SLOKA -58 

Cure from all Diseases and Victory in Love 

अरालं ते पालीयुगलमगराजन्यतनये
न केषामाधत्ते कुसुमशरकोदण्डकुतुकम् ।
तिरश्चीनो यत्र श्रवणपथमुल्लङ्घ्य विलस-
न्नपाङ्गव्यासङ्गो दिशति शरसन्धानधिषणाम् ॥ 58 ॥

aralam te paliyugalam agarajanya tanaye
na kesam adhatte kusumasara kodanda kutukam
tirascino yatra sravana patham ullanghya vilasan
apanga vyasango disati sarasandhana dhisanam

aralam te – your bent or curved
paliyugalam – outer ear – limit – margin – edges, row – line – circumference // pair – couple – a yoke of oxen
 – -o daughter of the king of mountains
na kesam adhatte – in whom should it not instil
kusumasara kodanda kutukam– the suggestion of the bow of the flower-arrowed one.
tirascino – transverse -horizontal – across – obliquely – against one’s will
– in which places were – wherein.

sravana patham— in the reach of the ear


vilasan— glittering
—- the corner of the

vyasango — the attention

disati— Produces

sarasandhana— fixed

dhisanam— the understanding

This verse describes the place between the outer corner of the eyes and the earlobes. For Devi, Shankara can only do that. The place appears curved when compared to Mammatha’s bow. When the bow is in the hands of manmatha it enhances the beauty of the bow. When she glances sideways her looks cause disturbance in Shiva. His mind got disturbed and Shiva burnt Manmatha to ashes. It talks about the love between Shiva and Shakti. Even after Shiva destroyed Manmatha he was still mesmerized by Devi’s glance. Love can be interpreted as compassion for others. When anger becomes more our mind gets corrupted and during this divine love cannot be generated. When you feel the love, a positive mental attitude and love for the divine can develop love and compassion. What we need to practice is how can we be compassionate. Only in this state of mind that divine needs to be manifested. The Japa, mantra, dhyana is aiming us to train our mind to be compassionate. It is both ways spiritual and in our mundane life, we need to develop compassionate feelings for one another. Once we achieve that spiritual practice becomes easy. When we achieve compassion and love Devi starts to manifest. A kind of meditation involving eyes and ears. On focusing on eyes on the ears and one can feel the vibration on Ajna Chakra. These vibrations attain potency after a few minutes. The attention paid to this vibration is possible to enter into trans for a few minutes. Eyes are not meant as a camera, they have the wonderful capability of receiving energy from nature. When we look at greenery a pleasant feeling is developed. The same scenario if photographed maybe not invoke the same kind of pleasure. The eyes are the receiving stations of all the passivity and Negativities around nature. The eye to eye contact is important. They receive and transmit energy. Shankara has given importance to her eyes. With that, she passes on all her love and compassion. All the emotions are exchanged. They not only express our energy and thought but it also transmits. The more energy received by the eyes the more energy can be transmitted also. The whole process of any sadhana is to get in. Shedding out the weight of the body. The mantra Japa should purify. When we become light or weightless we might have attained some level of sadhana. Unless we become one with the light we become one with the universal conciousness. Only in this state of might that Devi begins to manifest. Being with love and compassion and we become lighter than air. The other feelings like anger, jealousy we gain weight. By focusing both eyes on the ears, we can sense the vibration on the Ajna chakra. In this mantra still, the Shakti is in Shringara only. Her slanting side glances are intended for Shiva. She is in Shringara’s mood because of Shiva. If a devotee cannot see shringara in devi we are not Devi upaskasa. The shringara and deep love are very intense emotions that completely override any individual perceptions of the world. Hence world only uses Shringara and deep love. The world appears dry, dull, and lost. One should make two compartments where one of the compartments is for our mundane activities and the second one is for internal happiness or bliss, be there. One who is joyous we feel aligned and vibrant with different kinds of energy. That energy and vibration can only be experienced. When we are in that state we feel we can take on the entire world and that is the effect of love and everything will glow and shine. Our perception of things changes. If this is the effect of ordinary love that itself and gives us the glow and shine. Imagine the effect of an enticing glance of Devi and one would become spellbound and the world becomes magical. Here there is a reference to Devi’s eyes and ears. The descent if the highest prana shakti to the illusion of the striking glance for the devotee is felt the same as what Shanakara felt. That meditation is coming in the form of young magic beauty. If successful it can kindle new life. It may seem surprising who is the epitome of beauty, purity, divinity, auspiciousness, and truth can be erotic. Eroticism, love, passion, and Shringara are life-giving and life-rejuvenating principles. They do not detract from life. If the principle of love is taken away from life, one’s life force. When Devi’s glance fell on Shankara Bahghavadpadacharya, his body started getting better and he could feel the love and compassion. The chakra of this mantra is effective for those who have lost the will to live due to illness. The creation that she instigates is the labor of love.

 Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord) : If one chant this verse 5000 times a day for 45 days, offering honey and variety rice as nivedhyam, one will be able to attract all people and get rid from all diseases. 

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