Sri Lalita ashtottara shatanama stotra from Sri Brahmanda purana

sri GurubhyO namah- NagurOradhikam

We are familiar with Sri Lalita Sahasranama stotra from Brahmanda Purana, but it has Ashtottarashatanama Stotra also in its Stotra khanda, part of Sri Lalitopakhyana in Brahmanda Purana. This Stotra khanda seems to be not available now in print form. Those having it in its original form it is time to publish it for the benefit of Devi upasakaas.

The specilality of this Ashtottara is, all the namas begin with ” SIVA” and explaining her oneness with SIVA in all her / his actions. I have attcahed the PDf copy in DEvanagari / Kannada for down load. I have also posted on my tube and the link is provided.

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