Evenings with Guruji Series: 1. Durga Deepa Namaskara- Padmamba

Guruji today evening explained about Durga Deepa namaskara. What is Durga Deepa namaskara? We can do Avahana of Shakthi in any form. This is true for all Devi/Devatas. All of us know that everything is Devi’s roopa only.

We have Sampradaya of doing avahana Of Devi in a Deepa. That Pooja Vidhana is called Durga Deepa namaskara. This is very easy,simple and excellent sadhana.

Guruji explained in a very systematic way so that each and every one of us can do this Puja easily. We have to choose a convenient place. It need not be in the puja room. It can be done in the hall as well. We sit Facing East. Draw a shatkona. If one is familiar with Durga yantra we can draw that. Anything is fine.

All around the drawing we can place as many Lamps as we wish. In the centre place long Deepa made of any material Silver, brass any thing is ok. This Deepa is Durga. Fill Deepa with ghee and place five wicks. First we do Prayaschitha sankalpa. We ask for forgiveness for our past deeds. We seek Permission of Devi to do the puja.

Now light the lamp. Offer turmeric, kumkuma, ghandha, Akshite and flowers. Do avahana. If you know Avahana mantra you chant other wise in the mind we say in simple words we are doing Avahana of Durga in this Deepa. Bavana is important. In the Deepa that Shakti Durga is present; she is present in me also. Now I offer prayers to the Durga present in me through this Deepa. Our Bhavana should be like this.

We start our Namaskara to Deepa Durga chanting different Stotras. Ladies can sit in Vajrasana and do Namaskara . Start with Argala Stotra. At the end Of every line Roopam De hi, Jayam Dehi, yasho dehi, Dwisho jahi we do namaskara.

Next we do Tantrokta Devi Sukta. At the end of namastasye Namo Namaha we do namaskara. Every line is done three times. There are 24 lines three times becomes 72 Namaskaras. If one wants a break in between we can sit comfortably and do deep breathing. If one knows Soham we can do that.

Next we do Namaskaras chanting 11 th Adhyay of Durga Saptashati Sarva Mangal Mangalye. Every Namosthuthe we do namaskara. Doing namaskara to Deepa Durga using these mantras is called Durga Deepa namaskara.

Do this Puja in the evening when it is time to light the lamps. Any number of people can sit and do it together. All the members of the family can do it together. This is a simple and powerful remedy to remove all obstacles and difficulties one is facing in life. We can use Durga Deepa namaskara to get Manobheeshta prapti, Vivaha prapti, Santana prapti or any other kamana.

We end the puja by offering Harishana(Turmeric), Kumkuma, Thamboola to 3 Suhasinis with the Bavana that they are Mahakali Mahalaxmi and Maha Saraswati Swarupa. If Possible offer Prasada to them. Seek their blessings.

This Puja can be done on any of the Pancha parvas. The Pancha parvas are Ashtami, Chaturdashi, Amavasya, Pournami and Sankramana.

This Puja can be done by anyone. If one cannot recite the Stotras we can play recordings of the Stotras. What is required is the shabda of the stotras And we need to do namaskara with bhakti.

By doing namaskaras we are exercising the body. By namaskara at the end of every chant we are bringing body and mind coordination. By end of the Vidhi mind merges with Devi. This is athyuthama sadhana. Sulabha Sadhana.

Every evening with Guruji is a new learning. Today I heard about Durga Deepa namaskara and wanted to share with you all.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this article with us all. I loved reading it. Will try to do this. Between, what is soham?


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