Rahu transits to Taurus and Ketu to Scorpio on 23 sept 2020 @ 12-53/54 PM considering Lahiri Ayanamsha 24-08-31. Some Panchangas shows the transit as early hours of 23 sept 2020.

At the time of transit Lagna raising is Sagittarius and Jupiter is placed there having direct motion. Moon is placed in Scorpio in its debilitation sign, though beyond debilitation degree, opp to Rahu in 7 th sign. Taurus sign Lord Venus is in 3 rd from Rahu in Cancer. No aspects on Rahu except Moon at the time of transit.
Ketu, naturally transits to Scorpio. At the time of transit, ketu also has no aspect from any planet but associated with Moon .

With this data on Rahu Transit I shall try to know the results of Rahu with reference to a birth chart with following planetary dispositions;
Asc : Scorpio 2-16-38, Moon 8-48-29 and Mars 0-55-47
Aquarius – Jupiter R -6-35-41,
Pisces -Rahu- 5-13-02
Leo -Venus -15-41-14, Saturn ( C) 29-39-05
Virgo – Sun- 0-35-30 Mer- 0-47-35 (C & R) Ketu- 5-13-02- All three in Uttara phalguni Star
In Bhava Chart – Bhavas remains same as in Rasi chart.
Moon Dasa, Venus bhukti Saturn Antara begins on 23-10-2020.

Rahu Transiting 7 th from Natal Moon
Loss of reputation, humiliation, becomes enemy to many , suffers many ordeals and difficulties as a consequence. Relatives and friends leave. Spouse health becomes concern.
Properties get destroyed or slip away. Marital relationship gets strained.

When Rahu passes through seventh house from Janma rasi
During waxing Moon, there will be affliction to spouse, going too far off foreign lands & business in iron and steel gain thereof.
During waning Moon, there will be mental worries due to spouse, loss in property sale, there will be loss in business etc.
Ketu through Janma Rasi
Here Ketu gives bad results. There will be mental worries
and agony, diseases like small pox, enmity with brothers. They also have bad time and may suffer ill health and loss of property.
Since Ketu is jnana Karaka, there is sign of spiritual growth.

During waxing Shukla paksha Moon, the enemies of the native become more offensive and strong. The native will be afflicted with diseases, and endeavours will fail. The native enters into heavy debts and there will be mental worries.
During waning Moon Krishna Paksha, there will be mental agony of diseases due to overheat. There will be conflict in the family and during the end there will be some happiness and comforts.

The chart in consideration, Rahu being in Meena, gives the results of Jupiter and Ketu being in Kanya behaves as Mercury.

Now let us see the dasa bhukti results: Native is running Moon dasa, the lord of 9 th placed in Lagna, Venus Bhukti the lord of 7 & 12 placed in 10 th with a friend but in an inimical house. Moon dasa being 5 th dasa though not good, Moon being 9 th Lord it has balanced. Venus bhukti is Poshaka bukti in Moon Dasa, avoids many bad results of Rahu / Ketu transit up to June 2021. After that up to the end of Moon dasa upto the end of November 2021, Sun is Vedhaka Bhukti for Moon Dasa and thus obstructs the good results of Moon dasa and evil effects of Rahu Ketu transit dominates.

After December 2021, Mars Dasa begins, that is the Dasa of Lagna Lord. That is only hope to nullify the bad results of transit Rahu & Ketu. Irrespective Mars being debilitated in Navamsha, Mars Dasa will give fairly good results but the native should do every thing possible to come out of the bad effects of Rahu Ketu Transits atleast upto Dec 2021, say 15 months.

Nakshatra Transit of Rahu – Rahu Transits Mrigashira 16 th star from Natal Moon star from 23-9-2020 to 26-1-2021 Rohini 15 th star from 26-1-2021 to 6-10-2021 and Kritttika 14 th Star from 6-10-2021 to 12-4-2022 before transiting to Mesha. None of these stellar transits neither confers good nor bad results, that means makes no difference to transit results of Rahu

Nakshatra Transit of Ketu :- Ketu Transits Jyeshta from 23-9-2020 to 1-6-2021, 2 nd star Anuradha from 1-6-2021 to 9-2-2022, 1 st Star and from 9-2-2022 to 12-4-2022 in Vishaka, 27 th star

Transit in 2nd star is neutral but 1 st 7 th Stars that is from 1-6-2021 to 12-4-2022 adds to bad results of Ketu Transit in Janma Rasi.

Aspect of Bhava in transit by Rahu and ketu- Rahu aspects 1 st Bhava indicates bad health condition and Ketu Aspects 7 th Bhava indicates conspiracy by women.

Transit over Natal planets; Rahu is not transiting on any Natal planet but Ketu transiting on Natal Moon, indicates separation from mother or her health may suffer. There will be confusion at home. Adopt patience is the key. Instead of going in for buying new properties, try to hold and set right the properties hold to get good yield. Father may try to use the native for his own selfishness, do not let it eclipse. Advised to take precaution and not to become target for dislike of relatives and friends. Health may not be good. Colleagues and children may not cooperate or help. At times provoked to fit of anger. May suffer mental worry and become jealous with others. Adopt a patient and judicial approach in anything.

Ashtakavarga: There is no Ashtakavarga for Rahu & Ketu, in such case one should take the Sarvashtaka varga of the sign transited by these planets. Sarvashatkavarga/ samudaya Ashtakavarga points in Taurus is 32 is sigh of relief so that bad effects of Transit Rahu in Taurus is reduced to some extent. In Scorpio it is 25 and thus it will not reduce the bad effects of Ketu Transit in Scorpio.

Moorthy Nirnaya:

Moon transits in the same sign as of Birth chart and hence Rahu and Ketu both malefic planets become Swarnamurthy conferring only 25 % good results even if there are any good results by this transit. Muthy Nirnaya also did not help in reducing the bad effects of Rahu & Ketu mentioned above.

Now we shall see Gochara Vedha / Viparita Vedha and Nakshatra Vedhe to the transits of Rahu and Ketu which can reduce the bad effects.

For Rahu & Ketu Gochara Vedha / Viparita Vedha is not applicable as they are not transiting, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10,11 12 from Moon sign and hence the bad results are not increased or decreased.

There is Nakshatra Vedhe for the transit of Rahu and ketu whenever Moon Transits the Punarvasu, 9 th from the Star depositor of Rahu at birth. For ketu Nakashtra vedha when Moon transits Poorvashadha. This will be only for two days in a month. Similarly, when Mars transits Shatabhisha 13 th star from the star depositor of Ketu, that is from 16-4-2022 to 4-5-2022 and when Mars Transits Purvaphalguni 13 th Star from the star depositor of Rahu that is from 11-8-2021 to 1-9-2021

These are the very small periods but the intensity of the bad effects of Rahu, Ketu is felt more in these days. There is also another opinion that bad effects will be reduced during these Naksatra Vedha period.

Combining all these findings it is concluded that for this birth chart Rahu Ketu transit from 23-9-2020 to 12-4-2022, it may be concluded that there is loss of reputation, humility, enemies, friends turning foes, health concern for Mother and spouse, restlessness, worry. Loss of wealth, etc., Only the hope is when Mars Dasa begins its operation at the end of 2011. Till such time hard days are predicted in all fronts.
Jupiter moving out of Sagittarius in November will add fuel to fire.

Only silver line is Saturn the lord of 3 rd 4 th being Atmakraka having fairly good shadbala transiting in Makara in own house will be a sigh of relief to handle the friends and brothers turning away from this person. The Ishtadevata of this person being GURU, Guru Anugraha will ward away the evil effects of the transit of Rahu & Ketu.


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