7 meanings to Sri Vidya Panchadashi Mantra: 2nd meaning – “BHAVARTHA”


The six Artha-s, Meaning, beginning with Bhavartha as expounded in the Yoginihrudaya.

We know Panchadashi has three Kutas or groups, each group indicating Srushti, Creation. Sthiti, Sustenance and Samhara, Destruction.  Again each of the groups indicate all the three functions as under:-

First Group                     Srishti- Srushti, Srushti- Sthiti, & Srushti- Samhara
Second group-               Sthiti-Srushti, Sthiti-Sthiti & Sthiti- Samhara
Third Group                 Samhara-Srishti, Samhara-Sthiti, Samhara- Samhara

Adhpatis – Lords for First group- Brahma & Bharati
Second group Vishnu & Prithvi
Third Group Rudra & Gowri

The first letter in first koota is the nature of Brahma.the Second Bharati.  the third Vishnu, Fourth Prithvi & Fifth letter HREEM has in it three letters, HA, REFA and EEM they are the nature of  Rudra, Rudrani for the first two letters and for the third letter it is Shanta & Ambika.
(Note: Because HREEM is a compound letter of three letters its pronunciation should be learnt from GURU. Even during manasa Japa also that pronunciation is made mentally)

The second Kuta, the Sthiti koota:-
First letter Nature of Brahma, Brahma Swaroopa, Second letter Bharati, Third, Vishnu. Fourth tletter is same as first and left here and will be taken to the net koota where this letter is not there 5th is Prithvi, , 6 th letter HREEM is Rudra, Rudrani, Shanta& Ambika.

The third koota the Samhara Koota;
First letter Brahma, 2 nd Bharati 3 rd Vishnu, 4 th Prithvi, 5 th is HREEM having three letters representing Rudra, Rudrani, Shanta & Ambika.

Now it is seen that each Koota is Brahma, Bharati, Vishnu, Prithvi, Rudra, Rudrani, Shanta & Ambika – Shanta & Ambika is considered as One and hence each koota represents sapta devatas.

Yogini Hrudaya says that the meaning for the letters of the Mantra is to be taken as Bhavartha of the panchadashi Mantra.

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