Guhanandanatha – Guru Parampara

Paramahamsa ativarNAshramI sarvatantra svatantra avdhUta vareNya

                                    SHRI GURU GUHANANDANATHAR



Before writing about the GURUPARAMPARA, with all humility, humbleness & devotion, I surrender myself at the feet of GURUMANADALA & GURUMANADALA POOPINI SRI LALITA MAHATRIPURASUNDARI, begging them to give me the words to continue this writing.

SRI GUHANANANDANATHAR, an Avadhoota lived in Badarikashrama. HIS birth and Videha mukti details are though not available, it is said and believed that HE was born in on Krittika star in a small village near Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu.  I rely on the GURUPARAMPARA as provided by Sri Purnanandanatha ( Sri G Venkata Narasaiah) who was initiated into Sri Vidya by Sri Chidanandanathar. 

According to this information, the GURUPARAMPARA begins from Sri Vidyaranya swamy, the 12 th peethadhipati of Dakshinamnyaya Sri Sringeri Sharada peetha. ( 1380-1386). Sri Vidyaranya Swamy has initiated Sri Shanatananandanathar,  Sri Shantananandanathar has initiated Sri Vimalanandanathar. Sri Vimalanandanathar has initiated Sri Prakashanandanathar, Sri Prakashananandanathar has initiated Atmananandanatha. Sri Atmanandanathar has initiated Sri GUHANANANDANATHAR.

Thus Sri Atmanandanathar is  Sri Vidya Guru of Sri GUHANANANDANATHAR, ParamaGuru is Sri Prakashanandanathar and Parameshthi Guru is Vimalanandanathar, Paratpara Guru is Shantanandanathar, whose GURU is Sri Vidyaranya Swamy.

I am too small a person to write more than this about my SRI PARATPARA GURU.

Namaskara                                                  Namaskara  Namaskara                                                              Namaskara

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Sri CHIDANANANDANATHAR ( Sri N. Subramanya Iyer (N stands for Nediminti, the name of the family)). HE was born on 14-11-1882 to the couple Sri Narasaiah and Kamakshi Ammal in a village in Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh.  It was Tuesday, Karthika Shukla Caturthi, Moola Nakashatra, VruShabha Lagna. Having known this much information of birth details, the Astrologer in me made me explore the time of birth. By the GRACE of GURUMANADALA, I have explored to find the time of birth. It is very likely the birth would have been taken in between 17-28 to 17-40 Hrs.  If I get the command from the GURUMANDALA, I shall post the details referring to important events which may help the Scholars in Astrology to keep the chart in their library of  Spiritual masters / celebrities.

In Sadharana Nama Samvatsara Pushya Amavasye, Mahodaya Punyakala, Sharavana Nakshatra,  Paramahamsa ativarNAshramI sarvatantra svatantra avdhUta vareNya shrI GURU GUHANANDANATHAR has initiated Sri N Subramanya Iyer at Prayag HE bestowed on him pAdukAnta shrIvidyA dIkShA, hamsa, mahAvAkya and mahA mahA pAdukA mantras along with the dIkShA paTTa, SRI CHIDANANDANATHA.

This day corresponds to 30-1-1911, morning around 7 AM, Siddhi Yoga, Lagna is Makara. All these astrological calculations are only to thirst our knowledge. Whenever the GURU Grace comes that is the best time.

SRI CHIDANANANDANATHAR is the founder of SRI GUHANANDA MANDALI. HIS  shishya parampara is spread all over the globe.  By profession HE was  teacher and hence HE is addressed as “SIR” even now.  Having initiated many deserving souls into SRI VIDYA, HE also wrote many books on Sri Vidya both, in Tamil & Sanskrit. HIS ‘SRI VIDYA SAPARYA PADDHATI” is the one followed among all Sri Vidya upasakas across the globe as standard text for Sri Chakra Nanavarana Pooja, and Sri Vidya Homa..

On Ashvayuja Pournami  in Raktakshi Nama Samvatsara , corresponding to 12-10-1924,  Sri CHIDANANDANATHAR has performed the navAvaraNa pUjA at the shrIchakra in the shrine of kAmAkshI parAbhaTTArikA at Kanchipuram for the first time. Due to unknown reasons, this worship had been stopped at the shrine for several decades.

Even to day the Chief priest and other priests in Kanchi Kamakshi temple are from SRI GUHANANADA GURU PARAMPARA .

Sri CHIDANANDANATHAR  pioneered in initiating Suvasinis (Women)  into shrIvidyA and granting them PATTADHIKARA.

