Astrology-COVID-19- Remedies for not becoming panic -Allay fear


Statistics says that every day nearly 1 lakh deaths occur against the birth of little more than 2 lakhs across the globe.

The deaths across the globe because of CORONA virus is negligible compared to normal death every day. What is making us panic is the spread of Virus for which, for the time being, we have neither vaccine nor the proper treatment to combat the virus.
With my humble experience, I did not find a set of planetary disposition for such a pandemic disease in our ancient literature on Astrology. I am told by friends/ relatives in my circle that Rahu transit in Aridra Star is the cause for CORONA hitting.

It is not my cup of tea to debate on such astrological findings, because each one has their opinion and that should be respected irrespective of accepting it or otherwise, but now friends/ relatives in my circle are demanding me to come out with my opinion also on this and hence this article.

1. First of all, for such incidents having global impact cannot be predicted considering the disposition of a single planet. Rahu transits Aridra Star once in every 18 years? Does it cause the outbreak of such pandemic disease?

2. Rahu was transiting Aridra from 27 Feb 2001 to 3 rd Oct 2001, during this time Jupiter was in conjunction with Rahu from 16 th June to till Rahu moved to Mrigasira and also before from 15 th June 1982 to 16 th March 1983. I don’t remember such an outbreak of pandemic disease on these months.

3. Rahu has begun his transit in Aridra on 12 th Sept 2019 considering the MEAN movement of Rahu. If TRUE movement is considered it is on 28 th September 2019 and moving out of Aridra is on 22 nd April 2020.

4. It is the common understanding in Astrology that the planet transiting its own sign, Exalted sign, Moolatrikona sign and its own star will be good and though if such transit is considered bad it will be least harmful. It is also very common understanding that the aspect of Jupiter on any planet on any sign will do good. If the planet aspected Jupiter is meant for resulting bad will do less harm. Jupiter is aspecting Rahu from Saggitarius, the sign owned by Jupiter.

5. Rahu is now all alone in Gemini, owned by Mercury and his results and behavior is of Mercury who is now transiting Shatabhisha, the star owned by Rahu. Gemini is the second house in Indian Independence Chart and 8 th house from the birth chart of our Prime Minister. Yes, such a transit of Rahu is telling on our economical status. Rahu’s placement in Independence chart is discussed in my article on Solar eclipse.
We came across such pandemic disease out break since the Human civilization begun. By such out breaks Indian population has learnt to practice better personal hygiene in the name of MADI, which is now tagged on to a particular social group.

It is disheartening to know that deaths due to air pollution in India is somewhere between 12 to 15 lakhs per year. 1 in 8 deaths is due to Air Pollution. It was believed that COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) was due to smoking and Asthma was hereditary, which is not true now, and both respiratory conditions are due to AIR POLLUTION. We are not panic on these conditions taking away human lives.

The purpose of stating all these is to say that CORONA outbreak is creating panic and fear in the minds of people than the loss of human lives. Such a panic situation has resulted in Economic break down, the life line, the economy, of a nation / citizen is at risk. If possible, one should try to find the planetary dispositions for such an economic break down and remedies to over come.

All of us are very sure, irrespective of Rahu Transits out of Aridra Star, the scientists will surely find the vaccine / effective treatment to handle COVID-19 in a month or so. Once known as killer disease influenza is now termed as just a viral infection and go by itself in a week’s time.

There is a very long history of such outbreaks all over the globe and it is not the article meant for elaborating on the history.

In one of my articles on this blog I have explained YATUDHANA mentioned in Vedas which has all the characteristics of Virus.

All these epidemic / pandemic outbreaks are understood by our ancestors as the ANGER of DEVI, the feminine divinity. It is not superstition because they have known, understood NATURE as divine mother.

Sri Durga Saptashati refers to NATURE, the feminine divinity as VISHVESHVARI, the queen of the world.

In a calamity / pandemic outbreaks affecting the world


This sloka in Sri Durga Saptasati may be chanted in groups

Such calamities/ pandemic outbreaks are also called as MAHA MARI.
MARI has several meanings such as Pestilence, an epidemic outbreak of a deadly disease, death, killing etc, MAHA is great.

For the destruction of MAHA MARI


This sloka in Sri Durga Saptasati may be chanted in groups.

Chanting these slokas together will surely relieve us from getting panic and we will surely come out of the fear.

I am attaching Youtube video chanting these two slokas together 108 times. This should help chant these slokas in groups regularly. Any way we all have lot of time as we have restricted ourselves to be at home. Let us make best use of this wonderful opportunity to chant these slokas.

This article is not completed if it fails to find astrological reasons for economic break down, the true result/outcome of this pandemic outbreak.

Just now I have gone through the articles about Eclipse on my blog. I have stated “there is absolutely no doubt of improving financial position of the nation after the Jupiter enters Capricorn on 30 th march 2020. The crucial decisions that may be taken by the Finance Minister from now onwards till 15 May 2020, that is before Saturn and Jupiter begin their retrogression makes all the difference. The planetary disposition indicates that the Finance Minister will surely take suitable and perfectly correct decisions”
“I repeat what is said in the first part of this write up that this Solar Eclipse will push us and our Nation to the next level, next stage. New dimensions and opportunities open up”

I have also said in the article that “The result of all these permutation and combination of the planets in one sentence is “All that is bad is bound to end and all that is good to the society is protected”. We shall see this happening in coming days.”

At the end of this article, link to my previous articles on Solar eclipse is provided.

Loka samasta sukhno bhavantu samasta sanmangalani bhavantu.

Solar eclipse use it to our advantage – Part1

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108 chants of selected verses of Durga saptashati youtube video is not getting uplpaded. because of net work issue. Now, you have youtube link here

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