SRI RUDRA 7 th ANUVAKA: English explanation

Shree Gurubhyo Namaha
Shree Parama Gurubhyo Namaha
Shree Parameshti Gurubhyo Namaha

Shanta Vimala Prakasha Atma Guha
Chid Yogasya Shri Paranandadi Sadguron
Namayamaham Punaha Punaha
Namayamaham Punaha Punaha

I am thankful to Smt Savita kadambi for translating my Kannada explanation to English. There could be some mistakes here which I will get corrected soon. 

नमो॑ दुन्दु॒भ्या॑य चाहन॒न्या॑य च॒ नमो॑ धृ॒ष्णवे॑ च प्रमृ॒शाय॑ च॒
नमो॑ दू॒ताय॑ च॒ प्रहि॑ताय च॒ नमो॑ निष॒ङ्गिणे॑ चेषुधि॒मते॑ च॒
नम॑स्ती॒क्ष्णेष॑वे चायु॒धिने॑ च॒ नमः॑ स्वायु॒धाय॑ च सु॒धन्व॑ने च॒
नमः॒ स्रुत्या॑य च॒ पथ्या॑य च॒ नमः॑ का॒ट्या॑य च नी॒प्या॑य च॒
नमः॒ सूद्या॑य च सर॒स्या॑य च॒ नमो॑ ना॒द्याय॑ च वैश॒न्ताय॑ च॒
नमः॒ कूप्या॑य चाव॒ट्या॑य च॒ नमो॒ वर्ष्या॑य चाव॒र्ष्याय॑ च॒
नमो॑ मे॒घ्या॑य च विद्यु॒त्या॑य च॒ नम॑ ई॒ध्रिया॑य चात॒प्या॑य च॒
नमो॒ वात्या॑य च॒ रेष्मि॑याय च॒ नमो॑ वास्त॒व्या॑य च वास्तु॒पाय॑ च ॥ ७ ॥

namo̍ dundu̱bhyā̍ya cāhana̱nyā̍ya ca̱ namo̍ dhṛ̱ṣṇave̍ ca pramṛ̱śāya̍ ca̱
namo̍ dū̱tāya̍ ca̱ prahi̍tāya ca̱ namo̍ niṣa̱ṅgiṇe̍ ceṣudhi̱mate̍ ca̱
nama̍stī̱kṣṇeṣa̍ve cāyu̱dhine̍ ca̱ nama̍ḥ svāyu̱dhāya̍ ca su̱dhanva̍ne ca̱
nama̱ḥ srutyā̍ya ca̱ pathyā̍ya ca̱ nama̍ḥ kā̱ṭyā̍ya ca nī̱pyā̍ya ca̱
nama̱ḥ sūdyā̍ya ca sara̱syā̍ya ca̱ namo̍ nā̱dyāya̍ ca vaiśa̱ntāya̍ ca̱
nama̱ḥ kūpyā̍ya cāva̱ṭyā̍ya ca̱ namo̱ varṣyā̍ya cāva̱rṣyāya̍ ca̱
namo̍ me̱ghyā̍ya ca vidyu̱tyā̍ya ca̱ nama̍ ī̱dhriyā̍ya cāta̱pyā̍ya ca̱
namo̱ vātyā̍ya ca̱ reṣmi̍yāya ca̱ namo̍ vāsta̱vyā̍ya ca vāstu̱pāya̍ ca .. 7 ..

नमोदुन्दुभ्याय चाहनन्याय च
Namo dundubhyaya chahananyaya cha

Rudra is in the form of Damaru (Drum) and in the sound of sticks from that Damaru. We have long ago learnt that the letters are derived from the sound of Rudra Damaru. We have also learnt that the Shabdha Brahma in the Muladhara is moving upwards through the Vishuddha Chakra. The Brahma in the form of Brahmanda is somehow similar to ShabdhaBrahma. In reality, the universe is derived from the same syllable Shabdhabrahma

नमोधृष्णवेच प्रमृशाय च
Namo dhrusnave cha pramrushaya cha
Salutations to you, Brave Rudra and Rudra who do not act in haste.
In the mind, there is a constant battle between Dharma and Adharma. Our thought process determines which of them will win. The influence of our karma determines this thought process. Rudra leads us to salvation by destroying the thoughts of Adharma from our mind.

नमोदूताय च प्रहिताय च
Namo duutaya cha, prahitaya cha

Salutations to Rudra, the bearer of the message and the servant of Namrata. Various deities like Agni Yama, Varuna, Indra are under the control of Rudra and perform various functions in the universe.

नमो निषङ्गिणे चेषुधि मते च
Namo nisangine cheshudhi mate cha

Salute you, Rudra, who holds the sword and wipes the quiver. The sword and the quiver have been mentioned in the preceding passages.
Rudra uses his weapons to protect his devotees. Believers get rid of the darkness of Ajnana and give light. Rudra means He who removes Darkness because Rudra is so kind on his devotees.

Tesam Evanukampartham
Aham Ajnana-Jam Tamah
Nasayamy Atma-Bhava-Stho
Jnana-Dipena Bhasvata

This is the eleventh verse of the tenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita
Out of compassion for them, I, dwelling in their hearts, destroy with the shining lamp of knowledge the darkness born of ignorance.
In order to bestow them, that is, my devotees, I am self-effulgent in their impermanence and destroy the darkness caused by Ajnana with the Radiant Lamp. This is a Tribute that Sri Krishna gives to his devotees.

