SL Verse 56

Power to Protect and Curing of Diseases of Kidney


निमेषोन्मेषाभ्यां प्रलयमुदयं याति जगति
तवेत्याहुः सन्तो धरणिधर-राजन्यतनये ।
त्वदुन्मेषाज्जातं जगदिद-मशेषं प्रलयतः
परेत्रातुं शंङ्के परिहृत-निमेषा-स्तव दृशः
nimesonmesabhyam pralayam udayam yati jagati
tavetyahus santo dharanidhara rajanya tanaye
tad unmesad jatam jagad idam asesam pralayataha
paritratum sanke parihrta nimesas tava drsah

Word to Word Meaning

nimes—closing of the eye lids

 unmesabhyam—- opening of the eye

lidspralayam udayam —- annihilation (and) creation

yati jagati —- the world proceeds to
tav—- your

etyahus santo — thus say good

mendharanidhara rajanya tanaye —- Oh daughter of the royal mountain (sakti)
tad unmesad jatam—-born of the opening of your eye lids 

jagad idam—- this world 

asesam —- entire 

pralayataha— from annihilation
paritratum—- to protect 

Sanke—- I think 

parihrta — abadoned

nimesas—- closing the eyelids 

tava drsah— your eye

Gist of verse 55:Oh, daughter of the royal mountain! good men say thus: “the world proceeds to annihilation (and) creation on the closing and opening of your eyelids”. I suspect that your eye has abandoned closing the eyelids to protect this entire world born of the opening of your eyelids, from annihilation.
Shankara always refers to Devi as O daughter of Himavanta!! Himavanta is considered the highest peak. He tells her O Mother! the sages, saints have said the whole universe is dissolved by closing and opening your eyes. O Amba please keep your eyes always open. Don’t blink your eyes. Parvathi, she is Sati reborn. Sati and Parvathi, both are dearer to Shiva.
Together they represent the passive and Dynamic aspects of Shakti. Parvathi is the most overrated beauty incarnate. Sati could transform herself into dasamahavidya. Parvathi is responsible for the creation and dissolution of creation. Shiva is Jada and Shakti is Chaitanya. Coming here he goes a little ahead and says there is a passive and dynamic aspect. The jagruth state of mind keeps our universe and material world whole. As soon as the mind slips into sushupthi, the whole world slips away or it vanishes and is known as Vaishwanara. It is the first dimension of the universe, its conciousness whose sphere is the waking state. Devi as a cosmic consciousness maintains the universe so that vaishwanara is still existing. It is also the cause if uncontrollable rage. Shakti is essential for creation and preservation. This mantra describes her in a very poetic way. Meditation of Devi with her eyes open is beneficial for material wealth and also to attract her compassion and grace. This is the extension of Aparna. Two aspects of devi. Reaching her to higher levels of Swapna and tejasa.In jagrutha avastha, there are 19 forms. Swapna vastha the same 19 months. The next is sushuptha, there is nothing to experience, nothing to consume. Sushuptha itself is bliss. Once we reach that going to the next stage none of this is turiay. As long as we restrict all our experiences in jagrath and Swapna. When we transcend the experience above that deep sleep that is the experience by Atman. That state and beyond that state one has achieved through sadhana. Here Shankara is stating to Devi to not close her eyes. This mantra describes the poetic stanza. Meditation on her opening of Devi’s eyes is good for material benefits. Always speaks and practice of opening of the eye. There is tremendous energy that is Parvathi opening eyes. We pray for compassion and grace. We all devotees request the devi not to close her eyes. We need to imagine that Devi is seeing us. We can ask Devi, Amma please give me the wisdom to see you and experience your open eyes to reduce my difficulties. Where can we receive compassion and grace? Only in the eyes, I can find the compassion and grace from you by looking at your eyes which are open, O Devi! 

Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord): If one chants this verse 2500 times a day for 45 days, offering payasam, coconut, beetle leaves, and beetle nut as nivedhyam, it is believed that kidney disorders are cured fast.

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