SLOKA -48 

Removal of Problems created by Nine Planets

अहः सूते सव्य तव नयन-मर्कात्मकतया
त्रियामां वामं ते सृजति रजनीनायकतया ।
तृतीया ते दृष्टि-र्दरदलित-हेमाम्बुज-रुचिः
समाधत्ते सन्ध्यां दिवसर्-निशयो-रन्तरचरीम् 

ahas sute savyam tava nayanam arkatmakataya
triyamam vamam te srjati rajaninayakataya
trtiya te drstir daradalita hemambuja rcih
samadhatte sandhyam divasanisayor antara carim

– Gives birth to daytime.
– Your eye which is not the left (the vaguer the better in this schematic language)
– By being identical with the sun.
– That tripartite divisional factor (the whole night).
– Your left one (eye).
– It creates (manifests).
– The presidentship over night (by being the moon).
– Thy third eye.
– Of slightly-opened golden lotus beauty.
– Ushers into being the twilight dusk.
– Of day and night moving between (it lives and moves).

SL verses 32 and 33 here Sahankara explains two types of Srividya mantras, one is Kadhi vidya and Hadi vidya. When we come to 34 the meditation on shiva-shakti in mythana and  35 is the meditation on her nirakara Shakti and them 36 starts with Agna continues to crown and six chakras. Shankara starts from Agna down to Muladhara. Swadishtana comes back to Manipura. 
  Srividya sadhana. It is not the Japa mantra, it is a tool and it’s easy to attain union which is beyond Sahasrara, It is a sadhana to become one with the universal consciousness. It is the merging with universal consciousness. Shankara goes further about the three eyes. The right eye has the greatness of the Sun, it represents the day, the left eye has the greatness of the moon that presides night. What is the sunrise in the morning? When darkness vanishes it is the morning light before sunrise. The third eye is the Sandhya Kala, twilight which has lustrous golden light like a lotus. He speaks about three time periods, day, night, and twilight. These are cycles of the day. We will know that the Sandhya Kala, pratah sandhya, sayam sandhya, Nisha sandhya, and aparanah sandhya. Dawn and dusk are for short periods than day and night. The shorter duration of dream state in one’s sleep. Our pragna is in three stages, Vaishwanara, Tejas of Bramha. By referring to Jagrutha, Swapna, and Sushupta avasta. Shankara is telling us the Devi whom we call Parvathi, Uma, Parashakti, shive, Lalitha, etc …, it is not only she presides in the time period. She is also called Samaya, time is herself and from that word, any Samayachara came. Srividya practitioner transcends time, even another Sridya practitioner transcends time. Time is the cause for everything, Present, future, and past is time. She is Kalathitha, which is she presides in time. She presides in normal human consciousness. Shiva’s third eye is fire whereas Devi’s third eye signifies love and compassion, blossoming of Lotus flower. Shiva’s third eye annihilates Kalagni. Shiva-Shakti have a third eye, their similarities are not only the weaponry they hold but also they are alike. She is worshipped as Sandhya Devi in dawn and dusk. If we experience Devi in dawn and dusk we are Srividya Upasakas. During the time of Sandhya, the cosmic energy is at the highest level. If we want to do any spiritual practice, Sandhya Devi gives us energy. The practice done at these times increases our spiritual energy. At the same, her three eyes refer to Ida Pingala and Sushumna. Her path Sushumna. She ascends through Sushumna to unite with Shiva at Sahasrara. Shankara talks about Agna because that is where Ida and Pingala meet and that is where the guru’s command will be received. A Srividya guru should be capable to send his commands in such a manner that the agna chakra of the aspirant can receive. In that stage, a sadhaka can transcend normal stages of human consciousness. The third eye of Shiva-Shakti is operating in Agna chakra for sadhaka. When he reaches Agna all the thought processes are annihilated by the fire of agna chakra and realizes the Universal consciousness. Jagruth, Swapna, Sushupti, Turiya, Turiya thitha where a merger with Shiva takes place where we are liberated. This subtle message is conveyed in this mantra. Surya, Chandra is also Shiva. Everything gets annihilated and the union of consciousness and energy is felt here. Hold on to a long time is the only sadhana. Compassion and love both can be seen in everyone.  Observing is also a wonderful yoga. She is always showing compassion and love to us. Once you start observing the love and compassion between a husband and wife, there will be a change in us and slowly change the direction towards the Devi. 

Chanting procedure and Nivedyam (offerings to the Lord): If one chants this verse 1000 times a day for 9 days, offering a variety of rice, fruits, and honey as prasadam, they are said to overcome all problems caused by nine planets.

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