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DHARBE – Significance

About Dharbe:

We use Holy Grass named Dharbe. The botonical name is Eragrostis cynosuroidesz. It is used in all functions, auspicious or inauspicious. A performing person needs to wear a ring made of this.

But many have lost the reason of why it is to be used in the first place.

Why Dharbe?

When the powerful X-ray radiation can be absorbed by DHARBHE , why can it not absorb the ill-radiations spread over the atmosphere? While chanting and reciting some Vedic phrases and versus, one needs to wear a ring made of DHARBHE on his right hand ring finger. This is most essential, while performing all the rituals, such as Agni Sthapana  and all sorts of Havans known as Homam etc.,

How many leaves to use?

The count of leaves depends upon the function that is held viz.: for some functions related to death only Single leaf is used; for Auspicious and daily routine a ring made of two leaves is used; for inauspicious but not death related functions, (i.e. Amavasya Tharppanam, Pithru Pooja etc) a three leaf ring is used. And for the Temple Prayer and Pooja, a Four-leaf Dharbham ring is used.

Also, when a fire ritual known as Agni sthapana  is performed, these are spread all the four sides of the homa kunda. Also, during the Eclipse time, these are used to cover all food items to protect them from the harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Whenever any function is held, firstly they perform a site-cleansing act known as “Sudhhi Punyaahavachanam”. While reciting the selective versus, they hold the DHARBHE bunch in their hand and placing the tip point of it over the vessel containing water. Thus the recited vibration values are absorbed by water in the vessel through DHARBHE

It is found that the Holy Grass  has the highest value in conducting the phonetic vibrations through its tip. Later, they sprinkle the Holy water at every nook and corner of the place, where the function is held.

Note: A DHARBHE without the tip is considered of no value, as the conductor-type value is lost in it.

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