Chanting names of 18 sons of Goddess Lakshmi will help in solving horoscope related problems especially those causing financial hardships. The names of 18 sons of Lakshmi is to be chanted 7 times for 21 Fridays.

This mantra helps in fulfillment of desire , solves money problems and property related issues

A highly effective mantra to address all kinds of Doshas in horoscope.

18 sons of Lakshmi
ॐ देवसखाय नम: Om Devsakhaya Namah
ॐ चिक्लीताय नम: Om Chiklitaya Namah
ॐ आनंदाय नम: Om Anandaya Namah
ॐ कर्दमाय नम: Om Kardmaya Namah
ॐ श्रीप्रदाय नम: Om Sripradaya Namah
ॐ जातवेदाय नम: Om Jathvedaya Namah
ॐ अनुरागाय नम: Om Anuragaya Namah
ॐ संवादाय नम: Om Samvadaya Namah
ॐ विजयाय नम: Om Vijayaya Namah
ॐ वल्लभाय नम: Om Vallabhaya Namah
ॐ मदाय नम: Om Madaya Namah
ॐ हर्षाय नम: Om Harshaya Namah
ॐ बलाय नम: Om Balaya Namah
ॐ तेजसे नम: Om Tejase Namah
ॐ दमकाय नम: Om Damkaya Namah
ॐ सलिलाय नम: Om Salilaya Namah
ॐ गुग्गुलाय नम: Om Gulgulaya Namah
ॐ कुरूंटकाय नम: Om Kuruntkaya Namah

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