Soundarya Lahari Series (Article 31) : Verse 29/30 – “Avoiding Abortions and Taming Bad People” – Written by Hema

किरीटं वैरिञ्चं परिहर पुरः कैटभभिदः
कठोरे कोठीरे स्कलसि जहि जम्भारि-मकुटम् ।
प्रणम्रेष्वेतेषु प्रसभ-मुपयातस्य भवनं
भवस्यभ्युत्थाने तव परिजनोक्ति-र्विजयते

kiritam vairincam parihara kaitabhabhidah
kathore kotire skhahalasi jahi jambhari makutam
pranamresvetesu prasabham upayatasya bhavanam
bhavasya bhyutthane tava parijanoktir vijayate 


Kiritam vairincam parihara purah – remove Brahma’s crown from before

Kaitabha bhidaha – of him who is called Vishnu

Kathore kotire – his hard headgear

Jahi jambhari makutam – bypass Indra’s crown

Pranam reshu eteshu – they remain as inclining in front of You

Prasabham – at that moment

Upayatasya bhavanam – for him, just then coming home

Bhavasya abhyuttane – as rising for Shiva’s approach

Tava parijanoktihi – the words of Your retinue

Vijayate – they ring supreme.

Bramha Vishnu, Indra prostrated before you. They all wear headgears and suddenly Shiva appears out of nowhere. You are elated to see him and spring up from your seat like a child to receive your consort, Shiva. Your attendants around you have to be careful by saying O Ambe!, avoid crushing the crown of Brahma, avoid tumbling over the heavy diadem of  Vishnu, be aware of the crest of Indra. Shankara is saying that when they prostrate before you their crown is near your feet. There is a great message as well as a picture being created by Shankara. One dimension is a word of caution to sadhaka, the sadhaka’s goal is union with shakti so that sadhaka may behold her in totality and experience her union with Shiva. The sadhaka may have many experiences which are enough to shake him off the path. A sadhaka may get distracted and entangled in something other than the goal and as a result, creates an obstacle. Shakti is always in a hurry to receive and be in union with supreme consciousness and does not pay heed to Brahma, Vishnu, Indra, and their crowns. She is in such emotion. Here Brahma, Vishnu, and Indra shower the sadhakas with siddhis and supernatural powers which are the main obstacles in sadhana. These siddhis and supernatural powers obstruct a sadhaka’s growth towards reaching the supreme consciousness. Similarly, the aspirant should always be on alert of the higher experience as it can occur unannounced at any time. The shiva’s arrival to Shakti’s throne was not announced.  If the sadhaka plays with the siddhis and supernatural powers as a result, the sadhaka will not recognize the great experience. This energy has a goal of union with shiva at Sahasrara which is pure consciousness. When it moves to shakti, it leaves behind the deities of lower chakras.  Shakti leaves behind the deities of the lower chakras. These lower centers represent darkness. The only way one can express darkness is by lack of illumination. There is always a chance of tumbling, falling, or knocking down something, this is the precise state of shakti to reach Sahasrara quickly. When it tries to move quickly in the darkness. The attendants caution her not to bump into deities who are none other than the yoginis of our chakras. So moving the darkness, hurridly the attendants caution her. The attendants are not alone, they are served by their parivara devatas also. A sadhaka is taken care of by the yoginis and parivara devatas to protect us while shakti is always in a hurry to reach Shiva.  It should be a natural process of reaching Shiva at Sahasrara.

In this mantra, Shankara is creating a scene, very beautiful, enchanting Devi of our imagination, all her attendants attending to her needs and appreciating all that she is doing. In that appearance, the devas have appeared in her royal court. They are taken away by her divine beauty and prostrate before her to get her to look at them but Shakti is impatient. The divinities could not get her attention as if she was waiting for someone’s arrival. Once it is announced the arrival of her consort Shiva, she is in such a hurry that she does not heed to other devatas and she has to be cautioned by her attendants. She makes it absolutely clear to all that the accent of shakti also takes place very much in the same manner. When it starts, trying to reach consciousness, the aspirant sadhaka has to create the concentration to counteract gravity’s downward pull. The gravity is referred to as Maya, the illusionary word which accounts for  Shakti in the region. It can be agna. As shakti may in hurried to move out, it tries to raise its head several times with a hissing sound ignoring the protocol to break free of its bondage at that time the yoginis who are the partial manifestation of the universal shakti assist the shakti by assuring her swift and steady progress without creating too much of upheaval in the lower chakras by her moment. Guru mandala’s grace has showered us with a wonderful journey. There is only illumination from agna. The cosmic energy from vishuddhi.

Chanting procedure and Nivedyam( offerings to the Lord) : If one chants this verse 1000 times each day for 45 days, offering kulaannam (Dhal Rice ) as prasadam, it is said that one would be able to avoid miscarriage.

Note: The articles written are the extracts from daily online Jnana Yajna conducted by ‘Atmanandanatha’ on Soundarya Lahari

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