What is Gandantha? A particular longitude at the end of Jala Tatva Rashis and at the beginning of Agni Tatva Rasis. This occurs between Meena & Mesha, Karkataka and Simha, and Vrishchika & Dhanus.
Gandantha at the time of birth is described in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra not in terms of Degrees, minutes, Seconds (Longitude) but in terms of time.That is the part of time of a Tithi ( Lunar day), Part of time of a Nakshatra and part of time of a Lagna or Ascendant. What is important to note is this great scholar has not mentioned about the Gandanta pertaining to the placement of the planet, particularly in terms of their longitude in different signs either in birth chart or in transit.
This is not the subject I am trying to share with you at this point of time but specifically the Gandantha position of Ketu.
It is my humble opinion that one should consider the Gandantha position of planet Ketu only both in birth chart and also in transit and not for any other planets.
As we know the Gandantha cusp is between the Mercury Stars and Ketu Stars only and more so Agni tatva signs begin with Ketu stars. Mesha with Ashvini, Simha with Makha and Moola with Dhanus.
Among all the planets it is only Ketu, during its transit moves out of his star from Agni Tatva Sign to Jala tatva Sign and the star of Jyeshta. Such a transit is specific to KETU Only and hence the Gandantha transit of Ketu becomes important and more important is transit from Mula to Jyeshta.
Narada Purana assigns the ruling deities of Stars and accordingly, Mula isruled by Niruti indicating destruction and Jyeshta ruled by Indra indicating Sustenance. The sign Vrishchika as we know is Jala tatva which is also a form of Nectar.
Considering these facts together, taking Scorpio as exalted sign of Ketu is more opt than that of Sagittarius.
Ketu being Jnana Karaka and Moksha Karaka, his transit from Mula to Jyeshta also has spiritual significance which is not relevant to discuss in this write up.
The next question before us is what is the Longitude in Dhanus and Scorpio to be considered as Gandantha Point.
If we consider the Brihat parasara Hora Shastra assigning Gandantha time part of a Lagna at birth (not the longitude) the whole of 1 st pada of Mula Star and 4 th Pada of Jyeshta becomes Gandantha which will last for about 5 months. It is neither practical nor correct to consider such a long period as Gandantha period.
There are suggestions from Scholars in Astrology to take last one degree from Dhanus and Last one degree of Vrishchika as Gandantha. This seems to be very convincing. Then next question will arise whether to take mean movement of Ketu or the true movement of Ketu. The difference between these two is less than a week, and hence taking mean position of Ketu is widely accepted.
In my humble experience last 48 minutes of Mula and last 48 minutes of Jyeshta Longitude is proper to consider as Gandantha position of Ketu. I am not right now getting the reference of the astrological text which I remembered to have read some time back also confirms these Longitudes.
Accordingly, Ketu is in Gandantha postion between 7/8 Sept to 7/8 October 2020.
During this period Ketu Association with Guru in direct motion in Dhanus between 17 th Sept to 23 Sept is very precious ( Though some soft wares show GURU Direct Moton from 13 th , it is Stationary between 13 th and 1 7 th ) During the period of Gandanta Ketu will be in Aries Navamsa a Agni tatva sign upto 23-9-2020 and then in Meena a Jala Rasi.
What is Gandaantha – Ganda is Knot, joint , Anta is the end of it.
One may become more impulsive towards spirituality or take few more steps forward which may include in finding a GIRU.
A spiritual transformation is veru much likely during this period
Mula Star though ruled by Niriti having destructive quality, Mula also signifies basic power to create. It is a kind of fight between the energy to create and the energy to destroy which may result in tension, if this can be managed properly with the grace of GURU one may reach the goal. One may find new skills and new experiences during this transit. Creativity will be at its peak. One may take up challenges very boldly and positively. Sensitivity of the Ketu is at its peak in this transit which makes us more sensitive towards everything, and one should take care such a sensitivity not to result in negative thoughts. Perfect time to take a big step in career, business and personal growth. Allow some time with patience for a big transformation to take hold.
Avoid rushing into things and making decisions in haste. Think before speak and act.
Exert more caution if you are driving a vehicle.
It is time to get into practice of Meditation. Doing simple pranayama for 10-15 minutes twice daily will build up mental strength. If any mantra is initiated it is time to do get Mantra Siddhi by constant and regular practice of Mantra & Meditation.
I have not ventured on giving results for individual Zodiac signs born, because prediction on birth star, rasi is not proper is my conviction.
For those Running Ketu dasa, or bhukti there is likely issued that may crop up marriage, marriage relationships, They must look into the placement of Budha and Kuja in their birth charts and as well in transit with reference to Lagna to find the remedial measures. Chanting of Indra Gayatri is one good remedy.

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