Soundarya Lahari Series (Article 46) : Verse 45 – “Blessing of Goddess of Wealth and Utterances becoming a Fact ” – Written by Hema


अरालै स्वाभाव्या-दलिकलभ-सश्रीभि रलकैः
परीतं ते वक्त्रं परिहसति पङ्केरुहरुचिम् ।
दरस्मेरे यस्मिन् दशनरुचि किञ्जल्क-रुचिरे
सुगन्धौ माद्यन्ति स्मरदहन चक्षु-र्मधुलिहः

aralais svabhavyad alikalabhasa sribhir alakaih
paritam te vaktram parihasati pankeruha rucim
darasmere yasmin dasana ruci kinjalka rucire
suganhau madyanti smaradahan caksur madhu lihah.

– thus the round face, surrounded by curls.
– By its own nature curly
– Like black bumblebees
– Curls
– Your face which is surrounded
– Mocks (puts into ridicule)
– The beauty of lotus flowers
– Slightly parted in a smile
– Of which (lotus face)
– Adorned by pollen (i.e. teeth representing pollen)
– Perfumed
– Attain to infatuation of joy
– Those bees which are the eyes of the burner of Eros

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