Que: Is it right to say that the birth star mUlam means nirmUlam (extirpation) for a girl, especially when Sarasvati, the Goddess of Education was born in that star?

Ans: There is no loss or lack of eligibility for marriage for a girl born in the star mUlam. In the books written by the Rishis and such astrology experts as Varahamira, there is no evidence for the saying ‘girl in mUlam would be nirmUlam’. This is perhaps something someone said in the books published later on.

Everyone is born in one of the 27 nakShatras (asterisms). The job of the asterisms is to provide the link of time to man (nakShatreNa yuktaH kAlaH). Their nature does not stick to a person.
Therefore, we should not have blind faith in such truth less sayings. There are people who even confirm that such and such a man lost his father because he married a girl born in the star mUlam! And there are parents who repose their faith on charts that invalidate a girl born in mUlam for matrimonial alliance.

Mantresvara in his book phaladIpika explains that a person’s lifetime, knowledge, actions and financial status are all determined when the person is in the mother’s womb.” (AyuH karma cha). How can then the lifetime of a related person be affected by the birth star of a girl who is accepted as a daughter-in-law? Thus, when there are several direct reasons for the loss of life and property, and for the hurdles in efforts, how can a girl’s birth star be blamed for them?

Such sayings as “The girl in BharaNi will rule TaraNi (world)”, “The Appan (father) of Chittirai is on the streets”, “Kettai is not suitable for JyeShta” are not acceptable, and it is our responsibility to save our youth from such influence.

And then, how can Sarasvati Devi have a birth? The Dharma Shastra only says, “Let the worship of Goddess Sarasvati commence on the day of the mUlam star.” (mUlena AvAhayet devIm).

The Veda has the information, “We should pray to the goddess of MUlam, who is the god of creation. She must give us active, valiant children; the capability to conquer our enemies; and prosperity to the people.”

The Vedas portray MUlam as only an auspicious star: mUlam prajAm vIravaI. Therefore, there must be no wrong opinion about the star mUlam.

There are many pieces of information in the books of astrology that quote no evidence of their source. Without adequate examples of proof, we should not follow blindly.

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