Sri CHIDANANDANATHAR has composed Sri GUHANANDA STUTI. It is very intersting to note that the Stuti begins with SRI RAGHAVENDRAYA VASIHTA GEETHAM. The first stanza I am reproducing here and I shall post the full text in the blog nd also render it with the grace of GURUMANDALA

श्रीराघवेन्द्राय वसिष्ठगीतं
श्रीपाण्डवेन्द्राय मुरारिगीतम् |
श्रीमच्छुकेन्द्राय विदेहगीतं
नमामि तद्देशिकलब्धबोधम् ||

Sri CHIDANANANDANATHAR attained Sri Lalita sayujya in Hevilambi Nama Samvatsara Sharannvarari Shashti corresponding to 29-9-1957 at his age of 75 years.

Namaskara                                                          Namaskara                                                              Namaskara




Sri YOGANANADNATHAR (Sri P R Subramanya Iyer)  hails from the family of Land lords from Injikollai, a village near Kumbakonam. We know very less about him except that HE was a Scholar in Sanskrit and Astrology.  HE was consulted by Shanakaracharyas of Sri Kamakoti Peetha.  As I know, once Sri Chidananandanathar came to Inkikollai and heard of Sri P R Subramanya Iyer. It seems Sri CHIDANANANDANATHAR  went to the house of Sri P R Subramanya Iyer and initiated him into Sri Vidya with deeksha patta Sri YOGANANADANATHA.  That was the time when my GURU SRI PARANANDANATHAR ( Sri Subramanya Shastrigal) was living in Injikollai just in the opposite house of Sri P R Subramanya Iyer. SRI PARANANANDANATHAR was also initiated into Panchadashi by Sri CHIDANANDANATHAR and later he got POORNABHISHEKA AND DEEKSHA PATTA from Sri YOGANANANDANATHAR.

I am told that Sri Yogananandanathar was a great Upasaka of Sri Ucchishta Maha Ganapati, which is also SRI VIDYA. There is a temple exclusively for Sri UCCHISHTA GANAPATHI in Tirunelveli. Otherwise, we observe Ucchishta Ganapati is carved on the pillars of some of the temples. I am posting the pic of the temple; Pic Courtesy Dinamalar  tamil daily web site. 

Ucchishta Ganapati temple in Tirunelveli

I am able to trace an old video in which one can see HIS house in Injikollai and HIS Dharmapatni singing Sri Ganapati keertane and also a Mantra from Sri Durga saptashati and telling its usefulness in getting employment. I am giving the Youtube link of that video





Sri Subramanya Shastrigal born in Akshaya Nama Samvatsara Magha Masa, Krishna Padyamai, Pushya Star, Tuesday in a Vaidika Family in Tiruvarur, Tamilnadu – This day is corresponding to 18-1-1927. Father: Ramaswamy Shsatrigal; Mother; Bhageerathi Ammal; Grand Father: Brahmashri Swaminatha Shastrigal ; Grand Mother: Nagalakshmi Ammal.

His Upanayana was at the age of 7 years in the year 1934 and started vedadhyana for 15 years from Chetanapuri Brahmashri Gopala Ganapatigal & Injikollai Yajnanarayana Deekshitar and he is student of Mysore Maharaja Sanskrit College.

First meeting of Sri Chidananandanathar in 1946 and got Pachadasi Upadesam and later in 1969 on Chaitra masa Ashtami Poornabhisheka from Sri Yoganandanathar. He also learnt Kavya, Nataka, Alankara , Vedanta & Srividya from Sri Yoganandanathar.

His marriage with Smt Tripurasundari born on 9 th April 1940 was held on 21 st Februray 1951.
Sri Parananandanathar is blessed with 4 sons and 3 daughters. His pet name is PATTU SHASTRY by his parents and remained as his nicki name.  He is a sanskrit and Vedic Scholar. As said before HE was initiated into highest order of Sri Vidya by Sri YOGANANDANATHAR with Deelshapatta as ” PARANANANDANATHA.  The Sishyas of Sri Parananandanathar are spread across the globe.

Sri Dayananda Saraswathi ( Nataraja) founder of  Arsha Vidya Gurukula born in Manjakudi near Tiruvarur is a relative as well schoolmate of Sri PARANANANDANATHA. Sri Dayananada saraswathi was in close association with my GURU.

As Sri YOGANANDANATHA being an ardent Upasaka of Sri Ucchishta Ganapathi, my GURU also was an ardent Upasaka of Sri Sharabheshwara.

Sri PARANANDANATHA attained Lalita sayujya on Friday, Shukla Paksha Navami, Phalguna masa in Khara Nama Samvatsra corresponding to 2-3-2012 at his age of 85 years very peacefully without suffering from any serious ailments.

It is only HIS physical body that has left us but all of us are receiving his guidelines in our pursuit in Sri Vidya Upasana. It is an experience which can only be experienced and CANNOT BE EXPLAINED. 

शान्ता विमला प्रकाशा आत्मा गुहा चित् यॊगास्य श्री परानंदादि सद्गुरून् नमाम्यहम् पुनः पुनः

Shantaa Vimalaa Prakaashaa Aatmaa Guhaa, Chit, yOgaasya SrI Paranandadi sadguroon namaamyaham punah punah.