Atmananda lahari

SLOKA -59 

Attracting Everyone


स्फुरद्गण्डाभोग-प्रतिफलित ताट्ङ्क युगलं

चतुश्चक्रं मन्ये तव मुखमिदं मन्मथरथम् ।
यमारुह्य द्रुह्य त्यवनिरथ मर्केन्दुचरणं
महावीरो मारः प्रमथपतये

spurad gandhabhoga pratiphalita tatanga yugalam
catus cakram manye tava mukham idam manmatha ratham
yam aruhya druhyaty avani ratham arkendu caranam
mahaviro marah pramatha pataye sajjitavate

Word to Word Meaning

spurad—- Shining

gandhabhoga—- Cheeks

pratiphalita —- reflecy

tatanga yugalam — pair of earrings
catus cakram —– Four


tava mukham idam —- This your

manmatha ratham—- The Chariot of Cupid
yam aruhya— having mounted

druhyaty— seeks to

avani ratham The earthas a

endu caranam — with the sun and Moon for wheels
mahaviro marah—- the great warrior Mara ( Cupid)

pramatha pataye— the lord of the Pramathas (attendents of Siva)

sajjitavate— Armed with

The gist of Verse 59:  I think this face of yours with the pair of earrings reflected on the shining cheeks is the four-wheeled chariot of Cupid. Having mounted which, the great warrior Cupid seeks to assail Siva armed with the earth as a chariot with the sun and moon for wheels. 
Unless we make our life wonderful, we cannot have Jivanmukti or videha mukthi. Make your life colorful, enjoyable, and beautiful. How do we make our life wonderful? 
Shankara created the compartment of bliss. Shankara chanted the 58 mantra when he was ill,  O Devi! I fancy that your face has two ear ornaments that reflect on your glittering cheeks. These four wheels are the Chariot of Manmatha who is the god of lust. He is fully equipped as earth as a chariot and wheels are sun and moon. Devi has all faces, one of them is an erotic face. Nature expresses all the bhavas. The battle now starts battles of equals.  On one side is Devi who faces itself is the chariot of Manmatha and the wheels of the chariot are the four wheels of her earrings.  Earth is a chariot and with Sun and moon as wheels, in between is Manmatha who is taking refugees in Devi. Devi alone can stand the wrath of Shiva and she only can send her glance. She alone has the privilege. Though he has burnt, He hides behind her Shringara eyes, the shringara drishti is the Kamadeva residence so that he may take on Shiva. The Kama is the root of desire, lust. One of the deepest influences and it is very deep-rooted which can assail us. One who gets the grace of ambal, it is easy to win over Kamadeva. Without her help, he cannot inflict arrows on Shiva. The Kama without the help of Shakti is not powerful. Whoever gets the grace of Devi, it is easy to win over Kamadeva.  Shakti is Shiva’s equal hence at once he succumbs as soon as he realizes that the person who is shooting the arrow is none other than Parvathi, he keeps quiet. Kamadeva’s efforts on his own for love went in vain. This would be similar hence Parvathi takes Kamadeva as a mediator. The story goes that Devas has conspired to send Kamadeva to insight love or lust for Shiva. While Parvathi never needed any help from anyone. A new dimension opens up. Finally, she did it. The erotism in this mantra enhances the glance more strongly. The erotic bhava of shakti would work strongly in the rejuvenation process of Shankara. Meditation on this mandala is used to diffuse the mightiest of enemies and any affliction it may impose. The parashakti is always fond of Manmatha. She has selected Kamadeva as he was formless. Manmatha represents Shringara and its actions by attempting to induce Shiva he got himself burnt. Shiva is a perfect Yogi and is always with the purity of thought and action. Shiva is the source of light to the universe hence he is Prakasha. Hence there can never be dark in the universe. He is neither Satva, Rajas, or Thamo Guna When he has no guna, he is Shudha, but nothing but purity Manmatha wanted to induce Shiva, his only hope was her compassion towards him. He used to worship her with his own Panchadasi mantra. Mammatho– pasitha Pamchadasi mantra which is Kadi Vidya. Ultimately it turned out to be a romantic skimmish between Shiva and Shakti. It goes to churning of the ocean and Vishnu assumed the form of Mohini and Shiva who is beyond all worldly desires and it has been said that  Vishnu got this most beautiful form where he was able to even disturb Shiva due to the Vishnu Upasitha Panchadasi mantra. It has 6 kutas, it was given to Vishnu by Devi herself. Manmatha who Kamadeva presides over the law of physical attraction and he is a great worshiper of Devi. This is the gist of verse 5. This verse speaks about the creative aspect of Bramhan, the creation can happen only when Shiva and Shakti are in Unisom. That existing in Unisom that Shankara could do it on the meditation on the erotic face which made him relieve of his ailment. The essence of this is Shaiva is only capable of making the kama erotism into a great experience than the experience of Lust. That is why Manmathopasitha panchadasi mantra is regularly practiced all over. How the erotism is converted into bliss. Her face is like the Kama itself and the earring with four wheels reflecting on her cheeks.
Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord) : If one chants this verse 25000 times a day for 3 days, offering honey and Pongal as nivedhyam, it is believed that they will be able to attract everyone.

