SLOKA -54 Destruction of all sins and Curing of Eye Diseases 

Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha:: Sri Bala Thripurasundari Ashoththarashathanama Sth...

पवित्रीकर्तुं नः पशुपति-पराधीन-हृदये
दयामित्रै र्नेत्रै-ररुण-धवल-श्याम रुचिभिः ।
नदः शोणो गङ्गा तपनतनयेति ध्रुवमुम्
त्रयाणां तीर्थाना-मुपनयसि सम्भेद-मनघम् ॥ 

pavitrikartum nah pasupati paradhina hrdaye
dayamitrair netrair aruna dhavala syamarucibhih
nadas sono ganga tapanatanayeti dhruvam amum
trayanam tirthanam upanayasi sambhedam anagham

word to word meaning

gpavitrikartum – in order to purify 

nah – us Pashupati

paradhina hrdaye – Oh one with a heart subservient to Pasupati (Siva)!

dayamitrair netrair – with eyes allied to compassion

aruna  – red 

dhavala- white 

 syamarucibhih – (and) dark blue colours 

nadas sono – the river Sona (red in colour)

Ganga- the river Ganga (white in colour) 

tapanatanayeti – the river Kalindi or Yamuna (dark in colour), which are 

druvum- it is certain Amum – this

trayanam tirthanam – the three holy rivers 

upanayasi—- you bring near

sambhedam anagham – pure confluence 

of verse 54 Oh one with a heart subservient to Pasupati! with eyes allied to compassion, (and) with red, white and dark blue colors, it is certain that you bring near (us) this pure confluence of the three holy rivers which are: the river Sona, the Ganga, and the Yamuna in order to purify us.
                                                                                                 Here also Shankara is not coming out of eyes. O Amba! the one who has surrendered to Pashupathi ( king of all pashus). With your compassionate eyes, they influence the whole universe. Your three eyes that confluence of holy rivers, to sanctify ourselves. Sushumna is Gupta Gamini, these three rivers immersing in that will make us purified. At the same time, there is no chakra without an inverted triangle and with Bindu.  These three sets of triangles are referred to as Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswathi which are Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna. Only by surrender union with Bramhan takes place. Surrendering is the highest achievement of a person. Without the state of surrender, or being one with the divine is not possible. Surrender to wife or husband is dictated by someone. But when we surrender to Parashakti it is complete surrender to her. Out of fear or helplessness. The basis of surrender is through the mind, therefore union does not take place. Mental surrender is accompanied by a heart. Surrender to guru padhuka, lotus feet, or devi. That takes place in Anahata chakra. The mind is dissolved and atman becomes active. The moment we surrender the mind is dissolved. Everything is from atman which is none other than the resting place of Shiva ( Universal Conciousness). The consequence of surrender is the experience of compassion. Compassion is universal love. If we have the surrender the whole world is beautiful. We can see different dimensions. We have seen the Prakriti. How do we experience compassion? It is done by surrendering our mind and then you feel compassion. The quality of atman. The eternal love. The sadhaka experiencing this has universal compassion and feels mercy for everything. The moment we become that, the almighty who enter the creation, all devas stand in front of her. Because true surrender is not for the weak-minded. It requires a strong mind can surrender. Devi surrenders to Shiva out to her untinted pure love and compassion. The aspirant should surrender to this type of surrender to achieve the highest experience. The next would be the annihilation of mind and experience through the mind that is possible by surrender. It is believed that a bath at Prayag can absolve the karma from one’s lifetime. When a person takes bath sangama at the agna chakra. We can see prayag and kumba both in our bodies. Even tough person can soften when Devi’s glance falls on them. A glance of devi  from her three eyes can rejuvinate with full of amritha. The same tantra shastra’ called as Ida, Pingala, Sushumna, identified with triangle line of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswathi. When the awareness is elevated and conciousness enters the shudha vidya is composed of shudha tattva and this can be attained by Devi’s glance.He has mentioned both. Experience of three gunas and experiencing ida, pingala and Sushumna , experience of bath in Ganga, Saraswathi and Yamuna is the gist of the mantra.
Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord) : If one chants this verse 1000 times a day for 45 days, offering kula (dhal) payasam as prasadam, all problems relating to eyes are cured with ease.

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