“Jeevan Mukti Viveka” series: Part 2


The first part was ended with the following question

Question: – whether this bondage is the witness or of the mind? If it is of the witness, it is removed by the knowledge of the reality. If it is of the mind, it is not possible, since it is inherent in the thing itself. The agency of the mind in actions could be removed when it is possible to remove the fluidity from the water and heat from the fire. This is not possible because fluidity in water and the heat in the fire are naturally inherent in them.

Answer: Yes, it is not possible to remove it completely, but adding mud to water its fluidity may be reduced. Similarly, by using ‘Mani mantras” that is a particular ‘GEM” and “Mantra” the heat of the fire may be reduced.

यथा जलगतं द्र्वत्वं मृत्तिकामॆलनॆनाभिभूयतॆ वह्नॆरौष्ण्यं मणिमन्त्रादिना,

(yatha jalagatam drvatvam mruttikaamElanEnaabhibhoooyatE vahnErouShNam maNimantraaadina)

This statement of Swamy Vidyaranya gives us information, that there is a method to reduce the heat of the fire by the use of a GEM along with a Mantra.

Swamy Vidyaranya continue telling that each and every state of mind can be neutralized by the practice of yoga- concentration. Here yoga includes Mantra Yoga.

While in meditation on Mantra, instead of concentrating on meditation on Mantra, most of us concentrate on controlling the mind which is always moving from one subject to the other, because that is its nature. Let us ignore and forget what the mind wants to do let it do. Let us focus on Meditation on Mantra and nothing else. Then mind will come around and sync with Meditation on Mantra. This is the neutralization of mind referred by Swamy Vidyaranya as I understand with my very humble practice.

Swamy Vidyaranya tells about the human efforts and the results not in proportionate to such efforts because of karma factor obstructing. He gives an example of effort of a farmer in cultivation of land and the result obstructed by drought etc.,. Swamy suggests for a stronger rival karma.  in the case of drought kareeri yajna which removes the obstruction of drought and starts raining.  Similarly, if the operating karma is stronger, let the practice of Meditation on Mantra be more powerful and stronger than the strength of the operating karma. Here Swamy refers to Uddhalaka and Veetahavya.

Let us look at the meditation on Mantra in another dimension. Let it happen effortlessly !!!! Then the results in proportionate  to efforts or otherwise does not arise at all !!!!!

To be continued……

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