Astrology Lesson # 8: Retrogression of planets


All the planets are in clockwise motion round the zodiac except Rahu and Ketu who move always in anti-clockwise. Sometimes, direct moving appears to have a backwards motion due to the relative position and motion of planets. These planets appear to be moving anti clock wise are called Vakra gati of the planets. Retrograde planets before started moving forward seems to be Stationary for some time. Such a state of Plant is called RUJU Planet.
Sun & Moon NEVER appears as in retrogression motion.
Mercury retrogrades thrice in a year, Saturn and Jupiter every year and Mars and Venus are retrograde once in about two years.
One need to consider the retrogression of a planet at the time of birth with reference to what the planet signifies and such signification have its effect throughout life. According to a school of thought retrogression of natural malefic planets in the birth chart gives bad results during its dasa and Bhukti periods. If such malefic planets become yogakaraka Planets in the birth chart, there benefic results cannot be experienced fully.

There is another important factor most of our texts are silent. That is retrogression of a planet in its exalted sign, debilitated sign, Moolatrikona degrees and Own Sign in the birth chart. It is also said that Jupiter retrogression in Capricorn, his debilitation sign is as good as Exaltation. So also for Venus Retrogression in Virgo and Mercury retrogression in Pisces.

Planets before beginning their retrogression and before ending the retrogression they appear to be stationary for some time. Such a state is called RUJU state of the planet. Such a state is considered to be good in the birth chart. Most of the astrological soft wares are not indicating the RUJU planets. One can go to ephemeris to find the state of RUJU planet before and after its retrogression.

For Ex; Jupiter is in retrogression in Sagittarius. He will be Stationary at 23-16-48 from 10 th Sept upto 16 th Sept then moves forward. This Stationary State is NOT considered in most of the Soft wares. These 6 days are extremely good in general.

Retrogression of planets in transit (Gochara ) has impact only to the period of such retrogression.

Following is the general results of planets in retrogression in birth chart. These results vary depends on the ownership of these retrograde planets and their placement in the birth chart and also their association with other planets. These results operate during the Dasa and Bhukti of the retrograde planets.

Retrogression of Mercury

The information provided by the native is misinterpreted. Although the native may have brilliant ideas, but he may suffer from anxiety and nervous breakdown very frequently.
The native should not sign any contract even if it means a verbal commitment when Mercury is in retrograde state in transit. He should not rely on any information which comes to him and should think, watch and analyse because the information presented in front of him may be a false..

Retrogression of Venus

The retrograde state of Venus is related to our luxuries in life and to our relationships with our near and dear ones. Many great conflicts, dissatisfaction, joys, pleasures and strides in relationship might take place. It is also the time we should reconsider our material gains in life. Also, this is the time to be watchful as it is a period for strong emotional ups and downs. It indicates emotional and material difficulties. If Venus is well-placed and is retrograde, it indicates extreme emotional attraction and repulsion.

Retrogression of Mars

We may face issues involving anger and aggression emotions, within ourselves or with others. The native may become unusually sensitive to conflict  around him. He might feel it difficult to deal with aggression, anger, hostility, fear, threats and display of power.
The person needs to control his anger and needs to maintain a mental balance.

Retrogression of Jupiter

When Jupiter  in retrogression in birth chart, during its dasa, bhukti, the projects may get delayed or stop altogether. Moreover, the native might become committed to the political parties and religious sects which promote and carry out violence.

During Jupiter regression in transit also, one need to think about his or her own resources and ways to utilize it. In this period, one might come up with a conclusion that the work stopped was not exactly necessary and there are better resources available.

Retrogression of Saturn

A person either will not know when to stop working or may not like to work at all when Saturn is retrograde in birth chart. During the Dasa Bhukti of Saturn or during the retrogression of Saturn in transit, it can cause unexpected delays and interruptions. Unforeseen obstacles may crop up . People with a retrograde Saturn appear shy, uneasy, introvert or lacking in self-assertion. They feel alone, isolated, separated from their friends.
Saturn retrogression in transit is the right time to sit back and reconsider all that one is  doing. It is not a proper time to make new starts but to  make sure that one learn from the failures of the past.

Next lesson on Combustion, Exaltation, Debilitation.

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