Atmananda lahari



OM SRI GURUBHYO NAMAH SRI PARAMA GURUBHYO NAMAH SRI PARAMESHSHTI GURUBHYO NAMAH Meaning of Argala is impediment, obstruction, bolt, latch etc., The stotra will clear these obstructions. At the first sight Argala  Stotra seems to be praise to Goddess Durga,…

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Introducton to one more verse from Durga Saptashati to destroy MAHAMARI

SRI GURUBHYO NAMAH SRI PRAMA GURUBHYO NAMAH SRI PARAMESHTHI GURUBHYO NAMAH Some time back I have posted a few slokas from Sri Durga Saptashati which can destroy the MAHAMARI. I also have posted references from Atharva Veda which gives verses…

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