Swami Satyasangananda Saraswati while explaining Soundarya Lahari verse 68, said that this mantra is capable of purifying our samskaras and thus helps us explore the positive side of life. In fact it brings in transformation in us.

Referring to this as well the Varna bijas for this verse and the Dhyana sloka for these Varna Bijas, Sri Atmanandanatha Guruji, an ardent but an humble Sri Vidyopasaka has formulated a program to cleanse the Samskaras ( Past impressions) The program will be online and lasts for 30 mins a day for 12 days.

This program has helped many of his disciples and bought in transformation in their thought process resulting in progress, happy and contentment.

The program has no PRICE TAG but once the program is completed the participants may make voluntary contribution of whatever they can afford. Guruji firmly believes that these sacred knowledge shall never be sold for a price.

Those intend to take up the program may send their details to

indicating the time convenient for them to attend the program. It is good if  two -three time options are indicated.  


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