Vivekachudamani —– Tamasa Guna

प्रज्ञावानपि पण्डितोऽपि चतुरोऽप्यत्यन्तसूक्ष्मात्मदृग्
व्यालीढस्तमसा न वेत्ति बहुधा संबोधितोऽपि स्फुटम् ।
भ्रान्त्यारोपितमेव साधु कलयत्यालम्बते तद्गुणान्
हन्तासौ प्रबला दुरन्ततमसः शक्तिर्महत्यावृतिः ॥ ११४ ॥

prajñāvānapi paṇḍito’pi caturo’pyatyantasūkṣmātmadṛg
vyālīḍhastamasā na vetti bahudhā saṃbodhito’pi sphuṭam |
bhrāntyāropitameva sādhu kalayatyālambate tadguṇān
hantāsau prabalā durantatamasaḥ śaktirmahatyāvṛtiḥ || 114 ||

114. Even wise and learned men and men who are clever and adepts in the vision of the exceedingly subtle Ātman, are overpowered by Tamas and do not understand the Ātman, even though clearly explained in various ways. What is simply superimposed by delusion, they consider as true and attach themselves to its effects. Alas! How powerful is the great Āvṛti Shakti of dreadful Tamas!

Notoriety of Tamo Guna :
• How powerful it is – Not easy to remove – When person overwhelmed / Dominated
by / Swallowed by / Overpowered by… Spell of Tamo Guna.
• He doesn’t understand… However good communication.

Guru Says
Tat Tvam Asi

Sishya Says
Aham Brahma Asmi

When Aavarna Shakti takes over oneself, that person can’t understand subtle things
even though repeatedly taught.
• In every human, there is predominance of Sattva / Rajas / Tamas.
• Because of Tamas – we swear we are body / Mind… Not pure ‘Consciousness’
• Can’t do anything for manifestation of child – Wait, Lord like – 1000 suns light – Our
Tamo Guna covers him.
• Very powerful Aavarna Shakti…

Shankara explaining Tamo guna, even the wise, learned, and proficient in learning of the scriptures. They are not scriptures, they have supremely subtle meaning. They are not able to comprehend the truth. Even though it is clearly explained in various means, it is considered as real but it is not real, it is simply delusional, attached to the effects. The thamas are very powerful. With all the characteristics, we are exceedingly capable of looking at things differently. We are genius and intelligent. our knowledge and we are overpowered of thamas we become incapable of understanding the reality. After all the explanations of scriptures, sat chit and ananda, we can’t understand the truth. We insist what we have falsely projected by us alone is real ( in thamas guna). Because we are learned the subtle meaning of scriptures like I am Trivedi, Tripathi, and other things.  Chinmayananda Even after we read all the scriptures, Upanishads say that the existence of body, mind, and intellect constitutes the reality that is not that, the thickness of thamas that has come to cover it. Knowledge of Upanishads and everything is governed by Thamas. Most of our preconceived notions will disappear once we reflect on our projections that are nothing but misconceptions. As a result, there will be seen a change. If our mind is worried we say I am worried, that way gunas of the body-mind and intellect become our gunas. I am not well s physical ailment, I a worried is my mind. Tamas Guna is very powerful,  the thamasic aspect of Maya has very high power even the most brilliant intellect cannot understand reality, though it is mentioned clearly and repeatedly by the shastras.  If we agree on this we need to descend one step down and realize the thamasic aspect of Maya. As long as intellect is covered, we cannot understand reality. 

अभावना वा विपरीतभावना
असंभावना विप्रतिपत्तिरस्याः ।
संसर्गयुक्तं न विमुञ्चति ध्रुवं
विक्षेपशक्तिः क्षपयत्यजस्रम् ॥ ११५ ॥

abhāvanā vā viparītabhāvanā
asaṃbhāvanā vipratipattirasyāḥ |
saṃsargayuktaṃ na vimuñcati dhruvaṃ
vikṣepaśaktiḥ kṣapayatyajasram || 115 ||

115. Absence of the right judgment, or contrary judgment, want of definite belief and doubt – these certainly never desert one who has any connection with this veiling power, and then the projecting power gives ceaseless trouble.

Vivekachudamani Vol 1

3 Fold problem of Tamo Guna and Rajo Guna in People ( Function of Vikshepa and Aavarna Shakti)

  1. अभावना (Abavana) Non Acceptance of Scriptures rejection of Tat Tvam Asi – With Rajo Guna / Vikshepa Shakti – Viparati Bavana – Dehatma Buddhi Strong Body / Mind identification
  2. – Asambavana – Samaya Bavana – Doubts Am I Brahman / Part of Brahman / Different than Brahman Gita – Chapter 12th : – Kleso Dhikataras… with Deha Abhimana – Aham Brahmasmi tough
  3. Viprati Bavana, wrong / opposite understanding – Give out of context meaning

Projecting powers gives endless trouble. Thamas is connected with the absence of right judgment. We are not aware of which absence of the right judgment. Want to definitely believe in the existence of a thing. There may be a vague nation of Asambhavana and Viparithi with — doubt. As long as thamas is present all these doubts will be seen in a person. They are the influence of thamas in our personality. When is the intellect is curtained Rajas comes to play where minds start to project ceaselessly. When we express our difficulties it is a peripheral expression, it is an external layer. Finally, the mind starts projecting and as a result, we suffer. Maya is trigunatitha. That trigunatitha bramhan for creation becomes trigunatmike. Through the form of a guru, it has to trigger our inner consciousness. The guru is trigunathitha. The physical guru has to trigger the inner guru which is dwandhathitha. Though the form is not divine. They try to realize the divine. When Kshatriya is to be Rajas guna with mor3e thamasa guna, he becomes a social evil. A satvika guna with all satva attributes acquires rajas guna and sees that Rajasa guna is killed. Parashurama is a Brahmana and he exhibited Kshatriya guna is shown. The concept of Parashurama is a satvika guna acquires more of rajas guna and if rajas guna acquires more of thamasa guna, it will turn into a social evil. It is the balance of these gunas that gives us the qualities. 

प्रमादमूढत्वमुखास्तमोगुणाः ।
एतैः प्रयुक्तो नहि वेत्ति किंचिन्
निद्रालुवत्स्तम्भवदेव तिष्ठति ॥ ११६ ॥

pramādamūḍhatvamukhāstamoguṇāḥ |
etaiḥ prayukto nahi vetti kiṃcin
nidrāluvatstambhavadeva tiṣṭhati || 116 ||

116. Ignorance, lassitude, dullness, sleep, inadvertence, stupidity, etc., are attributes of Tamas. One tied to these does not comprehend anything but remains like one asleep or like a stock or stone.

Thamasa guna, ignorant, being dull laziness sleep stupidity these are the attributes of thamasa guna. Humans are tied up with these.  We are like the stump of wood or block of wood. What is ignorance? They are intelligent but more ignorant. Ignorance of reality, a thamasa character will never realize the reality, he will be in Maya. Because of ignorance of reality, we are unable to act right.  For thamasic, we do things for the sake of doing. There are people even they have lunch, dinner they don’t enjoy it. We cannot comprehend, we experience excessive sleep. We do it for the sake of doing it. When we are in the influence of thamo gunas we see the above attributes. These detect in the functioning of personality layers. It becomes parasitic in nature, it is like a weed on the intellect. We become dull and inert. It is all due to the manifestation of not just thamas it is in its concentrated form of thamas. When we read these scriptures of great science and from great scholars, we need to have a broad look into that. 

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