Soundarya Lahari Series (Article 12) : Verse 10 – THE MOVEMENT OF KUNDALINI IS A PARAMETER – Written by Hema

                                          TWO INVERTED TREES

प्रपञ्चं सिञ्चन्ती पुनरपि रसाम्नाय-महसः।
अवाप्य स्वां भूमिं भुजगनिभ-मध्युष्ठ-वलयं
स्व मात्मानं कृत्वा स्वपिषि कुलकुण्डे कुहरिणि ॥ 10 ॥

Let’s look at word to word meaning of the verse.

Sudhadharasare -with streaks of ambrosial essence

Charana yigalantar vigalitai —Gushing from your feet.

Charana ugalai 

Prapancham,  the manifestation of panchabhutas

Sinchanti –irrigating, drenching

Purap api – again

Rasamanaya mahasah— six chakras from the region of   illumination. 

Avapya– having reached

Swam — your

Bhumi — your home

Bhujanga nigam — like a serpent.

Madhyushta valayam— of three coils and off

His padha is explained. With the stream of nectar, gushing from your feet, that stream of nectar is irrigated again and again from the region of illumination and retained to your home. You convert yourself into the individual self Jeevatma and then you sleep in the deep pith of your house which is the serpent of 3/12 coils. IT is known in all tantras, yoga, Sankhya, and vidya tantras. Once the energy reaches Sahasrara which conjoins the static consciousness it is a wonderful experience. The descent starts after some time, it can vary from a few hours to three to four days. What happens during these few hours? There is no hunger, thirst,  no sleep then what is there? There is the only ecstasy. After that few hours or few days, the sadhaka will not feel any hunger or thirst. In that state, the sadhaka will experience everything differently. But his perception about all his surroundings is different, the perception, reaction, and responses change.Though he/she remains in the physical body.It is a different experience and responses change.  As we grow our personality, our perception, and reaction change. We change gradually and we are not the same as we were 10 or 20 yrs ago. Once he becomes one with the universal consciousness his thought process changes. 

The Sadhaka experiences cosmic energy conjoining the universal consciousness, the behavior, and changes dramatically. A complete takeover or makeover happens to the sadhaka of the mind and body by the highest voltage of energy. The union with consciousness is Shiva.In  Sahasrara which is the region of prakasha. It is total. The energy and the consciousness are static, Jada. The consciousness becomes energy and vice versa. Shakti becomes Shiva and Shiva becomes Shakti. It rains amritha irrigating the entire elemental structure of the body which is material existence.He talks about prapancha. Anybody see the prapancha. The word pancha means five. Prapancha also means five elements, five jnanendriyas through which it is known are the karmendriyas. The experience of sensory organs to the world is prapancha .During this process, there is complete restructuring of his body and mind. The union is consciousness with Shiva. We have come to the level of prapancha. With Pancha we see prapancha (illusion and delusion). Pragna — consciousness is present in each and every living thing, suksham. We all know consciousness is subtle. There is the grossest level of consciousness, that is our physical body. Body is the grossest, less grossers than the physica; the body is Indriyas, it is subtler than the gross body. The level of Consciousness in the mind is more subtle than the Indriyas. Three levels of consciousness, Physical, consciousness at the Indriya, and consciousness of the mind. These processes continue. At each level, it becomes more and more subtle. Whenever the consciousness is depleted, eyes become weak, ears are to hear, the body becomes weak and cannot perform. This happens in the physical body and old age. If this depletion does not happen one feels youth and eligibility. Once sadhaka experiences the bills, Kundalini shakti ascending to subsequent return, the shakti at this level is recharged. By doing this Shakti rejuvenates the energy of the sadhaka through all energy centers for activity. We don’t need to do Sahasrara, at any level the energy restores the energy. After 20 -30 minutes of dhayana through chakras, a lot of energy is there. Laziness goes. This is the minimum experience anybody can feel. They feel lighter.

This mantra talks about the highest experience of rejuvenation at Sahasrara. Energy once again returns to her abode and remains there. This is the difference between Shakara’s thoughts and others. When it comes back to Muladhara, its connection to Sahasrara remains, and raises her head to swadhisthana and looks upwards. For normal human beings, the controlling station is Muladhara. For a sadhaka, though his energy is in  Muladhara controlling station is Sahasrara.  When the controlling station is in Sahasrara individual is guided by the higher awareness and abide by that high awareness of self but not in the senses and Shankara in this mantra and also in tantra shastra he has clearly mentioned, the union of Sahasrara cannot take place for a long time for any sadhaka. The union takes place for some time, for a few minutes or a few hours or maybe a few days. After that descending takes place. The descending is not only the energy or shakti but also consciousness. In the same way, they are inseparable and remain in Muladhara and stay there. The energy is at Muladhara or swadhisthana and consciousness stays at Sahasrara. Once that union takes place that is inseparable, maybe the place is changed to Sahasrara to Muladhara, the controlling center becomes Muladhara. This is a very important thing to know. Only some Soundarya Lahari, bhashyakara know that. The descent of shiva shakti is a homogeneous stream. They are not entities. In the very first verse, Shakara mentioned Shiva shaktya yukto. The cosmic experience is firmly established in sadhaka. The sadhakas daily affairs are conducted with higher awareness. The common man will perform his daily affairs by mundane awareness. The person who has a control center at Sahasrara may be very active, little active, he becomes abhaya and experiences peace of mind. Once that happens, the sadhaka has an intense desire to meditate. And meditation takes place spontaneously, he experiences great happiness or deep contentment ( thripti) because his mind and nature begin to abide in the self. As he goes further and further, the experience of bliss in spiritual pursuits and inners not only in spiritual strengths . Ekagrata is also a sing an awakened sign. If we are one-pointedness of mind is a sign of awakened energy that results in what? We need the stability of body and mind. It gives us free speech. One will have a radiant glow in the face and eyes that is the controlling center in Sahasrara. As the energy, the strength goes up to different chakras and illuminates the path, one must have abiding faith in Devi. One must pray for her help. without the grace of Devi( cosmic energy), we cannot traverse even a cm let alone our journey to Sahasrara. This is what Sahakara is talking about descending of energy from Sahasrara to Muladhara. The prarabdha karma is part of us. We have managed it by being in the presence of Devi. 

Chanting procedure and Nivedyam: ( offerings to the Lord): If one chants this verse 1000 times every day for 6 days, and offers fruits as naivedyam , one is said to be blessed with strong and good health. 

Sri Gurubhyo Namah

Sri Matre Namah


Note: Am Nidruva penning the blog posts as an extract from attending daily online ” Soundarya Lahari Jnana Yagna” conducted by ‘ Atmanandanatha’

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