Shivlinga is not ordinary. It is complete science!

Trimoortees reside in Shivlinga:-

The lowest part that is tika at the bottom is Brahma,( creation) the middle part is the replica of Lord Vishnu ( Sustenance) and the third top is worshipped is the symbol of Deva Di Dev Mahadev,( Distructiuon) According to shakta, the lower drain of Shivlinga is dedicated to Mata Parvati and worshipable as a symbol. of Yoni. That is, the lower part of Shivlinga symbolizes female and upper part symbolizes male. Meaning, Shiva and Shakti live together in it.

According to the scriptures, the word ‘Lingam’ is composed of ‘Lia’ and ‘Gamya’ which means ‘beginning’ and ‘end’. In all the Hindu religion books it is described that the universe has appeared from Shiva ji and one day everything will be found in them.

Most of us know that Shiva lives in Shivlinga, but the lower part of Shivling is the symbol of feminine and the upper part of male. Meaning, Shiva-Shakti in it, live together.

The oval of Shivlinga, has both spiritual and scientific reference. Shiva is the root of the creation of the universe if seen spiritually. That means Shiva is that seed, from which the whole world is yielded. That’s why it is said that this is why Shivling is shaped like an egg. Same if scientifically speaking the ‘Big Bang Theory’ says the universe is formed from small particles like egg.

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