SL Verse 51

SLOKA -51 
These nine different emotions are described by beautiful alligeries. 

Attracting all People 


शिवे शङ्गारार्द्रा तदितरजने कुत्सनपरा
सरोषा गङ्गायां गिरिशचरिते विस्मयवती ।
हराहिभ्यो भीता सरसिरुह सौभाग्य-जननी
सखीषु स्मेरा ते मयि जननि दृष्टिः सकरुणा sive sringarardra tad itara jane kutsana para
sarosa gangayam girisa carite vismayavati
harahibhya bhita sarasiruha saubhagya janani
sakhisu smera te mayi janani drstis sakaruna

In this verse, 8 attitudes are reflected in the eyes of the Devi:
1- Love for Shiva – her eyes fill with moisture.
2- Disgust for those who praise (unclear. ED) – ashamed.
3- She is surprised, full of resentment at Ganges coming near to Shiva
4- She is full of wonder at Shiva’s career 
5- She is full of dread for the snakes of Hara – fear.
6- Eclipses the beautiful colour of the lotus.
7- Smiles on “thy comrades” – those who consort with Shiva.
8- …and “full of grace towards me” (Sankara). When it comes to Shrigara Kavya, In Shringara he sees ultimate devotion. When we look at Shankara’s kavya, it is both. It has the highest shringara and spirituality. The shringara is quite opposite to spirituality and vice versa. A proper bent of mind of a sadhaka, in shringara he can see spirituality. How was Shanara was able to see Spiritual knowledge in Shringara? There will never be anything like this in the universe till it becomes thirodhana.  This remains as long as the sun and moon are annihilated and Bramhanda is taken back to its original form. Devi’s glance at different kinds of objects generates different emotions and different emotions. These are the nine navarasas wither by our words or expressions, body language by using all our indriyas. We are one of the nine or a combination of nine. These nine different emotions are described by beautiful alligeries. Shive Shringara Radhra — when her geece falls in Shiva that transforms into Shringara Drishti ( its a romantic look) It is a look of insides that love ad attraction. if her gace on anyone other than Shiva, he gace turns into Bhibatsa ( disguise) She is the cosmic energy, when her cosmic energy gets to close cosmic consciousness, the universe which was in unmanifest form would not have manifested. When Devi looks at Ganga in his Jatta, that glance is roudra (anger). Ganga has taken place on his head, but Devi’s place is in Shiva’s heart. Shakti considers that Universal conciousness belongs to her. There is a need for Ganga to manifest the universe. Both Devi and Ganga are required during the Universal Manifestation to recreate the Universe. That gace is smiling and cheerful, hasya bhava. When we see any Devi upasaka worshiping her with a lot of love and needing to receive her grace. The expression and emotion are Karuna. This indicates how Devi responds to the bhava we have, in that bhava she responds. We should worship her with total surrender. When that is done, the emotion through her eyes is compassionate. We must make our hearts and feel soft. We must make our emotions and feelings tender and surrender just like a small child who surrenders. A serious sadhaka should worship Devi and with such a mind he Should intensely be immersed in her. When that is done, her grace with compassion will fall on us and that is what happened to Shankara. Our mind should intensely immerse in her. Shanta bhava, her eyes express the emotion of Shanta, the peace. That gace or glance of her. She confers on all of us. In this specific mantra, the mention of Shringara and Karuna indicates that tho sentiments are ever-lasting and prominent of Devi. The words that we use for whatsoever reason have lost their true meaning.  The words romance, shringara, or love all have lost their true meaning. Should love only be associated with the union of the body. It has become too narrow a point of view. The word love has lost its true meaning. Those words and emotions have lost their true nature. The idea of the mantra is to overcome all the nine emotions to move forward in spirituality. 
Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord) : If one chants this verse 1000 times a day for 45 days, offering honey and vada (urad dhal)as prasadam, it is believed that they will be able to attract all people and head the world. 


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