SL Verse 46

Verse 46 —– Getting Blessed with a Son

ललाटं लावण्य द्युति विमल-माभाति तव यत्
द्वितीयं तन्मन्ये मकुटघटितं चन्द्रशकलम् ।
विपर्यास-न्यासा दुभयमपि सम्भूय च मिथः
सुधालेपस्यूतिः परिणमति राका-हिमकरः lalatam lavanya dyutivimalam abhati tava yad
dvitiyam tan manye makuta ghatitam candra sakalam
viparyasya nyasad ubhayam api sambhuya ca mithas
sudhalepasutih parinamati rakahimakarah
– Forehead.
– By the brightness of the beauty very pure.
– It shines.
– That which constitutes your second.
– I consider.
– Fixed onto the crown.
– The frail bit of a crescent.
– By reversing position.
– Both together.
– Having thus intimately joined together.
– The fullness of sweetness (permeated fully by nectar sweetness) of ambrosia (besmeared).
– Becomes.
– A (fully developed) full moon.

Here it comes to Lallatam, Shankara says that your lallatam is spotless and charming. It appears like a full moon causing secretion of amrutha. The meditation on Sahasrara and beyond that and the shodashi mantra has been said to create beyond experience. In Shat chakra Nirupama, a verse describes as if appearing like a moon without any blemishes perpetually shining and shedding nectar. This verse refers to two crescent moons which is compared to Shiva and Shakti. Shiva always remains in the parabindu and Shakti at Sahasrara and conjoins with Paramashiva. Nectar-like essence signaling the union of Atma and Paramatma. Shankra is not talking about Kaula, he is talking about the union. The half-moon and full moon make a lot of sense in Srividya Upasana. When this happens,  it is signaling the jivatma and Paramatma, After this union, a sadhaka becomes a yogi. What is a yogi? Yogi is one who is in union with Shiva-Shakti and that is the end-stage. In advanced meditation, we can effortlessly experience the flow if nectar, almost daily. In very rare cases without meditation, the nectar begins to flow when the divine energy begins to overflow from the body. From agna chakra and above chakras have to be open, The flow of nectar from Sahasrara is known as the nectar of mercy which is explained as the essence ofDharmaMantra which is OmHamsaha, Shodashi, Panchakshari, Ashtalshari. This mantra can also mean that it needs to be initiated. Mantra plays only a secondary role. The primary role is to be Sthisthapraga where the mind should be pure without impurities and only in that state of mind Aham Bramhasmi can be efficaciously achieved. One cannot make mistakes an atom of the error to attain the goal. One should get his doubts cleared by his or her guru. There should not be any ounce of doubt. Spirituality means attaining Bramhan without performing any rituals. Her forehead appears to have a crescent moon. When two crescent moons join together they become a full moon. Astamichnadra Vibraja Dalikasthala Shobhita, The moon appears that we see on the 8th lunar day when two sides are equal. This is not the luminary moon, it is her face without Blemishes though he may live a normal life. He seems to be living a normal life. Each individual human being is Ardhanaarishwara. The tattva of Shiva-shakti is present in every person.
Chanting procedure and Nivedyam (offerings to the Lord): If one chants this verse 1000 times a day for 45 days, offering honey, milk and payasam as prasadam, it is believed that they will be blessed with a son and also to get all riches.


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