Soundarya Lahari Series (Article 2): Synopsis of first 41 Verses – written by Hema

Continuation from my Previous Article 1. Introduction

Synopsis of Soundarya Lahari: Lalitha saharanama, Soundarya Lahari or Troishathi all are considered as Srividya. Srividya is Bramhavidya, Bramhajnana. They give us bhukti and mukthi. Jeevan mukthi is realizing Brahman. In Soundarya Lahari, each mantra has a chakra and beejakshara for our bhukthi Prada.

Summary of first 41 stanzas, which form Ananada lahari section from Soundarya Lahari are given below.

1st stanza : Says that Shiva is consciousness (Pragna) and shakthi is the energy (cosmic  energy).
2nd Stanza: speaks about Trimurthy’s, the small treble form of Shrushti, sthithi and Laya are manifested from her dust of the foot.
3rd Stanza: speaks about our ignorance that is samsara.
4th Stanza: She gives Abhaya and Loka rakshana.
5th Stanza: Speaks about Manmatha. It is the symbol of all material desires.
6th Stanza: The maha shakti encouraged his material desires to maintain universal pallets.
7th Stanza: The Prakriti in the form of Maya which assumes outstanding physical form and charm.
8th Stanza: Talks about her aboard which is Manidweepa.
9th Stanza: Reaching the parashakti is possible only by taking 6 steps. Six steps are represented by 6 chakras.
10th Stanza: Which speaks about Sahasrara, how 72,000 Nadis .( NOTE: This is a bit incomplete)
11th Stanza: Talks about Chatushshashti Kona, Shakti is related to 4 triangles and 5 triangles in the Srichakra. Total triangles in Sri chakra are 44.
12th Stanza:  Talks about beauty and grace parallelly. In this stanza, we can imagine the bliss of reaching Shiva.
13th Stanza: Even an old man, disabled or a Eunuch sailed by a simple glance and becomes powerful. 
14th Stanza: Here we can imagine the lotus feet of Ambal. The 360 degrees of her feet. He radiance of light from foot to head through shatchakras.
15th stanza: talks about Sartchandra (Chandra in Sharat Kala) ornamented on Jata juta kirita. Here celestial hand presents Abhaya vara mudra, besides having akshamala and Pustaka.
16th Stanza: Devotee immersed in her devotion is granted everything. Sarawathi kataksha is fully given.
17th Stanza: This verse talks about Vashinyadhi Vagdevatha’s who are blesses by Goddess Saraswathi.
18th Stanza: Here we can experience the radiance of her body which is beyond Sun and all apsara’s.
19th Stanza: Here we get to hear about all the limbs of her.Basically Kakara from Panchadasi mantra.
20th Stanza : Explains about the cool and  enchanting moon shine terminating from it. 
21st Stanza: This mantra talks about avidya. Sahasrara combined with a flash of lightening. This is what we all should seek.
22nd Stanza: Talks about praying bhavani to have compassons towards us.
23rd Stnaza: Here we can imagine Ardhanareeshwara. Parameshwara occupying in the right off and Bhagavathi in the left off.
24th Stanza: Talks about Trimurthy’s representing Trigunas at her feet awaiting for her direction.
25th Stanza: Talks about Tirodhana. Great dissolution and annihilation.
Here we conclude the introduction and synopsis of Soundarya Lahari. The synopsis of continuation stanza of Soundarya Lahri will continue in our next part of the series. We will soon publish the meaning of the first verse from Soundarya Lahari.

26th Stanza: The creator reaches the dissolution, the Vishnu attains death, the god of death even dies, Kubera the lord of wealth expires, the Indras close their eyes one after one, and attain the wake less sleep, during the final deluge, but you my chaste mother, play with your consort the Sadashiva 

27th Stanza: The mantra says true bliss, true Gyana is to be earned by through a long chain of variables. Starting from polite voice, backed by knowledge, even voice that’s the beginning of getting divine gyana, clean mind, strong will, meditation, good memory, and aspiration  The vital energy of prana, truthfulness, proper thinking process. mentally being sharp, trust and faith, determination and top of everything which is nishkama karma. These are the requirements to get the knowledge of Atmahyana. Nishkama karma is doing our part which is what Krishana says in Bhagavadgita.
      For example, when we eat sweets, we can taste the sweetness. If we ask for something then that becomes Kamya karma and it slightly reduces the efficacy of the results. But only by doing right karma results are bountiful.

28th Stanza:  Speaks about Kalakuta, kalahala during kshirasagara mathana where creating was at stake. When that halahala (poison) was gulped by Shiva to save the creation he became Neelagriva.

29th Stanza: The exiting anticipation of the union of Shiva and Bhagavathi is the main gist here. They are not bothered about giving their audience to Bramha, Vishnua and Indras.

30th Stanza: Devi is the illumination of Surya Chnadras and her feet generate countless Shakthi swaroopas. The luminous state of Devi is to be imagined here. There can be ashtasiddhis, ashtamatrukas, dashamatrukas, shodasha Aakarshanas, ashtadalas.

31st Stanza: 64 tantras, Pashupati is the manifestation of all the universe. Along with the fulfillment of Dhamartha kama moksha.

32nd Stanza: Fulfillment of Purusharthas where Dharma, Artha, Kama, and moksha have been fulfilled.

33rd Stanza:  Devi Upasana is purely attained by the bliss of Shivaikyatha and is not for yielding to temptations( Kamya, the make beliefs)

34th Stanza: Talks about Purusha (shiva) the reality. The support of life Purusha, the consciousness, pure auspicious and Shakthi, prakruthi and cause of cosmos. Prakruthi in place of fundamental reality. She is a functional entity and talks about 24 tattvas. There are also 33tatvas. Shankara in this great composition speaks about 24 tattvas of Sankhya and also tasks about 33 tattvas of Kashmiri Shaivism. 24 is panchanhutas and tanmatras.

35th Stanza: Speaks about Shankara telling Devi that you are beyond mans, beyond Panchabhutas and of course you are beyond Surya and Chandra. Apart from all the above, you are not just Vishwaroopa, beyond that you are Chit Shakthi. That truly kindles Anandabhaira of the sthanu Roopa of Parameshwara. Form manas tattva and elements, you are the prime form of Kartha, Karma, and Kriya.

36 –41 Stanzaz: Explains about 6 chakras with that Ananda Lahari Concludes

                           From 42 it is Soundarya Lahari. What is important is to notice that Ananda Lahari ends at Ajna Chakra.  Finally, Ananda Lahari which has 41 verses gives us Gupta gyana, the secretive knowledge as per Srividya prayoga vidhana. By learning these 41 verses we will have secretive knowledge of Srividya through these mantras.
                           Reciting Soundarya Lahari, Lalitha Sahasranama, Trishathi regularly is because of their karma Phala and more likely they will also be introduced to Srividya. We do come across many people who are not into the above-mentioned mantras, but they are still Devi Bhaktas. This concludes our synopsis on Anandalahari. Now we actually begin with our introduction to the first verse of Anandalahari.
From here on we will be experiencing the true nectar of Soundarya Lahari.

Sri Gurubhyo NamaH
Sri Matre Namah

  • Hema

Note: The articles are the extracts from daily online “Soundarya Lahari Jnana Yajna” conducted by ‘Atmanandanatha’

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