नम स्तीक्ष्णेषवे चायुधिने च
Nama steekshneshave chayudhine cha

Salutations to you, Rudra, who has the same arrows and has many weapons. These weapons are Rudra’s weapons to destroy the lawless and Adharma.

नमः स्वायुधाय च सुधन्वनेच
Namah svayu dhaya cha sudhanvane cha

Hail thee, Rudra, who holds the best arrows and trident. This is called Rudra’s Pinnaka. The trident is a symbol of divine will, energy and action that is Iccha Shakthi, jnana Shakthi and Kriya Shakthi . All three are comprised of power, that is, Supreme Power called Paraashakthi. Rudra has all these powers. The Trident represents the Creation, Preservation and Destruction.

नमः स्रुत्याय च पथ्याय च
Namah srutyaya cha payouraya cha

Salutations to Rudra, who travels on narrow paths and wide paths.
If narrow paths are the way to heaven, then broad passages are the way to hell. There are different kinds of hell and each hell has its own paths. Our thoughts and feelings determine whether our path is hell or heaven, because the deeds we do are in line with our thoughts. Arrest, desire, ego, and sexual lust are all caused by our senses. Happiness or sadness stems from our body and mind. A balanced mind is not disturbed by happiness or sadness.

नमः काट्याय च नीप्याय च
Namah katyaya cha nipyaya cha

Salutations to you O Rudra, you live where there is moist soil, and also you are also water falling from the sky in the form of rain, Rudra, you are everywhere.

नमः सूद्याय च सरस्याय च
Namah sudyaya cha, sarasyaya cha

Salutations to you, O Rudra, in the ditches where the water is dry, and in the lakes. As the Creator Brahma created a Lake called Manasa Sarovar near Mount Kailash. The water of the lake is Pure and Sacred. Swans come to this Mansa Sarovar Lake in search of fresh water. A symbol of calm and pure mind, this pure, calm, Peaceful lake of Manasa Sarovar, the swans always roam in pairs. These swans are symbolic of the Self and the Higher Self.

नमो नाद्याय च वैशन्ताय च
Namo nadyaya cha, vaishantaya cha

Salutations to you, Rudra, who makes the pond bright, manifested through Subtle Pulses called Sukshma Nadis. Here, Ida, Pingala and Sushumna Nadi are mentioned. When all three of these pulses are in balance, the body is shining.

नमः कूप्याय चावट्याय च
Namah kupyaya chavatyaya cha

Salutations to you, Rudra,who lives in the waters and in the water in the small rivers. Perhaps it was about the burning Amrit of Kundalini Meditation. It is said that there is a Soma Chakra in the middle of the Sahasraara Chakra . When the kundalini reaches this chakra, the heat generated by the erosion dissolves and falls into the throat, joining the entire nervous system. There are yogis who have this experience.

नमो वर्ष्याय चावर्ष्याय च
Namo varshyaya cha chavarshyaya cha

Salutations to you, Rudra, who is in the rain water and in the waters that flow into the earth.

नमोमेघ्याय च विद्युत्याय च
Namo meghyaya cha, vidyutyaya chaSalutations to you, Rudra, you are in the clouds and in the lightning

नम ईघ्रियाय चातप्याय च
Nama idhriyaya chatapyaya cha

Salutations to you, O Rudra, in the form of the clouds of autumn; It is here that the Creation and status of Rudra is said to be action. Without the Sun there is no state of Creation. Rudra is in the form of the Sun and protecting all of us.
नमो वात्याय च रेष्मियाय च
Namo vatyaya cha, reshmiyaya cha

Hail to you, Rudra, who is in the form of a Storm, even in the hail. Here is the Tandava of the Pralayarudra. During this Rudratandava, no one except Sri Lalitambika was with him. The flood, the rhythm of the retreat, the whole Universe apart from the Shiva Shakti. Shakti is watching the entire Universe merge into Shiva. This is the fourth form of Lalitha Mahatripura Sundari’s 5 Forms. In the LAlitha Sahasra Nama, the Thousand Names Goddess Lalithambika are Thirodhana Karyei Namaha, Ishwaryai Namaha. In the form of Sadasiva form again, Goddess will be – Sadashivayei Namaha and Anugrahadayei Namaha.

नमो वास्तव्याय च वास्तुपाय च
Namo vastavyaya cha vastupaya cha
Salutations to the merciful Rudra who is protecting all of us in the form of our home, in the form of all our luxury and vehicles. It is once again said that Rudra is the one who is in life and inanimate things. Here, Rudra is telling the people that worshiping trees, stones, mud and water is a foolish act, and that worship of the Creator, Parabrahma, is not right. Parabrahma, I am the Creator. I am in all these bodies. I am all of these things. We need eyes to see Him. Let us pray Him with such eyes.
A story of myth comes to mind. A demon is bothering goddess. The angels bumped him down. That demon Mahashivabhakta. He shouted at Shiva to protect him. Then Lord Shiva rescued him and handed over the demon to him over all the buildings on earth. He is the architect,
Vastu means living space. Worshiping Rudra is like worshiping Vastu Purusha. Good luck to you, Rudra, who is also in the form of Vastu.
It is said that this Anuvaka will give Knowledge, Wisdom, longevity, Prosperity, and children, health and offspring.
This is the seventh Anuvaka of Sri Rudra.

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