SLOKA -62 Good Sleep 


प्रकृत्या रक्तायास्तव सुदति दन्तच्छदरुचेः
प्रवक्ष्ये सादृश्यं जनयतु फलं विद्रुमलता ।
न बिम्बं तद्बिम्बप्रतिफलनरागादरुणितं
तुलामध्यारोढुं कथमिव विलज्जेत कलया ॥ 62 ॥

prakrtya raktayas tava sudati dantacchada ruceh
pravaksye sadrsam janayatu phalam vidruma lata
na bimbam tad bimba pratiphalana ragad arunitam
tulam addhyarothum katham iva vilajjeta kalaya

Word to word Meaning

prakrtya — naturally

raktayas – which is red 

tava – – your 

 sudati– — – Oh one with beautiful teeth! (Sakti)

 dantacchada ruceh– – to the beauty of the lips

pravaksye — – I speak 

sadrsam– – of that which is similar 

 janayatu phalam — – let it bear fruit 

vidruma lata — – the coral creeper
na– – not 

 bimbam — – the Bimba fruit (which is red is commonly used by poets for comparing with a woman’s lips

 tad bimba—  – that image (the red lips)

 pratiphalana ragad— – out of desire to reflect 

 arunitam — – is red

tulam — – the balance 

addhyarothum– – to ascend 

 katham  iva — – how will it (not be) 

 vilajjeta— – bashful 

 kalaya — – by a little bit

The Gist:

Oh! one with beautiful teeth! I speak of that which is similar to the beauty of your lips, which is naturally red. Let the coral creeper bear fruit! The Bimba fruit out of desire to reflect that image (the red lips) is red. (Hence) how will it not be bashful to ascend the balance (for being weighed against the red lips) by even a little bit? Note: The Bimba fruit compared to red lips by poets is inadequate in this case. Hence an imaginary fruit, namely the coral fruit is suggested as a possible standard of comparison.

Once the mind expands indriyas can’t control it. Shakara praises Devi’s lips. He experiencing it. Shankara understands that lips are meant to reveal beautiful teeth. The bright whiteness of her teeth is in sharp contrast to the redness of her lips. Apart from the redness and contrast colors, lips are so soft and teeth are very hard. Mount has special significance in the art of Shringara as lips and tongue are directly connected to the brain. The Gyanendriyas are all linked to convey information to each other. The shakti that is dormant in us. The power is given to all the indriyas by shakti. Shakara worships each gyanendriya in subtle parts of Devi. As a result, Shankara is dwelling on them. Indriya nigraha is not that difficult. It is Devi who is doing it with Maya. By worshiping these parts of Devi, we are relieving ourselves from the bondage of Indriyas. 

Gyanendriyas exist on the gross as well as subtle level but as the awareness transcends the gross level, the subtle gyanendriyas transmit knowledge to the individual through the expanded mind. All our effort is to see how do we expand our minds. We suffer because we are not able to expand our mind and we contract it with negative thoughts. sometimes we feel we have sorrow, grief, sadness that have not expanded their mind. The mind expanded means, thinking out of the box by devotion, dhyana, and surrender. Suffering is more because of the contraction of the mind. If we expand that new world opens up. Keeping your indriyas under your control takes practice. 

This verse is talking about our experience of the lips of Devi. Meditation of great Shakthi and her teeth has an effect of generating a positive effect. The great color of Devi’s lips symbolizes the prana shakti. Unless we close our mouth or lips kumbaka is not possible. Sooner or later we should realize that the life force is the one that sustains us. Nor the other organs that do a task. Dull tired and lazy is all due to a lack Of Prana Shakti. Even fasting can improve our prana shakti. The life force is shakti, they are not different. The shakti and life force are the same. We talk about the body and its Atman or we sometimes call as spirit. Prana Shakti is the link between the body and soul. That is not just a link it is a very important and vital link. It is the key, it is gross as well as transcendental matter. We cannot deny the need for good health, a strong mind, a strong will power good thought. The importance of verse is the vital truth of one’s function on this earth. One needs to rise above all the mundane chit-chat. There is an existence beyond belief and dogma. They are changing with time. 

One has to experience Soundarya Lahari beyond dogma and belief. The prana shakti is the domain of the Supreme force which is Shakti. Without Shakti, no one can survive. The practice of kumbaka helps to raise the kundalini above from Mooladhara. The teeth and the lips, there is a contrast in two ways. One is color and quite opposite are the lips. Lips are soft and teeth are hard. Shankara says that she always opens her mouth and lips. Soundarya Lahari depends on one’s own Bhavana. All mundane needs are Rajasa which is red and white represents satvika, unless the gyana cannot be known, the agyana has covered the gyana. Closing lips and being serious represents talks about ignorance. Opening the lips and teeth where gyana emerges. To add to this the vagbhava beeja starts from AIM is identified on lips. The lips when opened the vabhava Kuta AIM is activated. The AIM is gyana, Saraswathi, Vagdevi. Shankara is trying to experience Gyana in it by experiencing the lips of Devi. So also he experienced Rajasa to Satvika. It is not his imagination, it is Shankara’s divine vision. In imagination, one cannot give minute details. The way Shanakara describes Devi clearly proves that he was able to see her. He composed this verse just by sitting before her. A close similarity has been drawn between Vedas and his other works. The means can be anything, one should be able to connect to divinity.  Shakti has beautiful teeth and they can be only seen in parted lips. Deep red complexion of Devi’s lips are also compared with Bimba fruit. 

When the lips are compared with ever grown parashakti and when one contemplates on this verse, the sadhaka is bound to have her grace. There is some kind of bliss that is felt. An important dimension to experience is kumbaka and AIM. As it goes to the higher plane, the experience is different and happiness is different. 

Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord) : If one chants this verse 1000 times a day for 8 days, offering Maashannam(Urad Dhal rice) as prasadam, it is believed that they will be blessed by the lord to have a peaceful sleep

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