Here is my humble effort to establish the spiritual relationship between Sri Bhagavan Ramana & my Parameshthi GURU sri Chidanandanathar.

The Pdf file attached here also establshes that My Parameshthi GURU not only initiated 1000’s of aspitrants into SRI VIDYA but also established 100’s of SRIVIDYA LEARNING Centres each headed by COMPETENT GURUS. It is saddenning that these centres vanished, disappeared over the time for the reasons unknown.

Now my effort to establish ” SRIVIDYA MAHASAMSTHANA’ for the same purpose is nothing but the command of the GURUMANDALA.

This article and the attached pdf file, I am sure,opens up the eyes of some of the BHAGAVAN DEVOTEES, having least respect for our GURUPARAMAPARA. My sincere prayers to GURUMANDALA to bestow them the wisdom about the greatness of GURU PARAMPARA.


  1. Sir can u please tell from where did you get the pdf attached giving information about sri chidanandanathar association with sri ramana maharshi and sri seshadri swamy ? Also do u have any book on sei chidanandanathar biography in english? Plz give me reply sir


    • This is from the book written by one Sro Goda Venkatrshwara Shastri, one of the Shisyas of Sri Chidanandanathar . It is unfortunate that we dont have his biography in its full form


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