तवापर्णे कर्णे जपनयन पैशुन्य चकिता
निलीयन्ते तोये नियत मनिमेषाः शफरिकाः ।
इयं च श्री-र्बद्धच्छदपुटकवाटं कुवलयं
जहाति प्रत्यूषे निशि च विघतय्य प्रविशति॥ 

karnejapa nayana paisunya cakita
niliyante toye niyatam animesas sapharika
iyam ca srir baddhachadaputa kavatam kuvalayam
jahati pratyuse nisi ca vighatayya pravisati

Word to Word meaning

tava —- Your

Parne — Oh Aparna

(sakti) karne— in the ear

nayana—- whispering eyes

 paisunya cakita —- afraid of slander
niliyante—- they hide 

toye —- in the water

niyatam— it is certain 

animesas —- with unblinking (eyes)

sapharika—- glitering female fish
iyam ca srir —- and this, the goddess of beauty 

 baddhachada—- closed

kavatam — fastened like a

doorkuvalayam—- blue water lily
jahati —

pratyuse—- at dawn 

ca — and at night

vighatayya—– having opened

pravisati—– enters

The gist of verse 55Oh, Aparna! the glittering female fish certainly hide in the water with unblinking (eyes) afraid of slander by your eyes whispering in (your) ear. And this, the goddess of beauty abandons the blue water lily with closed petals (s) fastened like a door at dawn and enters having opened (it) at night (to reside in Sakti’s eyes during the day and in the lily at night).
Every mantra is an experience. In this mantra, he sees Devi’s eyes and assumes them as glittering female fish and blue lily. The ability to keep eyes open without blinking. So humans cannot do it. Devi always keeps her eyes open and shows her compassion and love for her devotees. This is an experience of Shankara. Uninterrupted compassion. A sadhaka or devotee who creates the environment of devotion or can only avail the grace of devi by not even skipping the time. Aparna performed Tapasya and it is name is Panchami tapsya to obtain her beloved Shiva. The Purana says she repeated the mantra to invoke Shiva and lived without eating a leaf is called Aparna. Even Kalidasa, in his famous work Kumaraambhava, are the great sadhakas. They have performed Panchgani Tapasya. The same female fish faces this situation. Panchgani vidya starts from 6th chapter 2nd Bramhana 9th mantra. It is between King and Gautama and also it is written in text Panchagni aygna is performed by Kshatriyas. The first person to do it was Aruni. Here the question is what is Panchgani? One fire is Dwilokaand it is sacrificial fire the 

Panchgani Vidya Performed by Aparna which is as follows:1.sun is the fuel, the rays of the sun are smoke, the day is flame and four quarters are sinders and intermediate quarters is parked in this fire that gods offer faith as an oblation and out of that offering king moon is born. 
 2. Agni is Parjanya the god of rain. the fuel is the ear, clouds — smoke, lightening — flame and thunderbolt is sinders, the rumbling is sparked. In this fire all divinities offer king moon and an oblation, the rain is produced.
3. Agni is Bhumi — The universe is the fire, earth– fuel, the fire is smoke, the night its flame, the moon is sinders and stars its sparks. In this fire the divinities offer rain as a libation and off that offering could these produced. 
4. Purusha—- Human being in male form. The open mouth is its fuel, vital breath is smoke, speech its flame, the eyes its sinders, ear the spark of the Agni. In this fire of Purusha, all the divinities offer food as libation. Semen is produced.
5. Women among the human— fuel is a genital system, the pubic hair is smoke, the vulva is flame and sexual intercourse is sinders and enjoyment is a spark. In this fire, the divinities offer semen as an oblation. 
6. They carry him to be offered to fire. Fire becomes his fire which can be determined as universal conciousness, in this fire human being is offered and from this, he rises with splendorous radiance. 
When one performs Panchagni vidya, he transcends time and he crosses the birth and death cycle of life and he never returns back which means he attains mukti. Sun, moon, body, mind, Parjanya, food, Purusha, shakti, and creation at the universal level. Even our thoughts are creations. The need for consciousness and thoughts to work. Tantrokta Agni mukha is kept secret. In yagnakunda ashtakona is drawn referring to Muladhara and invokes swadishtana and finally, they invoke Agni.  Finally,
Panchgani vidya is the triangle it is mentioned that we invoke the conciousness of Bramha and Saraswathi. Here also there is a need for shakti. At the universal level, Bramhanda is created, at the Pindanda level, we create the kingdoms, cities under the combination of consciousness and energy. The combination is Panchagni vidya. The sams Panchgani vidya was performed by Aparna for creation. The only Panchgani yagna is where the union of Shiva and shakti was possible. 
All the gods and goddesses surrender before the one who lives before the pure surrender to Guru and Devi. Meditation of this is Devi Aparna. Focusing in the immense beauty and brilliance of her eyes confers of the one to the ability to achieve in the most difficult tasks. One can focus on the brilliance of her eyes. The most difficult tasks would be spiritual and material
Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord): If one chant this verse 20000 times a day for 45 days, offering honey as prasadam, it is said that one will be freed from imprisonment and also gets solution for eye related issues.

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