Sloka 60

Giving Power of Speech to Dumb and Making your Predictions Come True 


सरस्वत्याः सूक्ती-रमृतलहरी कौशलहरीः
पिब्नत्याः शर्वाणि श्रवण-चुलुकाभ्या-मविरलम् ।
चमत्कारः-श्लाघाचलित-शिरसः कुण्डलगणो
झणत्करैस्तारैः प्रतिवचन-माचष्ट इव तेsarasvatyas suktir amrta lahari kausalaharih
pibantyas sarvani sravanaculukabhyam aviralam
camatkara stagha calita sirasah kundalagano
chanatkarais taraih prativacanam acasta iva te

Word to word meaning
sarasvatyas— – of Saraswati  

suktir — excellent speech  

amrta lahari— the wave of nectar 

 kausalaharih—- capable of depriving the felicity

pibantyas—- while drinking  

sarvani— Oh Sarvani! (Sakti)  

sravanaculukabhyam—– by the cups of the ears 

aviralam—- continuously

camatkara—- poetical charm 

stagha— in praise 

calita sirasah— nodding the head kundalagano—- a collection of earrings

chanatkarais  taraih—- by loud jingling prativacanam— —- reply  

acasta iva—- as if endeavouring 

te — your
The gist of Verse 60: Oh Sarvani!, while continuously drinking by the cups of the ears your excellent speech, capable of depriving the felicity of the wave of nectar (and) nodding the head in praise of (it’s) poetical charm, the collection of earrings of Saraswati as if endeavoring to reply by (their) loud jingling. 

The below gist is the experience of Shankara. The below commentary has been taken from his work. (Devi! Your rosy and smooth cheeks defy rubies and blood-red lips to flout corals and Bimba fruit; the two perfect sets of your scintillating teeth represent Dwija-Pankti or the rows of Learned Brahmanas thus signifying pure Knowledge; the whiff of aroma from your face as emanated from the camphor and betel leaves that you take in your mouth fills in the whole Universe signifying that the Omkara Naada‘ from your mouth resonates everywhere; Your banter / Chit-chat is far sweeter than the trained tunes of the stringed instrument of Veena and is suggestive of the resonance of Vedas; Your pretty smile to Kameswara overpowers his thoughts and mind; Your chin is uniquely shaped and is above depiction; the Mangala Sutra tied by Kameshwara around Lalita Devi symbolizes the very close affinity and inseparability of Prakriti and Maha Purusha or Shiva and Parvati.)

Saraswathi’s veena making a sound resulted in a poem. Goddess Saraswathi Vagdevi who presides over knowledge elucidates the sacred sayings in the royal court of Parashakti. She is just not Ragni, she is Maharagni.  Knowledge comes from Devi herself and she is Rajarajeshwari and all her divinities in her presence imparting knowledge. The highest knowledge continuously as long as we realize the Bramhan. What is the highest knowledge? Knowledge is the means and way to know Bramhan. All divinities including Indra have energy that has not realized its own soul. How can energy have a soul? The knowledge can be compared to imparting an uninterrupted flow of nature. This Bramhagyana is an uninterrupted flow of nectar.For example, when honey is poured from one vessel to another, the flow is continuous. The viscosity is maintained and similarly, the highest knowledge is offered by Saraswati in the court of Maharagni without any interruption. In Trishati we can come across verse 63 where she is accompanied by Lakshmi and Saraswathi. Also, we can see this is 194 verse of Trishati. Both Lakshmi and Saraswathi stand on either side of Devi and fan her. One gets wealth and knowledge by worshipping her. Such verses are very much helpful in conducting the form. Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord) : If one chants this verse 1000 times a day for 45 days, offering milk payasam and honey as prasadam, it is believed that they will be blesses with divine knowledge and the power to bring their utterances true.

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