Astrology Lesson # 4: 12 Houses/Bhavas

Sri GurubhyO namah

The Twelve Houses/BHAVAS

A house is known as Bhava in Sanskrit. The twelve houses are not necessarily coincident with the twelve signs of the zodiac. They are, in fact, variable.
Each sign is always 30° in extent. But the length of a house or Bhava depends upon the time of birth and the latitude of the place of the birth and the House or Bhava will not begin from 0 degrees of a sign in the Zodiac.
An astrologer should be well aware of the difference between 12 Zodiac signs and 12 houses or Bhavas. Most of the time this difference is ignored and thus the predictions are tending to go wrong.

Each of the twelve houses-Bhavas signifies certain important events and incidents. The following are the twelve houses and their significations: —
First House/ BHAVA- body, appearance,
Second House/ Bhava: Family, source of death, property, vision.
Third House /BHAVA: Intelligence, brothers, sisters.
Fourth House/ BHAVA . Vehicles, general happiness, education, mother and landed properties.
Fifth House/ BHAVA: Fame, children.
Sixth House/BHAVA: Debts, diseases, misery, enemies.
Seventh House/BHAVA: Wife or husband, tact, death.
Eighth House/BHAVA: longevity, gifts,
Ninth House/BHAVA. God, guru, father, travel, piety.
Tenth House/BHAVA. Occupation, Karma, philosophical knowledge.
Eleventh House/BHAVA: Gains.
Twelfth House: Losses, moksha.

Kinds of Houses
The 4th, the 7th and the 10th the Kendras or angles or quadrants.
The 1st, the 5th and the 9 th houses are Trikonas or trines.
The 2nd, the 8th and the 11th are the Panaparas or succedent house and the rest are Apoklimas or cadent, houses.
The 3 rd, 6 th and 11 th are Upachayas.

Slokas 53-54 of Jataka Parijata includes 5 th House also as Panapara.

NOTE: The first House/ Bhava is also classified as Quadrant/ Kendra. Hence with my humble experience 1 st house is both Quadrant & Trine.
Planets in Kendras generally become fairly strong; in succedent houses slightly strong and in cadent houses, utterly weak.
In trines, Trikonas they become very strong.

Each planet is supposed to be the Karaka, or the significator:

Sun is the Karaka of father ; Moon—mother -,Mars—brother
Mercury—profession; Jupiter—children; Venus—
wife or husband; Saturn—longevity; Rahu or Dragon’s
Head—maternal relations; and Ketu —paternal relations.

Now we shall revise the lessons learnt so far:
In the first lesson we have learnt about Celestial sphere, ecliptic and 12 Zodiac signs its Characteristics, 27 constellations connected to 12 Zodiac signs.

In the second lesson we have learnt about 9 planets, their characteristics as well the natural relationship with each other.

In the third lesson we have learnt the temporary relationship between the planets in a particular chart and to draw the relationship between the planets to the particular chart.

We have learnt the own signs, Exalted signs, debilitated signs, Moolatrikona sings of the planets as well the 10 avasthas (Status) of the planets.

In the present lesson we have learnt about the 12 houses or Bhavas and as to how they are different from 12 signs.
The significance of each House / Bhava is known as well the Quadrants, trines, Panaparas, Apoklimas & Upachayas.

The signification / Karakatva of all the planets also known.

In the next lesson we will learn how to cast the chart for a particular time for a particular place

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