7 Meanings to Sri Vidya Panchadashi Mantra: 6th meaning – “SARVA RAHASYARTHA”


103 to 107 slokas in Varivasya Rahasya and 69 to 72 Slokas in second part , Mantra Sanketa in Yogini Hrudaya explains the Sarva Rahasyartha or Secret meaning of Sri Vidya Mantra.

तथा सर्वरह्स्यार्थं कथयामि तवानघे।
मूलाधारे तडिद्रूपे वाग्भवाकारतां गते ॥ ६९॥
विद्या कुण्डलिनीरूपा मण्दलत्रयभेदिनी ॥ ७०॥
तडित्कोटिनिभप्रख्या बिसतन्तुनिभाकृतिः।
व्योमेन्दुमण्डलासक्ता सुधास्त्रोतःस्वरूपिणी ॥ ७१॥
सदा व्याप्तजगत् कृत्स्ना सदानन्दस्वरूपिणी।
एषा स्वात्मेति बुद्धिस्तु रहस्यार्थो महेश्वरि ॥ ७२॥

Vagbhavakara is Sanskrit E ( ऎ ) alphabet.This is in the form of a triangle. This Triangle is in Mooladhara ( base Chakra).The Kundalini energy with electrical radiance having 38 aspects.
These 38 aspects are 16 aspects of moon, 12 aspects of sun and 10 aspects of fire.
16 aspects of Moon refers to 16 Vowels from A to ah
12 aspects of Sun refers to consonants from Ka to Bha. Two of each consonants is one aspect
10 aspects of Fire refers to Ya to Ksha -10 letters

Aspect is known as KALA, the image.

Similarly Sri Vidya Mantra also has three groups, the first one is the FIRE, the second is Sun and the third is Moon.
We now know that Sri Vidya Mantra is Kundalini itself.
Kundalini is sleeping downward in the form of three and half rounds coil sorrounded to Mooladhara which is called SVAYAMBHOO LINGA.
With the effort of the practitioner, the Sadhaka, kundalini gets awakened and start moving upwards through the Sushumna Nadi, which is fire nadi, where as Ida and Pingala are Moon and Sun Nadis. While moving upwards it has to pierce through Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra Granthi / knots to reach Sahasrara, 2 inches above the head. Sahasrara is as bright as 1 cr Suns.
It is said that Sahasrara also is facing downward and the practitoner with proper practices has to make it face upward.
There lies the illumious ring surrounding the Moon ( Chandra Mandala) called “CHIT”
Once the Kundalini reaches Sahasrara, flow of nectar begins. kundalini energy becomes the part of the flood of nectar.The petals, that are part of the Chakras from Ajna to Muladhara are asigned with the letters called Matrukas. These letters are the drops of the nectar. Kundalini touching all these matrukas reach Muladhara and sleeps there. This experience is BLISS, Brahmananda.

Kundalini with energy is the “SELF” of the spiritual practitioner, Sadhaka.

Kundalini, Sri Vidya, and Jaganmate, the mother of the Univese all these three are ONE.
“I” the “BRAHMAN” or “SELF”, Atma is one with the Kundalini. Knowing this, undestanding this and experiencing this is Rahasyartha, Secret meaning of Sri Vidya.

Before concluding this article, I wish to share a few important points.

1. The third group of Mantra is group of Moon. Among the alphabets the 16 vowels are the aspects of MOON. From New Moon to Full moon 15 aspects and in between two nights the cusp is 16 th aspect. The third group of Mantra as well 16 vowels have the qualities of MOON. Moon is MIND “ Chandrama Manaso Jatah”

2. We have had lot of discussion / debate on Mind, Intellect and CHITTA. We know that CHITTA holds all the impressions. We also know that Purification of CHITTA is to erase those impressions.

3. Where is this CHITTA? How to identify it? Without knowing where it is or without experiencing CHITTA how to purify it? For all these questions the Rahasyartha ( secret meaning ) of Sri Vidya has provided the answers.

4. CHIT is Chandra Mandala, that is the luminous ring surrounding the Moon. Where is Chandra Mandala?it is in Sahasrara, two inches above the head. Once the Nectar starts flowing here all those impressions in CHITTA are cleared and it gets purified. How it happens? With the effort of the spiritual practitioner by the grace of GURU MANDALA.

5. Which ever the language we speak, the words are made up of letters, Matrukas, they are the divinites. Mother of the Universe, Jaganmate is Matruka Roopini, The words we use are the form of jaganmate. Once we know this, we shall have control on our using words.


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