhava, 3 rd Bhava and 6 th Bhava. This though I have discussed before, I reiterate that the Economy is sure to improve, the neighbors have to mend their ways. Destruction of enemies is assured. Health of a top leader and even death is not ruled out.

Moon will be transiting 3 rd from Natal Moon at the time of transit of Saturn and hence Saturn is a Tamra Murty and being a malefic his benefic results are 75 %. Similarly for the independence chart Moon will be transiting 7 th from Natal Moon and hence Saturn is Tamra Murthy there also and thus confers 75 % benefic results.

During this transit of Saturn Jupiter is also joining him from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020 & 20-11-2020 to 6-4-2021 & 14-9-2021 to 21-11-2021. This part I shall discuss separately.

Before concluding, I must mention about a very bad yoga called Kemadruma Yoga and its best effects when cancelled properly and appropriately.

The natives of Kemadruma yoga begins from zero without any background whatsoever. Our PM is one such. In his Natal chart there are no planets on either side of Moon and thus it is a well defined Kemadruma Yoga. Our classical texts gives a formula for the cancellation of Kemadruma yoga. The formula is, if the Kendra from such a Moon is occupied by a planet the bad Kemadruma Yoga is cancelled.

In my humble experience, this alone is not sufficient for a native to rise to high positions and to command powers. Yes, the placement of a planet in Kendra will just cancel the bad effect of Kemadruma Yoga and make the native to live a normal life otherwise it would have been difficult to meet both ends.

Let us see how Kemadruma Yoga has turned into a powerful yoga in case of our PM.
1. Leaving the sign where Moon is deposited, we have only three kendras, that is 4, 7 and 10 from Moon.
2. In the present case Jupiter is placed in 4 th cancelling Kemadruma and Jupiter is a yogakaraka for Vrishchika.
3. Venus is placed in 10 th a benefic and also owning the 7 th a Kendra
4. Saturn is placed in 10 th owning a Kendra 4 th.
5. We will see here that a yogakaraka and two benefics are causing the cancellation of Kemadruma. In such a cancellation all the other 3 kendras involved directly / indirectly.
This is one example of proper and appropriate cancellation of Kemadruma which can make the native reach an unimaginable heights, of course with hard and consistent effort.  

There are other factors too. Lagna Lord is in Lagna, Moon Rasi and Lagna being the same (though Lagna lord is in debilitation in Navamasa) is  a factor. 6 th 8 th and 12 th Bhavas which are known as Trika houses ( Dustanas) are empty without any planet occupying these houses is another factor to consider  the strength of the chart.

I am not touching upon any sensitive issues here because the purpose is only to convey that the transit of Saturn to Makara with reference to our PM birth chart as well to our independence chart gives lot of hopes for this country. We need to have some patience to enjoy the true benefits of democracy in coming years.

It is also my responsibility to declare from the bottom of my heart that I am a very very common, humble citizen, having no affiliation / sympathy with any of the political parties whatsoever or political personalities whomsoever.

It is my academic interest in Astrology for having studied it for over 60 years, this is my humble effort to analyze the effect of Saturn Transit. I also state that I have not referred to Shodhasha vargas as I thought it not necessary because the analysis is just confined to transit of Saturn to Capricorn.

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