SLOKA -49 

Victory in Everything and Locating of Treasures 

विशाला कल्याणी स्फुतरुचि-रयोध्या कुवलयैः
कृपाधाराधारा किमपि मधुरा‌உ‌உभोगवतिका ।
अवन्ती दृष्टिस्ते बहुनगर-विस्तार-विजया
ध्रुवं तत्तन्नाम-व्यवहरण-योग्याविजयते 

visala kalyani sphuta rucir ayodhya kuvalayaih
krpadhara dhara kim api madhura bhogavatika
avanti drstis te bahunagara vistara vihaya
dhruvam tat tan nama vyavaharana yogya vijayate
– Named Expansive – Visala.
– Auspicious – Kalyani.
– With crystal clarity of character.
– Invulnerable – fortified – because of blue lilies.
– By the force of blue lotus flowers. (Ayodhya – horizontal).
– Of the overflow of kindness the support.
– A certain city of sweetness.
– Of enjoyment (e.g. Paris)
– Saving (this touches the Alpha Point).
– Your regard.
– Is thus triumphant with the expanse containing many cities.
O Amba! your eyes are glorious surpassing all the cities to your uniqueness. When I look at those, which are very auspicious and compares to blue lotuses which are undefeated. Those beautiful eyes shed a continuous glow of grace. It gives great enjoyment. It is offering protection to the whole world. when here eyes which are shedding the continuous flow of grace and here Shankara talks about a glance. Just a mere glance makes the ugliest and beautiful man mad behind a woman. How she glances at us is very important. A love of a mother towards her child has a different look, passionate looks towards the significant other have a different look altogether. Every glance has a different look and with a different meaning. There is a different response to different glances. The glance of each other between lovers and also the moment of glance can make the atmosphere sad or happy. The mother teaches her children how to talk, walk, or even play but she does not teach the language of eyes. The language of eyes is to be experienced. The first expression and influence come out of eyes. Emotions can also influence the eyes and vice versa, It is a simple thing. Eyes can induce a state of mind. In practicing tantra the eyes gesture is induced a higher state of awareness. With the flick of an eyelid, one can enter into a trance if one knows how, eyes have a lot of power in them. There is one thing called Tataka yoga where you gaze on the flame or chosen object and it can induce an intuitive state of mind. Shambhavi mudra is gazing upward in between eyebrows. If one is blessed by her within the flick of an eyelid, one can enter into a trance. Gestures, she has her favorite eye mudras to induce different states of mind who approach her for various reasons. These gestures instill the corresponding feelings. The eight mudras are described in this mantra to cover the entire range of Devi’s emotions, also our emotions. vishala-vismaya- avyakta-aalasya-vilasa-snigdha sneha yukta bhogavati, atyantaugdha drishti of Avanti- vijaya drishti.These Shaktis respectively are Samkshobhana-AakarshanaVidraavana-Unmaada-Vashikarana-Ucchaatana-Vidveshana and Maarana kriya!Kalyani is not only auspiciousness but also Akarshana. Without Akarshana how can Kalyana take place? Dhara is a sluggish look, if one can experience a sluggish look, it can create intoxication. Madhura is sweet, Vasya is attraction, and is called madhura Drishti where Devi attracts us towards us. Bhogavathi is enjoyable. To put it more concisely we can thus depict this as follows: Thus Bhagavati is of Ashta Drishtis or Eight vivid viewing angles as Vishala, Kalyaana, Ayodhya, Dhaara, Madhura, Bhogavati, Avanti, and Vijaya visions of auspiciousness, wonder striking Universal vision, omnipresent kindness, sweet nothingness, ever helpful and spontaneous kindness, Universal and Impartial helpfulness, path making illumination, and of all-round success of all the Beings. The eye mudras of devi also speak about ashta prayogas. All this is spoken in tantras, whatever we search for she gives it to you.  In this Upanishad, the sexual union is the Vajapeya yagna. The tantras have verified it. Eating meat if not prohibited. Her lap is sacrificial alter( yagna Kunda) her hairs, sacrificial fire, her skin. I am the vital force, you are speech, you are speech and I am the vital force, I am Samaveda and you are rig Veda and I am heaven and you are the earth come let us embrace each other and let us have a male child. This is Shankara Bhashya and was taken from Brihadaranyakopanisha. Everything is auspicious. Purity and impurity is in the way we see things. Draveekarana and Samohana is infatuation. The eight bhavas are also found in Agni also, these are related to the awakening of the third eye, they get all the eight powers also. These are Devi’s qualities. Manasu, bhudhi, Chitha – Ahankara. There is a lot of information hidden in the eyes. Both shiva -shakti is eightfold. In the same way, we know Shakti’s eight forms, Even soul( Jeevatma) has eight categories and qualities. The 50th mantra is about the allure of the eyes of Devi. It is not only Devi’seyes, it is the eyes of every human being. Shankara began his journey from Agna and in Soundarya Lahari, he starts from the crown and down to the eyes. Soundarya Lahari is an ocean. It is a drop in the ocean.

Chanting procedure and Nivedyam (offerings to the Lord) : If one chants this verse 1000 times a day for 10 days, offering honey and Pongal as prasadam, it is believed that they are assured of locating all riches and treasures.

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