Soundarya Lahari Series (Article 24) : Verse 22 – “Getting all Powers” – Written by Hema


Bhavani tvam – o Goddess, thou

Dase mayi – on this Your servant

Vitara – bestow

Drshtim sakarunam – a look of kindness

Iti stotum – thus to praise

Vanchan kathayati – desiring says

Bahavani tvam – o Goddess you

Iti yaha – he who

Tadaiva – at that same time

Tvam tasmai dishasi – You grant him

Nija sayujya padavim – that state of identity with You

Mukunda brahm endra sphuta makuta nirajita padam – the same state as was gained by Vishnu Brahma and Indra by the bright waving lights of their diadems.

Bhavanitvam was the instrumental verse in the creation of the Vijaya Nagara Empire. It is a sloka or mantra that gives Sayuja. For this mantra, the mandala is Sri Chakra itself. So we can understand what Srichakra can give us. It gives us Bukthi and Mukthi. Here Bhavani is the spouse of Bhava. There are eight forms of Shiva. Out of the eight forms, bhava is the spouse of Bhavani. Ishana, sharva, Pashupati, Ugra, Rudra, Bhima, Mahadeva. This ashta murti is mentioned in Lalitha Sahasranama. O! Devi you have pity and bestow your glance on me. Desirous of Bhavani should pray to ask her for her glance. Before we utter her name, she instantly bestows oneness with her. Before even a sadhaka says this verse she bestows her child to be one with her. All the divinities are at your feet. Because he is one with you, you bestow all the desires are fulfilled by giving bhukti and mukti. The highest state is full of divine love and Sayujya. Sayujya is oneness with her. When we talk about Devi, it is the Atman, Brahman. Satyananda considers Bahvanityam as mahavakyas. The commentator on this mantra gives similar status verse 22. It can give the sadhaka the state of Sayujya by giving deha mukti which absorbs into Shakti. Other stages of Sayujya are in descending: Savakya –co-existence with divinity, atman or Brahman, Samipya —proximity to the atman) for example, in a glass we have milk and in another we have water,  Sarupya — Imagining the same form of atman or also called Chaitanya. With Sadhana we go near Samipya. The next stage is Atma Gyana which is not Sayujya. Becoming one with the atma is the Sayujya, the absorption of the individual self and dissolving into Universal consciousness is the highest stage. Dissolving one into another. It is not teaching any dharma or rituals. We cannot understand this when some conditions are attached. During our journey in the spiritual path, we will have all the luxurious things and in the process of obtaining atma gyana our mind becomes pure and slowly awareness begins.  All the materialistic needs and comforts that are handed to us are more of a bonus or promotions in the path of Spirituality. Devi, Ambal, Jaganmata bestows us with everything that is needed and ultimately leads us to Atma Gyana or Deha mukti. This mantra also indicates the path of devotion and also atma Gyana. An offering to Devi is honey and milk and this yantra is Srichakra. It bestows Sarvabhishta phalaprada. The enlightened awareness is attracted to all types of siddhis and these siddhis make the sadhaka irresistible. That is where Srividya Upasaka has to be very cautious and He is able to subdue the siddhis and make them subservient to him then only Sayujya can be attained. Sayujya is with her. Once the sadhaka attains Sayujya it is not dual. He becomes one with Devi. Oneness with Paramatma is what Saayujya is. In the previous verse, Shankara had experienced oneness with the Devi and that is shown or continued into verse 22 of Bhavanityam. By doing so we are surrendering to the Devi herself. Any ordinary person can do that. The efficacy of prayer depends on how efficiently we can connect with her or establish contact with her. It is like sitting in front of her and shedding tears, which is nothing but being in contact with Devi herself. Once we establish close contact with Devi, Sayujya is attained which is also one-pointed awareness on the object of worship. The object of worship results in being one with her. This oneness is attained when one is able to visualize the object of concentration even in its absence. The object is having a form that can be an image of Devi, yantra. These forms need to be imagined at any time. To have this one should have single-pointed awareness, one should also have faith. If one lacks the said lines, we cannot attain proper concentration or focus. Paramacharya always connects the verses to Lalitha Sahasranama. Here he refers to :

Bhavani bhavanagamya bhavaranya kutarika

Bhadrapriya bhadra-murtir bhakta-saobhagyadaeini -41″

As usual, every mantra has varna Beeja and shakti. It is called Mahavakya. While the yantra is Sarvabhishta phalapradha. If we become Bhavanityam dase mayi is nothing but getting our materialistic comforts as well as advancement in spiritual life. Adyatma and Prapancha’s comforts are not different. They are the byproducts of that. Anything can be attained in this path. By doing this one can have peace and prosperity. 

The empire of Srimata and Sri Mahragni is Devi’s kingdom. As long as one is holding the hand of Devi in his/her mind and body, we have happiness and we are taken care of. If you take this deep into our hearts and have faith to send positive thoughts across, it will for sure become a reality. The law of nature is to go back to where we start. As we perform our duties in our samsara we also have to attain the atma gyana in the same life. By holding her hand every minute of the day in sleep and throughout the day, Devi will ensure us to cross the samsara peacefully. Everything is her form only and there should be no difference. If we think everything Is different then it is the Maya that is covered with a curtain which is also called ignorance. Our perception of nature is different. The Law of nature is that everything is her form. In Advaita karma Phala which is also Prarabdha karma, a person has to undergo that. The moment we feel that difference, we become more and more distant from Devi. Nature has no limits and it is written in Devi Suktam. Hence we recite Devi Sukta during Durga Saptashati. We have to attain the atma gyana by practicing that whatever is perceived in physical form or otherwise is her( the Devi herself). There is nothing in the universe that is different from her. Finally, everyone is her form and Bramha swaroopa. 

Benefits of Chanting verse 22 : If one chants these verse 1000 times each day for 45 days, offering variety rice as prasadam, it is said that one would be able to conquer kingdoms. 

Note: The articles written are the extracts from daily online Jnana Yajna conducted by ‘Atmanandanatha’ on Soundarya Lahari

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