Tithi nitya mantras -benefits

Nitya Devis Mantra Benefits

1. Nitya Kameshvari

She bestows liberation by satisfying desires, providing health, safety, happiness, wealth and peace of mind Kameshvari

2. Nitya Bhagamalini

She gives the practitioner the power to attract all the things the three worlds, the strength to defeat enemies, and fertility.

3. Nitya Nityaklinna

Who gets the perfection of his mantra gets happiness and liberation and dominates the three worlds. She provides love and marriage.

4. Nitya Bherunda

This mantra destroys all poisons.

5. Nitya Vahnivasini

Through its mantra, obtains union with that which lies in the midst of the fire that devours the universe, dominating the three worlds.

6. Mahavajreshvari Nitya Nitya or Vajreshvari

She destroys ignorance and lack of spiritual discrimination.On the physical plane, eliminates the ills and problems of the devotee.

7. Nitya Shivaduti

It delivers what the devotees wishing fairly. Annihilates injustice and the ethical and moral failings. Leads the practitioner to experience Shiva.

8. Tvarita Nitya, also called Devi Totala

It gives very fast to that which is devoted to the repetition of his mantra results. Provides wisdom, wealth, health, long life.Protects from attacks and poverty. Grants a power of attraction to practitioners.

9. Nitya Kulasundari

The practitioner gets full wisdom, gets protection from enemies.

10. Nitya Nitya
Grants the power of speech to its practitioners, what they say is realized. Also provides physical strength.

11. Nitya Nilapataka

This provides Nitya powers (siddhis) to his devotees. Also provides success and victory in what the practitioner strives.

12. Vijaya Nitya

It delivers win battles, disputes and success in buying and selling of goods.

13. Nitya Sarvamangala

She gives all the gifts, and makes all auspicious activities, both in material and spiritual world. Protects her devotees in travel.

14. Nitya Jvalamalini

Provides powers (siddhis), destroys enemies, gives riches.One can enter into communication with this divinity when it is invoked inside a boy or a girl, and also in the water.

15. Chitra Nitya

Gives the practitioner the power to convince others.

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