SLOKA -50 Seeing afar and Curing of Small-Pox 

कवीनां सन्दर्भ-स्तबक-मकरन्दैक-रसिकं
कटाक्ष-व्याक्षेप-भ्रमरकलभौ कर्णयुगलम् ।
अमुञ्च्न्तौ दृष्ट्वा तव नवरसास्वाद-तरलौ
असूया-संसर्गा-दलिकनयनं किञ्चिदरुणम्

kavinam sandarbha stabaka makarandaika rasikam
kataksa vyaksepa bhramara kalabhau karna yugalam
amuncantau drstva tava navarasasvada taralav-
asuya samsargad alika nayanam kincid arunam 

– For poets
– That master taste enjoying in the total situation

compared to a nectar-bearing bunch of blossoms.
– The extremes of the side-regards putting on the appearance of twin small bumblebees (they are horizontal – the bees of the eyes are whispering to the ears)
– Never leaving the ears (always whispering of eroticism).
– Agitated by the effects.
– The nine factors of taste.
– By having a touch of jealousy.
– The forehead eye.
– Has somewhat a magenta touch
Shankara was still experiencing the eyes. Expression of eyes conveys many things which cannot be expressed. Even in any dance form, it is not the movement of the body but the eyes that are given more importance. The eyes are given more importance in Shakra’s presence. He compares the long eyes of Devi and eyeball with honey bees. The long eyes are constantly hovering that are imbibing from the flowering bunch of nine poetic devotees. Seeing the fortune Devi’s eyes and third eye in the forehead becomes jealous. It becomes red and symbolizes the Agni tattva. The eyes as we mentioned are very fascinating because eyes are the reflection of our deepest thoughts. We can manipulate our speech but not the eyes. Eyes convey everything uttered without even uttering a single word. We can always look into our eyes and know our state of mind. Anything can give way to a different language that comes out of our mouth but eyes cannot conceal and they express it. It need not be an action, the nine moves and nine spiritual frequencies of Devi. Her glance can make the dumb speak, acquire wealth, make a layman walk. The question is how to attract her grace? What will make one aware of one’s existence? If we can achieve that all the Jeevan Mukti is fulfilled. Devi’s eyes are seen hovering over her ears with so much expansion. The Shayamala dandakam is very poetic. It is the object of the beauty of Devi. The third eye Agna which cannot reach the region of the eye due to missing the opportunity to encourage or induce the poetic aspect to explain it is not possible. Her worship should be performed regularly and it should be drenched with purity and with untainted emotion. There are two things, when we follow the Gyana marga or bhakti marga with untainted emotion we will never feel her glance. One should feel immense attraction and love towards Devi and be impatient to behold her form. One should feel immense attraction towards Devi. People who have abundant emotions might not require rituals to perform. Shankara is talking about the experience of Devi’s eyes. The desire, kama, poetry, literature, or art is granted when Kama beeja is perfected. The seed of this mantra is Kama beeja. The Kalidasa has perfected the kama beeja mantra hence it starts is Kavinaam. This mantra came out of kama beeja and the third eye of Devi is red with jealousy indicated Agni which is the tattva that governs the 50th mantra and Kamabeeja.

Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord) : If one chants this verse 1000 times a day for 5 days, offering sugar and sugarcane as prasadam, it is believed that they will be cured from pox and other diseases.

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