Atmakaraka in Jaimini Sutra


आत्मादिकःकलादिभिर्न भोगः सप्तनामष्टानांव

AtmadikaH kalaadibir na bhogasspatanaamaShtanamva

This is the 11th Verse in first part of Chapter 1 in Jaimini Sutras.

Of the 7 planets from Sun to Saturn or the 8 planets from Sun to Rahu, which ever gets the highest number of degrees becomes the ATMAKARAKA.

Why this verse mentioned of the 7 planets and of the 8 planets including Rahu? No confusion. We should also consider Rahu as Atmakaraka if this planet has the highest number of degrees after deducting 30 degrees from its SPHUTA. Ex; If Rahu is in Aries 4 degrees, deducting this from 30 is 26 degrees.

Maharshi Jaimini has given more importance to ATMAKARAKA more than lord of Ascendant.

Debilitated ATMAKARAKA unless the debilitation is cancelled or combusted ATMAKARAKA takes away whatever the strength in the horoscope. Any prediction without considering the Status of ATMAKARAKA, placement of ATMAKARAKA in D1 and D9 charts is a futile exercise.

Let me give an example to find ATMAKARAKA.
Ascendant – Libra 24-34
Scorpio -Mars 9-25
Capricorn- Mercury 24-05
Aquarius -Sun 19-31
Pisces – Rahu -7-55, Venus -29-27, Saturn- 29-35
Leo – Moon 13-33
Virgo- Ketu- 7-55, Jup ( R) 9-59.

For this Chart Saturn is in 29-35, there is no other planet which has advanced more than 29-35 in any sign. Saturn is ATMAKARAKA.

Jaimini Sutra also has mentioned about Amatyakaraka, Bhrathru Karaka, Matru Karaka, Pitru Karaka, Jnati Karaka and Dara Karaka, which is not the subject of this article.

Maharshi Jaimini has also given importance to Aroodha Lagna or Pada Lagna. In the example chart Ascendant is Libra- Lord of Libra, Venus is in 6 th from Ascendant. Aroodha Lagna / Pada Lagna is 6 th sign from VENUS, that is Leo and the Lord of Aroodha/ Pada Lagna, Sun is placed in 7 th sign from Leo.

The placements of planets from Aroodha / Pada Lagna and Karakamsa Lagna are given importance by Maharshi Jaimini.

ATMAKARAKA gives good and bad results by virtue of its benefic and malefic disposition, such as debility, exaltation, combustion etc.,

What is more important, according to Maharshi Jaimini is that even if the Rajayogas are present in birth chart will not give good results if the ATMAKARAKA is debilitated or combusted. Similarly, even if there are no Rajayogas in birth chart, if the ATMAKARAKA is exalted and receives good aspects both in D1 and D 9 charts, that bestows only good results.

ATMAKARAKA plays a very vital role in the chart.

In the illustrated Chart ATMAKARAKA Saturn is Yogakaraka for Libra Ascendant and also in conjunction with lord of the Ascendant and aspected by Jupiter
Jaimini Sutra also gave importance for the placement of Atmakaraka in Navamsa- D-9 chart.
The sign occupied in Navamsa by Atmakaraka is called as KARAKAMSA.
In the illustrated chart ATMAKARAKA has occupied Pisces and hence KARAKAMSHA is Pisces.

“Ucche dharmanityaata kaivalyanca “

This is the 13 th Verse in second part of Chapter 1 in Jaimini Sutras.
Ucche refers to Pisces when KA TA PA YA system is adopted.
U is 0 cha is 6 – 06- by reversing it is 60. Divided by 12 gives 0 and hence it is 12 th sign Pisces.
The Jaimini Sutras are in KA TA PA YA system and very hard to decode it. A great Astrologer of yester years Dr B Suryanarayana Rao, grandfather of a legendary Dr B V Raman could do it. All the astrologers and the students of Astrology should be grateful to Dr Rao. Later, Dr B V Raman also wrote “STUDIES IN JAIMINI ASTROLOGY”

If KARAKAMSA is Pisces, the native will be fond of virtuous deeds and charities and will attain final bliss, that is freedom from rebirths. In the present chart this statement is further vouched because of vargottama ATMAKARAKA and conjunction with Jupiter and Ketu, the karakas for spiritual knowledge and Karaka for final emancipation.

Venus the Lord of Lagna exalted in Rasi as well in D-9 gives the native all the material comforts.

Planets conjoining Karakamsa indicates “ISHTADAIVA”  In the example chart, Karakamsa is occupied by Ketu, Venus, Sun and Jupiter. In such a case of more planets occupying KARAKAMSHA, Vargottama planet if any among these planets is the first choice to decide on Ishtadaiva. Otherwise the planet with more strength is considered for deciding ISHTA DAIVA. If there are no planets in Karakamsa then the Karakamsa Lord decides the Ishta DEvata.  In the present chart among Ketu, Venus Sun and Jupiter, VENUS is Vargottama and hence the DEVATA represented by VENUS is the ISHTADEVATA.


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