Saturn transit to Makara (Capricorn) – Chart #4 Analysis

                                             SRI GURUBHYO NAMAH
Here is the chart No 4

Male Born 7-8-1982 at 00- 45 Hrs in Bhadravati, Karnataka, India.

Lagna Vrushabha 3-08, Rahu (18-02) and Venus (27-04) in 2 nd Mithuna, Sun (20-22) in Karkataka, 3 rd, Mercury ( 3-10) in Simha, 4 th, Saturn ( 23-49) in Kanya 5 th, Mars ( 8-17) Jupiter ( 9-06) in Tula the 6th, Ketu ( 18-02) in Dhanus, the 8th, Moon ( 11-30) in Kumbha, the 10 th.

This chart has a very rare yoga called Graha Mala Yoga- All the six planets, except nodes occupying 5 houses in series. I shall discuss on the Mala yogas separately.

Now Saturn transits 12 th from moon and 9 th from Lagna- Both places indicate no good results, though a few Tamil classics, considers Saturn transiting as good if it occurs in his own sign. Ashtakavarga Bindu is 3 in Makara for Saturn which is fairly good and these bindus are contributed by Saturn, Sun and Mercury, the 9th, 10th Lord, 4th Lord, 2 nd and 5 th Lords. This is a very good contribution that too for a Vrushabha lagna born for whom Saturn is a very powerful yoga karaka. Being born in Kumbha rashi, Saturn is very kind to the native. Saturn Dasa operating is an added advantage. On top of it Sarvashataka Varga Bindus in Makara is 26 which is also fairly good.

Jupiter transiting 11 th from moon in his own sign since November 2019 indicates good progress.

Saturn Dasa is operating and will last for another 9 years. The native should take the advantage of the Dasa of Saturn, being a yoga Karaka for this chart.
At the time of beginning of Saturn dasa, Saturn was transiting 5 th Bhava and hence during the transit of Saturn in Makara, he will be giving the results of 11 th Bhava for another one-year up to Feb 2021. The Native should also take the advantage of this Dasa period to fulfil his life ambitions.

In this chart also Kemadruma yoga is cancelled very effectively by a benefic Mercury. Kemadruma Cancelled Natives are those who begin from Zero without any support whatsoever and make their dreams come true, but all that depends on as to how the kemadruma yoga got cancelled.

In this Chart also at birth there are no planets in Makara and hence transiting of Saturn on Natal planets does not arise.

During this transit of Saturn, Jupiter is also joining him from 30-3-2020 to 30-6-2020 & 20-11-2020 to 6-4-2021 & 14-9-2021 to 21-11-2021 may not be of that helpful because he will transit 12 th from Moon.

Saturn in Chitta Star at birth, Jupiter is not transiting 9 th Star that is Shravana for the time being and hence no Nakshatra Vedha for beneficial result of Saturn.
Moon will be in transiting 12 th from Natal moon at the time of Saturn transit to Makara and hence Saturn a Natural maleic becomes Loha Murthy and thus his beneficial results during Saturn stay in Makara is 50 %.

Saturn during his stay in Makara aspects the 11 th Bhava, 3 rd bhava, and 6 th Bhava of the Native. The result is courage, help from siblings, Destruction of enemies, gain of wealth, all comforts, achieving life time ambitions.

We will specially see in this chart, though Saturn transits in 12 th from Moon sign, said to be the first stage of sade sathi, it is going to give good results because of: –
1. Saturn is Yogakaraka for this native
2. Yogakaraka Dasa is operative
3. Ashtakavarga Bindus are good
4. Aspects of Saturn on 3 rd, 6 th and 11 th Bhavas are extremely good.

I conclude giving this native a certain advice: –
1. Decision making faculty need to improve.
2. This is time to set targets in life what he wants to achieve.
3. Not to hesitate to take a bit of risk in profession / career.
4. If he is doing Gayatri, he should increase the number of chants.
5. Offer Arghya to Surya Bhagavan on regular basis.
6. Chant Aditya Hrudaya regularly.
7. Take the blessings of parents.
8. Pray Hanuman by whatever the way convenient, may be by Chalisa, Mantra, and offer tulsi Mala to Hanuman every Thursday.
9. Share the birth details of the spouse to see the contribution of her chart on the native.

I receive queries on the articles to my mail ID. It is ok, but the same queries if posted in the blog it will be useful also to all the readers of the blog.

PS: The readers who want to help the kannada readers may translate this and send it to me on mail ID. Even if there are mistakes, I shall correct and post. I want to use whatever time I have, in a better way than using it for translating my own articles.

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