Saturn transit to Makara (Capricorn) – Chart #3 Analysis


Chart no.3

The subject is the Male Born 13 8 1995 at 2 20 Hrs in Puttur, Karnataka, India.

Lagna Mithuna 0-50, Kartakata, Venus 23-58, Sun 25-52, Simha, Mercury 11-06, Kanya, Mars 19-51, Tula, Rahu 6-06, Vrishchika, Jupiter 11-53, Kumbha, Moon 23-49. Saturn 29-50 , Mesha Ketu 6-06.

Now Saturn transits 8 th from Lagna and 12 th from Moon- Saturn in 12 th from Moon is the beginning of sade sathi of which we are very much frightened. The classical texts consider this transit is bad and it is true also. In the present chart Saturn is Rahasyadhipati and also deposited in the rasi itself. More over the Shadvarga of Saturn is 1.58 the highest among all the planets. We cannot forget that Makara is his own sign. Ashtakavarga Bindus for Saturn in Makara is 3 gives sigh of relief. These Bindus contributed by Lagna, Lagna Lord and Jupiter is an added advantage.

Jupiter transiting 11 th from moon and 7 th from Lagna since November 2019 indicates relief from obstacles.

Saturn dasa is operating till 11-1-2026, He is Rasi Lord as well 8 th and 9 th Bhava Lord. Saturn was transiting 2 nd house at the time of begin of the Saturn dasa and hence now during Makara Transit he is giving the results of 10 th and 11 th Bhava Indications, indicating progress in profession and income from that. Though this analysis is only on the transit of Saturn in Makara, it has become necessary to mention that the subject is very indecisive and thus losing the opportunities. Transit of Rahu on Ascendant further aggravate the situation.

Kemadruma yoga, which is known as Daridya yoga is cancelled, because of planet in Kendra from Moon, that too benefices Jupiter and Mercury who also own good bhavas.
As there was no planet in Makara in birth chart, result of transiting on Natal Planet does not arise.

During this transit of Saturn, Jupiter is also joining him from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020 & 20-11-2020 to 6-4-2021 & 14-9-2021 to 21-11-2021 may not be helpful being 12 th from Rasi and 8th from Ascendant ( Lagna).

Saturn in Poorvabhadra Star at birth, Jupiter is not transiting 9 th Star from Swati and hence no Nakshatra Vedha from Jupiter affecting the beneficial transit of Saturn.
Moon will be in transiting 12 th from Natal moon at the time of entry of Saturn to Makara and hence Saturn a Natural maleic becomes Loha Moorthy and thus his beneficial results during Saturn stay in Makara is 50%.

Saturn during his stay in Makara aspects the 10 th, 2 nd and 6 th Bhava of the Native. Aspecting 6 th is good as it destroys all kinds of enemies, whereas aspect on 2 nd indicates loss of money, aspect on 10 th indicates change of employment or change of business line. This should be used positively by the Native.

Saturn during his stay in Makara aspects natal Venus and Sun. They are the lords of 5 th, 12 th and 3 rd Bhava, indicates obstruction to higher education, loss in speculation, trading of shares etc., Native shall not precipitate the relation with the siblings.
Conclusion is that the Native shall not get frightened of Saturn Transit in Makara, which does not bring any drastic negative changes in the life. Learn to practice Dhyana, so that indecisiveness is taken care. Look out for a change in employment / business.

I repeat that the analysis is only confined to transit of Saturn to Makara and its effect on the native.

I have some more charts for analysis and I will be doing it soon. Due to unavoidable circumstances I am forced to abstain from posting on blog for few days. I have resumed back now.

I receive queries on the articles to my mail ID. It is ok, but the same queries if posted in the blog it will be useful also to all the readers of the blog.

PS: The readers who want to help the kannada readers may translate this and send it to me on mail ID. Even if there are mistakes, I shall correct and post. I want to use whatever time I have, in a better way than using it for translating the articles.

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