GANAPATI ATHARVASHEEERSHA: Part 1 English explanation


Shri = Goddess Lakshmi(literal), respectable title, glory, fame, wealth;
Ganapti = gananam patih or lord of groups (of devas) or Ganesha;
Artharva = Atharva Veda; It also means firmness, oneness
Sheersha = head, heading, title. Also means intellect directing towards liberation

Hymn in praise of Ganesha from the Atharva Veda.
OM = the OmkAra or Brahman itself.
Bhadram = Goodness, safety . auspiciousness;
karNebhih = through the ears;
SrUNuyama = May we hear;
dEvaah = the gods;
Bhadram = Goodness, safety. auspiciousness;
pashyEmaakShabhih = May we see through the eyes;
yajatraah = doing yaga or yagya or sacrifice?;
sthiraih = with the firm or strong (limbs);
aMgaih = limbs, body parts;
tushtuvaamsah = May we enjoy;
tanoobhih = through the bodies (sharlra);
vyaShEma = offering praise ;
dEvahitamದೇವಹಿತಂ = that which is healthy ;
yadaayuhಯದಾಯುಃ = yat+AyuH.
yat = which.
Ayuh = the measure of life span given to one.

Let us hear good things through our ears, see good things through our eyes and may we enjoy our life allotted to us offering praise to the Gods with our strong bodies.
May the gods Indra, Pusha, Garuda and Brihaspati bestow blessings on us and protect us. These Devatas are the principles in Nature protecting us.
5: May Indra (of Vedas) of great Wisdom and Glory grant us Well-Being (by bestowing wisdom),
6: May Pushan (The Sun God, The Nourisher) of great Knowledge grant us Well-Being (by nourishing us and granting knowledge),
7: May Tarksya (A Mythical Bird) of great Protective Power ( a thunderbolt to misfortunes ) grant us Well-Being (by protecting us from misfortunes),
8: (And) May Brihaspati (The Guru of the Devas) grant us Well-Being,
9: Om, Peace, Peace, Peace (at the Adibhautika, Adidaivika and Adyatmika levels),
Trakshya or Garuda principle protects us from poisons and toxins. Brihaspati is the knowledge. This is the prayer to all these principles in Nature to protect and guide us.
OM the Omkara or Brahman himself;
Shamtih Peace and inner contentment).

May there be peace all around (both outside and inside us).

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