SLOKA -57 

All round Luck



दृशा द्राघीयस्या दरदलित नीलोत्पल रुचा
दवीयांसं दीनं स्नपा कृपया मामपि शिवे ।
अनेनायं धन्यो भवति न च ते हानिरियता

वने वा हर्म्ये वा समकर निपातो हिमकरः

drsa draghiyasya daradalita nilopal ruca
daviyamsam dinam snapaya krpaya mam api sive
anenayam dhanyo bhavati na ca te hanir iyata
vane va harmye va samakara nipato himakarah

Word to Word Meaning 

drsa —-  by (your) look

draghiyasya —-which is farsighted

daradalita —- – slightly blossomed 

nilopal ruca— with the beauty of the blue

daradalita— the far removed onedद
inam– the poor one

snapaya —  you bathe (me)

krpaya—– compassion

mam api — me also 

sive —- Oh Shiva!!

anenayam— by this, this one (the devotee)

 dhanyo bhavati becomes blessed na ca —  and

no  te — to you 

 hanir iyata—- loss by this
vane va harmye va—- on the forest as well as the palace  

samakara nipato —- falls equally

himakarah  – the moon  

The gist of Verse 57: Oh Siva! bathe me also the far removed, poor one with compassion by (your) look which is far-sighted and is with the beauty of a slightly blossomed blue lotus. By this (look), this one (the devotee) becomes blessed, and there is no loss by this to you. The moon falls (shines) equally on the forest as well as the palace. Shankara is not leaving Devi’s eyes and he finds her grace and compassion. O, Shive! grace me, I am being far removed from you and miserable with your compassionate look which is like blue lotus. I will be blessed with your glance at me. The rays of the moon fall on the forest and palace, mountains, etc. Nothing can be done on that but we need to experience her look on us.  Shankar is asking Devi to bless him with healing love, compassionate look. Her grace also descends on the entire creation. So it is a great benefit to us when we receive her light. Shankara is conveying to us that do not ask for her compassion, love, grace. She considered everything on the earth as he child.  There is no need to ask her. We have to make ourselves receive bliss, love, and compassion. It is completely a different dimension. Make us eligible in eradicating our ignorance receive her compassion with experience.  Ramakrishna Paramahamsa cured many diseases but never tried to cure himself. One has to clear all his karma and but he healed many. Shankara did not try to cure himself but he was trying to achieve something much higher. No enlightened soul will use his siddhis on himself because the enlightened soul shall never use the siddhis got by him by the grace or gurumandala. The one who uses their siddhis will harm the sadhaka. Knowingly or unknowingly sadhaka receives the siddhis but we have to have all the control. Here comes a true sadhaka. It needs a lot of control. Without your knowledge, you have attained siddhis and you should not use it for your selfish cause. O Auspicious Amba, please look at me and I am far away from you and in miserable condition. Show your compassion on me through your beautiful compassionate eyes like fully blown like a blossomed lotus flower. It is the experience of Shankara. O Devi! you are surrounded by all gods. The essence of this verse is that there is no need to search for her. She is omnipresent. When she can look after the entire universe why do we need to be near her? She is always with the devotee of sadhaka. He seeks her grace at the place where he stands. At the same time, worshiping in a particular form falls under duality. The spiritual path begins with duality and name and form are required. Her grace and subsequent liberation are only possible in non-duality. The spiritual knowledge only makes us realize that ” WE ARE THAT”. The moon’s rays fall everywhere. We cover ourselves with ignorance. O, Devi! I am ignorant and please shower your grace and compassion on me… I have covered myself hence the grace is not falling on me. These are the essence of the highest spiritual knowledge. We should transcend beyond idol worship. As long as we confine ourselves with dualistic worship, the energy and Chaitanya and sayuja are what we need. What is present within everything is present everywhere. The cosmic energy is always compared with the moon because all the 16 Kalas are present in Mantra called Panchadasi mantra, 15 represent the fifteen days. On new moon days, she is in the form of Sodhashi. 16th Kala is not visible to us. The second reason is Sun is hot and she is always compassionate hence moon is taken. Compassionate and heat do not go together. When Moon shines its rays fall on objects without discriminating good or bad however her grace depends upon how much we think about her. We should experience her within us. True love gives us grace. She knows the difference between meditation. Proper worship leads to dhyana. The proper worship and proper contemplation of meditation are north and south pole. Her omnipresent presence is that everyone should get liberated from the pains of transmigration. The same message is conveyed in Gita. Finally, her grace is possible to attain if it is in a sought inappropriate manner. Sadhana, realizing her in you, unless the mind is cleansed we cannot achieve her grace. it is an experience that goes beyond the mind. In that dhyana, we would have transcended the perception of the mind. In meditation, we feel so many things. But since it transcends no special efforts are necessary. In this verse, Shankara is adoring her eyes and her grace and how to attain it. We must all have felt it but were unable to express it. That is what is called cleanse the mind. The illness or suffering of oneself is Prarabdha Karma. It is against the law of Dharma and devotion. One has to suffer. People who are enlightened, live carelessly and live for others. Devi is compassion incarnate. The enlightened souls are devoted to body and mind. Surrender to her.

Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord): If one chants this verse 25000 times a day for 6 days, offering honey payasam as prasadam, one will be blessed by the Goddess for good luck. 

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